Friday, December 29, 2006

Bottle Caps

I forgot... I made stuff last night.
So these are non scripted Bottle cap necklaces. All are real bottle caps, most are Lithuanian beers (they had the coolest tops.) Sorry that the picture is small.

I really liked making these, but goddamn was it hard to find good textures. Either caps are boring or bad scans. I don't drink beer so I don't have a collection to scan in. All we had in the fridge was Honey Brown something something B drinks.

I was updating the block store with them and ran into Zab and Trinitee. Then I ended up in a dress. I'll pretend like I don't jump at the chance to dress up like an idiot. Oh noes, it was horrible! Rose Dazzle ball gowns on a Noam = a pink nightmare.

Reflecting on stuff (Deep thoughts):
As the weeks are passing and I'm getting more and more store oriented and less "hang out-able" I'm actually digging this lifestyle. Not that I don't love hanging out with some of my friends now and then, but now that I have adopted Bill's "don'tgiveashitism" I'm like happy. :D I feel normal again. I'm not like "oh noes! soandso hates me! /cry." I realized that when Sin told me about parties I wasn't invited to, which I know would have upset me a month ago and now...nothing. I'm more shocked at how much I don't care, instead it's like relief. All the ties have been severed and I'm freeeee! Well, at least mentally and it seemed to take a while to get here. Damn my brain, I swear it's working against me.

So my advice for people who are all "oh noes!" take a deep breath and clear your head, because it is possible to not spaz over SL. I'm a spaz survivor. You can do eeeeet!*

* Dude if next year I start spazzing again, fucking slap me and take my SL password away.

New Music!

I found music in my itunes folder that wasn't in my itunes. It's like Xmas morning. I think this is stuff Brandon gave me so of course it's really good. I want to log onto his computer and transfer some of his stuff to me >_>; He has the Deadringer Album and some Nina Simone remixes. And I want some of his Jazz....

Sometimes I want to give DJing on SL a try, because I've yet to go to anyplace with a live DJ that places the music that I like. But then I think, well if people don't play the music I like then maybe that's because no one likes the music I like... :/ Polyester used to have a radio station that played indie music that I really liked. My music spectrum is Indie music<--------->Urban music. It's not that I don't like pop music, but pop music is just not doing it for me anymore. I hate the radio here, it's like Disturbed, System of a down, Tool, Butt Rock bands, and cycle back to disturbed. I'm sooo not rocking anymore. I like my music "groovy."

I really liked the DJ at Willow's B-day party. He/she played Warren G "Regulators" and some really really silly club music. You get points for cheese. Cheese + mention of hoes and you get bonus points.

Oh wait, I'm stupid. I got the deadringer album off emusic before break. Duhher.

OH. The new music was Waldeck. I thought I wrote it... It's remixed music so my itunes has it under electronica, but it's funky like 70 doo-wop-style and drums/keyboard/horns.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Note to self:

Put out that scarf (eh, it sucks but it's done)
Put out the unscripted bottle caps
Retexture the hair

OR (more appealing)
eat sushi
finish the puzzle with B
play bookworm adventures.

Nutty Bum...

So I made Billy a little squirrel girl avatar to play with on SL. I did her hair and got her artilleri retro clothes and rhinestone glasses. (You do these things when you are bored.)

So last night while I'm working on the necklace he's test driving his new squirrel and he's at a furry club and this girl starts IMing him. And then she starts sending him pictures of her rimming people (in game) and watersports... and says things about squirrel's "nutty bums" and eventually offered him $1000 to let her uh.. rim his squirrel girl av.

Now I'm not saying all furries are like that... but damn that's just weird. Billy said as we were falling asleep "I'll think about it for one thousand, but I'll catch him, and kill him, for ten"

Proving once again you can quote Jaws in all situations.

New @ the store

Soooo... I've been playing with these bottle caps since last week, but only last night did I actually put one out for sale.

It's weird to explain this. See I've seen these things in Boston with little pictures of Jesus in them, and my sister's cousin makes them too. They are bottle caps that have been flattened a little and you paste a picture in the middle and then put glitter and glue and crap all around it.

So first I made some with some pictures I found on the web (Jesus, Mary, St Anthony, Betty Page, Mick Jagger), then I made some just bottle cap ones like Grape Whiz and this one Romanian Beer that had headphones on the cap, and then i decided to make it a "locket" type thing that you could put your own picture into and it would have a frame layer on the top with the sparklies. And that's what you see above. Other non scripted bottle cap necklaces and bracelet type things are coming out soon, when I get the chance to log on for more than a few mins.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

20 SL questions

Here are 20 questions for SL:
1)Do you like your SL name?
2) Do you have an alt?
3)Do you have a store?
4)Estimate how much real money (not earned in SL) that you have spent to buy linden
5)Are you still friends with the people you met when you joined?
6)How do you describe SL to other people who have never played?
7)Can you build?
8) have you ever had your work on SL stolen by another?
9) have you ever "copied" or used another person's work for inspiration?
10)Do you dress the same way you did when you joined?
11)Do you have an SL girlfriend or boyfriend?
12)>_> <_< *whispers* Have you ever used a sex pose ball?
13)Were you naked when you used it?
14) What's the most insane thing you've seen for sale in SL?
15)Does your avatar look like you?
16)What was your first job on SL?
17)What do you wish SL had? Item/feature etc
18)Have you ever had to "take a break" from SL?
19)Is SL your first means of income?
20)Do you think SL is turning into a glorified AOL chatroom?

So yeah, copy and answer those if you are bored at work or home... I'm bored at home. It's more fun to come up with questions than to answer them.

My Own 25 Questions

I want to start a meme. So if anyone is bored, fill this out. :-D Or make your own meme

1) Who is your favorite musician?
2) Who was your favorite musician when you were 16?
3) When you were 8?
4)What did you want to be when you grew up?
5) Did you become that?
6) Do you still hang out with your friends from High School?
7) In highschool, were you in a clique?
8) Do you laugh at how you used to dress back then?
9) Would you rather have been a kid now or grown up when you did? Why?
10)If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
11) If you could go to any fictional place where would you go?
12) What's your favorite movie?
13) What was it when you were 16?
14) When you were 8?
15) If you could do any one thing without any consequences, what would you do?
16)Regardless of your age, do you feel old or young?
17)Have you ever met a mature person?
18)Have you ever worked in a cubical?
19)Have you ever used the sick voice when calling out for a stomach ache (cause why would you)?
20)Do you like to be the center of attention?
21)Are you the funny one of your friends?
22)Have you ever seen the movie Meet the Feebles?
23) Is puppet nudity unappealing to you?
24) What about puppet violence?
25)Have those questions peeked your curiosity about Meet the Feebles?

Stolen from Trinitee

1. Does anyone know your password to your myspace?
I don't know my password to my myspace...

2. What was the last thing you ordered at McDonalds?
chicken nuggets

3. Are you an emotional person?

4. Do you like your name?
I've grown into it

5. Do You Believe In Love At First Sight?
not really no

6. Ever felt jealous of your friend?
Not so much

7. What was the last thing you did?
I went to the toilet

8. Who is right next to you?
Poe is at my feet

9. Who was the last person you ate with?

10. What song are you listening to right now?

11. How's the weather right now?
Snowing lightly

12. Last person who called you today?

14. Last song you sang?
The dick in the Box song

15. Last time you danced?
couple hours ago... it was a triumph dance

16. Lost a friendship over something stupid?
no one that important

17. Have you ever lied to a bf or gf?
Only about the little things, IE, saying I'm happy when I'm not

18. Last thing you ate?
Veal... and it was terrible and I hope they never get my order wrong again

19. Been really depressed?

20. Faked being sick to miss school?
Rarely had to, I could just tell my parents I wasn't going.

21. What time did you wake up today?

22. Current taste?

23. Who is the person that posted this survey?

24. What are you wearing right now?
Jeans, T, hoodie, socks, bear slippers

25. Are you too shy to ask anyone out?

26. What is the first thing you notice about the preferred sex?

27.Where are you right now?

28. What date and day is it?
wednesday, december 27.

29. Did you go anywhere yesterday?
from NY to boston 4.5 hour drive

30. What did you do there?
In NY, cleaned my car and hung out with my dad, in Boston: dozed with B and then watched a couple movies while we put together a 3d puzzle

31. How old are you?

32. --32 disappeared--

33. Are you mature or immature?
I don't know what mature is anymore

34. Do you call your parents by their first name?

35. --35 who knows where 35 is??-----
The shadow knows.

36. Where do you go shopping?
the internet

37. Do you like where you work?
Love it

38. Do you like books?

39. Do you want to get married?
Yeah I guess

40. To whom?

Happy Holidays

Back from NY. I had a lot of fun with my families and got a lot of awesome presents (which rarely happens, usually it's like 6 maroon sweaters and a duraflame log.)
GK did awesome during the holiday season sales wise and is calming down a lot. Which is cool. Less customer IMs (thank you jebus.) I had to log on a few time on B's laggy laptop to help people out, but it was painfully hard to do ANYTHING but stand in my house and talk on IMs while checking my email for all the IMs I didn't receive due to lag. Fun times.

I had a cold during Xmas so that sucked, but it was a calm relaxing day hanging out with my dad. On Xmas eve my mom was in full force being weirdly smothering over her BF and her BF acted so miserable it was like he was giving Tine and I an extra Xmas present. I don't like him, he doesn't like us, why do we have to pretend to? My mom and sister fought, but just a little fight. Tine barely wanted to kill her and mom didn't even bring up the fight the next day to see whose side I'd take. No one got drunk and told me horror stories about the family's past...
No wait, not true, my sister told me that around when I was born my dad's ex wife would set the woods by our house on fire and throw suitcases she found of his stuff that was in storage at the house while screaming. And that once she crashed her car into the garage...

I'm glad my earliest memory was when I was 4 and involved me accidentally hugging a man's leg whom I thought was my dad because they wore the same shoes and not the woods next to the house being set on fire.

Still of all the past 6 Xmas' this was the tamest and the most pleasant. I just wish I could have seen my brother Christopher.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Early presents

Billy wanted the ipod I got him really bad so I let him have it today and he gave me one of my presents. A SHUFFLE!! X3
I can't even tell you how many times I hinted that I wanted one. An iPod is all well and good but, I have itunes at work and itunes at home. I need something little to hold my songs in the inbetween times.

I'm very very very happy! He even got me little covers for it. Here's hoping I don't lose it immediately since it's really fucking tiny.

PLUS once I buy an emusic song I can redownload it anywhere. O_O so all the songs I got at work I can get at home. KICK ASS!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Toilet humour

Geoff: lol
Geoff: I'm not going to ask where you found that



Ok I signed up and yeah I'm addicted. I got my 30 downloads for this month + my 25 freebies and they were gone in a matter of minutes. I got Sufjan Steven's outakes album and Madvillainy. I also got some of Ellie's music.

Her band is called The Charms, and they aren't bad. Girly rock.


:-D I look forward to someday actually seeing you in the game! Haha.

Kosher Fo' Sho

I love Nylon.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

A list of stuff to work on before I leave:

1) The last scarf
2) The textures for the Robot hair (Yesh, I'm actually going to sell it.)
3) Re-texture Robot Hair
4) Bottle caps.
5) Bag build
6) "Purse" Build
7) Continued mental debate about bothering Bobo for a script.

I definitely want the scarf done, but the rest can wait till I get back from vacation. I keep forgetting about what I start.

2 new scarves (and a 3rd one coming)

I'm really tired and I'll update the forums at work.
Here are the scarves I made. The Boa is the most awesome thing eva.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


((You wrote it on your hand... remember?))

This will probably offend

This isn't funny unless you have a sense of humor and have seen Clerks 2.

Noam in game is now black and I was hanging out with my RL friend Ralph in game last night and he says "so... you're a porch monkey now."

Me: *turns to Billy IRL* Ralph Just called me a porch monkey in secondlife.
Billy: Well, he's taking it back.


Who wants a tablet?!!

It's not a name brand but it's only $39 with shipping. SALE ENDS 12/22!!! So anyone out there who doesn't have one, but wants to buy one....

Click here for the tablet

Monday, December 18, 2006

Brandon is an emusic pusher

I want to sign up for emusic. I got 25 freebie songs and all the CDs I want have over 25 songs and I already used up 14 of them downloading music from porn.

I want Madvilliany which is a collab between Madlib and MF Doom and the Sufan Steven's CD that was released in July.

What the fuck happened to Gruvis Malt?! They have their 2005 CD and it's AWFUL. It doesn't even sound like them... are there 2 Gruvis Malts? O_o This is a horrible suckfest for the ears.

Also, guess what I'm getting everyone for Xmas?!!

One cannot even comprehend

How badly I want to make this hat:

Or something like it. Russian/Mongolian fur hat thingy.

So our newest addition to the freelance office is this girl Ellie who freelances here when her band isn't touring. She looks aged, like she's lived the rock and roll lifestyle but is wicked nice. Geoff dislikes her because she name drops. Her band opened for Cheap Trick, her friend knows Jack White, she's personal friends with blah blah blah.

Lots of 80s bands. She's very friendly and very talkative and she drops those names like they are hot and I sit here listening: "blah blah blah blah blah blah White Stripes Blah blah blah blah Blondie blah blah blah." I'm triumphant if I know at least one of the bands she's talking about. So I grin pretty while my eyes glaze over.

I love music, just not anyone else's. Geoff loves his 80s music and will be shocked that I don't know the MurderDolls in a way much like how I'm shocked he doesn't own every MF Doom album the man has crapped out and has never heard of Anal Cunt.

Anal Cunt!! How can you be from Massachusetts and not know Anal Cunt?!!!!!!1111!!!!111!1!!1one!!!1122111eleventy!!!!!

*shakes head* blasphemy. I wonder if Ellie has ever toured with Anal cunt. I wonder if I can ask without someone reporting me to HR...

I should have taken pictures

I found this blog that has pictures of my old store.

It just occurred to me that I didn't take any good bye pictures of my old store. :( I'm glad I found this.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Nuclear Winter hat + hair

For sale now! 8 hair colors.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

I'm passionately in love with Radical Twang

Or not...


Jessica insisted that she has to see Eragon today, especially because it only got an 11 on Rotten Tomatoes, so Bill and I tagged along with her and Todd to see it. I'd read the book and it was PAINFUL. It was as if a 17yr old wrote it. Oh wait... HA.
The author over explains everything, uses too much detail and has no idea what's valuable information for the reader, which is why the book is fucking huge. When I worked at the book store I would get into arguments with nerdy anime girl (I never really worked with her often so I never learned her name) over how awful all her favorite teenaged writers were. She idolized them, but when it came down to it, they were about as talented as Anne Rice. Anne Rice's books are great when you are 13, but once you are older than 20 and you are still reading them... well, all I'll say is you have a future full of cats and renaissance fairs.

Eragon, the movie, was the complete opposite of the long winded book. It was rushed, the script was bad, the character development was not really there and some of the acting and directing was so over the top that we were crying from laughing so hard. The guy playing Eragon always looked like he was being sarcastic, which was great and made the movie more amusing, since it sucked in all other ways.

I shall end with my movie review saying Happy Feet was better than Eragon, and I thought Happy Feet was terrible.

Chocolate Noam

Mmm tastey.

So I got one of Hely's skins last night. They are so good. Very soft and warm colored skin tones. The best one is the darkest tone, because she made the lips pink instead of brown, which everyone forgets to do(*buys a lot of dark skins*). So it's awesome. But now B says I'm copying him cause he got a black squirrel av before. I said I'm more chocolate and tasty looking.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Yes... It's a slow day.

Noam & Trinitee, cause she said she wanted one.

Kinda defeats the purpose of a contest huh...

Uh I started over after the last post

Scribbly Nex

I did say scribbly sketch.

I used to play this game with some online friends where we had to make quick sketches with our tablets. After like a month of playing I got really loose and could do expressions really well... but I haven't played since I started playing SL so all my stuff is stiff faced again ;_;

The question that's always on my mind...

How much money do you have to make in SL in order to declare it on your taxes?

I actually didn't bank this week and have just been keeping my income on me, and it's starting to add up. I am already fucked on my taxes this year from freelance work... So not declaring is fine by me since a chunk of this is already going to pay mine.


I'm taking another "break" this weekend. If you see me on, pretend I'm not there. I need to finish things to sell and I've been getting way too many distractions lately. Some are welcome, some just... aren't.

The winner is...

NEX. For his snowman Jazz band. My favorite being Al Philips Snowman.
Nex, I'll have a drawing for you soon. I'll post it here. I wanted to start it last night but I only get on SL for 2 hours a day and it was the night of irritating customer service IMs. O_o I can't fix shit the game breaks. And I got distracted by the anime store.

Once I'm done with Nex's scribble, I'll do runners up.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Build a Snowman contest

This is a contest for anyone to join. Build the most creative snowman you can on the game I built last month (
and send it to with who you are and stuff.

Whoever comes up with the best one will win a prize! Either L$1000 or a scribbly drawing of your avatar by me! Which ever you find to be of more value.


Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Inflatable LOVE

... I don't need it but... I need it.

Brandon's baby music

Brandon's wife is preggers and he found this baby lullaby music site.

I want every CD on there. I need to come up with some kinda insanely popular SL product to fund the purchasing of all of those.

Stuff you should buy:

  • This school bookbag. Not only does it look awesome, but her ads are the shit.

  • Curious Kitty large natural gauge plug. Because it reminds me of apocalypto. :-D

  • Cargo pants by Happy Bivouac. I spent a small fortune in her store last night with Sinjun.

  • GEISHA DANCE HUD. I can't think of a reason why I'd need one, but it's still cool. I have Abra's breakdance one and it's really fun to play with.

    I have no idea if this is the one Trinitee got for me.

  • Alex gator. Because smoking is cool when you are young.

  • Happy Dispatch's Cutesy AO Billy uses this with his av and he loves it.

  • Neko Tails LUMPY. Ok so I didn't even know these had an ad in the forums. I got Lumpy a couple weeks ago and then Trinitee came and got most of the rest. They make noises when you poke them. LUMPY IS THE BEST ONE. GET LUMPY!!! He has this nasally whiney voice and says "Ooooow" "Stop poking me." He's the muthafucking shit yo.

Next up Apocalypto hair!

This movie has gotten mixed reviews. The bad ones say it's a bloody B-movie that sucks and is made by an antisemitic tool. The good ones say that if you let an antisemitic tool stop you from seeing it, then you are missing out on an awesome movie.

Well I saw it on Saturday. It was fucking awesome. I enjoyed it A LOT. Hell, I wouldn't mind seeing it again in the theater. The costumes were beautiful, the whole vibe was very national geographic, the main character was hot and half naked through the whole thing. What's not to love? I didn't go into the theater expecting anything other than gore, and on that part I was pretty let down, but everything else was so good. They did a great job of making you like the tribe that was invaded so that when they got royally hosed you were right there with them.

If I had to sum up what it's like, well it's a long chase scene and a little Home Alone thrown in, just in a jungle.

So yeah. I liked it. I watch a lot of movies and honestly I'm not too picky and love most (with the exception of Happy Feet, Pirates of the Caribbean 2, Matrix 2 & 3, The Lake House...Um Episode 1 & 2... well considering how many I watch, that's not a long list.) I have seen the Passion. I didn't like it. It was like a boring horror movie. But Apocalypto was on a subject I was actually interested in.

A very masculine poof

I'm not finished yet. I still have to add some stuff.

UPDATE: Jessica says it should come with an eyepatch and I agree 100%

Monday, December 11, 2006

I forgot I have my tablet here

I had to hide it or all I'll do is scribble.

The next hair I'm going to build for myself:

I'm getting bored with the hair out there. Well it's awesome the first time you see it, but then when your favorite designers just keep rehashing each other's styles it makes me sad and bored since once you buy it once it's not like you need another version just slightly different. I went out of the realm of the 6 designers I buy from to a new place and bought a faux hawk. Holy crap, somehow it managed to make me look more clean cut and preppy than usual O.o

When will the crazy anime hair return?!!

So I MUST take action and make my own damn hair it seems...
so for my next hair I'm making Jubei. WOOT
Afro pony tail.
Hells yeah.

Egypt Urnash > god

Well as I wrote before, I was burnt out this weekend so when I started my new window display I was like... huh nope, don't want to do it.

So I knew an artist who works in vectors and has a cool noir style and does furries, so I looked her up again and asked her if she'd do a commission for me. She did (for money of course which kinda bothered B and my friends in that "Couldn't you just have done it yourself?!!" way.)

I love it and it was my SL profit money so I consider it an Xmas present to myself. Art by a real illustrator. ^___^
And here it is.

I watermarked it. I might make a shirt from it so I don't want people ripping it. Especially when I paid for it.

New store open

I openned the new store minus any new item updates. I was just too burnt out to make any more stuff.

So if you want to see the new place, it's in my picks. Special thanks to Grim and Chicanery. :) Grim hooked me up with some pipes I put in the sewer and Chicanery gave me the "merry go round" spinny playground toy.

I really like my new store. It's quite huge and I'm left with a lot of prims to expand with! I can make furniture and stuff!

I wasn't open for more than 10 minutes when I TPed back to find a bunch of the Tableau crew there. O_O They intimidate me. I wasn't even really finished setting stuff up so I felt really nervous.

I still am not fond of my neighbors. The mall and club is ghetto and people shout all the time over there. Since I started finishing up the bigger store, I had all the scripts and creation turned off and also my parcel access was limited and people would stand on the perimeter and shout at me. O_o

This was also the weekend of SL interaction where I was like "Is that English?!!" Either ESL people IMed, me which is fine if I'm awake and can decifer it, but then a bunch of people whom I know speak English as their first language would IM me and it would take me like 10 minutes to figure out what they wanted. I tried reading it outloud, I let B read it, but in the end it was like... holy shit, write properly. Not in baby talk, not in AOL talk, not in fake japanese, not in a language you made up yourself... And where did all these new abbreviations for phrases come from?! I was talking to a customer, and I can't remember what it was, but she wrote it once and I skipped it as a typo, then she wrote it again and I was like.. huh... and then her friend did it and I still don't know what it meant. OMG WTF WTH BTW tl;dr LOL ROFL LMAO those I know... this one was like.. I have no idea.
Did they stop teaching English in highschools?? I know one girl is in her 30s.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Scratch that...

Literally. I got in touch with the guy who makes the cat tree scratch animation and got full perm one. I can't put it on the tree until tonight, but I'll replace anyone's old trees.

Merry Xmas my feline friends

First off Rudra made me an inspirational card. :3 Look at the DRAWING!! O_o I look bad in this pic. ((Editted: The drawing is awesome, my avatar looks like a weirdo.))

Second off, here is the tree-

Thursday, December 07, 2006


I'm noticing a huge lack in Xmas stuff being posted on the forums, and by that I mean like trees. Do you think anyone would be interested in a neko Xmas cat tree like the one I made for my float? Just.. small. I might have to bug Paul again for a scratching animation.

The obligatory song lyric post

Laibach America Lyrics
So the Land of the Free
and the Home of the Brave
Are your stars still so bright
Does your banner still waves
Oh, the Land of the Free
and the Home of the Brave
Are you heaven on Earth
or the gloom of the grave

The people of the United States
Did you form a perfect union
Establish justice
Ensure tranquility
Secure the blessings of Liberty
to yourselves and your posterity
How blind can you get
for your country
right or wrong

The melting pot

So the Land of the Free
and the Home of the Brave
Are your stars still so bright
Does your banner still waves
Oh, the Land of the Free
and the Home of the Brave
Are you heaven on Earth
or the gloom of the grave

Reverend sound clip:
"We, children
We, children, are born in Sin
We are born in Sin.
That is why we must let
The Light, The light of God
into our hearts, Children
We are all Children of God,
but to the whole we are Sinners
We are Sinners
We must let the Light, let the Love of God
the Eternal Love of God into our hearts
or we will Burn
Burn in Hell
Burn in Eternal Hell"

Praise the Lord
and Praise the Holy Spirit
to save us from your
Freedom, Justice, Peace
Accordings? and Illusion
from Arrogance and Pride
from Violence and Confusion
the Great Despair
and Great Depression
Satanic verses
of your superstition
the Land of Plenty...

Your Bill of Rights
the Enterprise
the Free Will
and the Unbroken One
your Self-Esteem
and Self-Desire
your Trust in God
and in Religious Fire


The end of Hystory
The end of Time
The end of Family
The end of Crime

Ok so I can't dislike this band. Despite the obvious hatred for my country & therefore myself, the song is just so awesome!
And really, they are just saying that we all have huge egos and are self concerned, money obsessed, over zealous, criminals who are quickly putting an end to family values. That's really accurate. Bravo!

I myself am excited to see what happens when the nuclear family is completely destroyed. I'd say it's like 80% complete now. I love the train wreck that is my country and my culture.

I and my friends are all in long term relationships with absolutely no desire to start families and only want to make as much money as possible and play videogames and that makes us content. ... I'm trying really hard to see what's wrong with that and I just can't.

BUT, we have all agreed that if we do have kids, we are beating them. That's the only thing I don't like about parents today. My parents didn't beat me but my older sister would fucking destroy me with a wooden spoon if I did anything even slightly bad when I was little. It only took 2 broken asses to make me the well behaved, polite human being that I am today.

Sales.. decreasing... so... poor

Yeah I've ridden the "don't be productive" wave as far as I can, and now I'm barely clearing L$4k a day. I need finish the store and put stuff out. I have a lot to put out. What do you guys think is best, one big update or slowly leaking stuff out?

SL blows. If you see me online, please do me a favor and IM me. You don't have to talk to me, just say "Hey Noam, are you frozen?" So then I can know if my SIM went down 30 minutes ago without giving me the a hint. I built the entire sewer last night while my sim was down... then finally froze, logged back in to find NOTHING SURVIVED. Kept making B IM me to check after that.


Other stuff... hrm. I cooked a chicken last night. This is blog worthy because I don't cook. Tonight I'm going to make soup out of the left overs. Also blog worthy since I've never made one before. Brandon gave me a recipe. What the fuck is a "bay leaf"? and why is it important for flavoring?

Note to self: Buy the following
black pepper (as I am unsure what kind of pepper I have and if this is a different kind... uh Isn't it all black?)
Brussel sprouts
bay leaf ((*eyes skeptically*))

Brandon: you need bullion
Me: the cube thingies?
Me: how many do I put in it?
Me: in say.. uh, a large pot
Brandon: ...
Brandon: *links online recipe*

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

It's slooooow

Yeah since the snowman went out, there is not much to do. All our managers are preparing for a big meeting on monday (which I was invited to! Which is awesome, since it means they don't think of me as a contractor.)

I made Geoff listen to Laibach and he said "pretty ballsy for someone who comes from a country that started 2 world wars." And then he ranted. He's going to get a blog called "one angry white man" to put all his rants in. He's the most mellow rock guy you could meet, but he gets some serious desk rage. Yesterday, he got pissed that someone sued OREO for making high calorie cookies.

At lunch today we were talking about pain in the ass children who run around and cry and scream without any parents smacking them. Geoff and I agreed that fear is a great factor in child rearing. I came up with a line of horror movies I want to pitch like about how Fluffy Bunny dies a gruesome horrible death when he doesn't go to bed at 7pm. One where ponies eat little girls. One where the Disney World rides eat children. One where a monster rips apart little kids who are bad.

I mean if parents won't beat their kids anymore, then the little brats need to be put in place somehow.

How do you politely turn down friendship requests?

I'm looking at my SL friends online and there are over 20 on.. I know 3 of them. O_O

The new store is slowly coming along. I have the bones of the sewer, the basement and the main building and stoop. I need to:
-create the alley again
-texture everything (/cry)
-find some textures that I lost... it probably would be in my best interest to finish uploading my textures to my organizer.
-create a billboard
-some neon signs
-a mini bar for upstairs
-I need to properly finish the sewer
-get a TP device to work with the sewer
-possibly re-cut a new backdrop
-Make sure things aren't blinky!!!!!!
-make more textures: caution tape, filth, comics, signs, add Banksy to the graffiti walls, posters...
-Build 4 baby turtles and a ninja rat for the sewer.

It's not turning out like what I originally wanted, but it'll do.

I'll release hair, scarves, gloves, the retro women's shirts and possibly the thigh bag when it's open.

Nothing like a little anti-american music to start your day

I got Laibach's new CD "Volk." It's so good. They are songs based off the national anthems of other countries. The America one is top notch "America blows" mentality.

"Germania" is pretty dull, but I guess you should never insult your own country. And really, you can't go much lower than the Holocaust now can you?
"There are homeless people everywhere and healthcare issues and crime*"
"Yeah but at least we aren't committing mass genocide anymore."
"You got a point...Everything pales in comparison to mass genocide! :-D"

"Rossiya" is really sad. After working at the adventure travel agency, I think of the European tours I would have liked to go on, the Eastern Europe one was the most appealing. I think it would be a total mindfuck to walk through an ancient looking city that had bullet holes covering the concrete from recent wars.

Everytime I go to the UK or Europe I usually am floored by how old everything is. Seeing a church that's older than my country... that's just crazy. I feel all special telling people I grew up in a farm house that was built in 1890, but everyone over there is like "My toilet is older than your house." =_=

I'm rambling. Blarg Blarg blarg blarg Honk Honk. I'm going to get coffee.

*((Note: I don't think Germany has these problems, just suspend your disbelief for a second))

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Things to buy:

BOOTS. I barely even wear shoes... but I'm converting.

Xmas lights! Well.. I need some and all the ones I liked this weekend were prim heavy.

Grim Treehouse!! Where the hell can I put this?

Tiny avatar!!
For the collection...

And I already own this, but it needs more exposure. It's a shame you only have 3 hair color options, but I love it. So does Sinjun. :3

I'm all alone in the batcave! o_o

Cologne guy (contractor who wore too much Old Spice) announced that today is his last day and then left this morning. So I'm all alone. o_o James said to think of it like I have the biggest office here. I'm in the far corner and there are no lamps except my desk light, no windows, just light from my lamp and monitor. It's like working in a big dark closet.

OH so.. if you get errors with Mr. Snowman can you forward them to me ? We know about one but we are ignoring it >_>. I just want to know how bad it is.

New land and a panic attack

I got more land in Orache last night, a little over 4000m^2. It cost a lot... it's not like I don't have the money in the game and yet, I had a panic attack after I bought it. I tried to build something and it looked like shit. I got really frustrated and snapped at B when he asked me to make him clothes. Now I feel like a brat, but he was ignoring me earlier.

I'm not prepared to create something at all. I had idea of what I wanted but now that I have the land, I can't think of how to make it. I turned off the game and went to bed early and thought of something I could build for the time being. My store is still in the same location, and I'll probably either move it up or move it a little over to the new land.

The new store will essentially be 3 stores or areas: Main 2 story brownstone, Basement, & sewer. I think I probably will end up selling the hair I made after I script the hat colors. I also made a scarf and I'm working on a new messenger bag and a thigh bag.

I had an issue this weekend. I TPed to my favorite texture store only to find a different store there... a different store that copied the build of my messenger bag and even copied one of the textures I made from a scan of my own bag. I IMed the owner and he never responded, but he was online yesterday to I IMed again. We had a really civil conversation and he agreed to take it down. One thing though "But mine is textured different" is NOT an argument to steal someone's builds. That was what this guy said to me, and that is what the guy who stole Posy's stuff said to her. :/ All the real work is in the building blocks, texturing is like 1/4 of the time I put into builds. T'was lame, but it's over.



Sunday, December 03, 2006

Ratty parts!

There is a store called Hybrid that has HUD controlled Neko and ratty parts. So good! Everything about it rocked! Laundry bed, a dumpster... freebies in the trash. I love that store. I learned about it from a girl who was walking around with a "Noam's #1 stalker" tag at the block party. XD

MY ratty ears and the hair I retextrued for Posy. Ok so hair isn't my thing. Retexturing sucked. I don't want to do it.

Block Party Today

Go to the block party today at.. the block. If you need an LM I have one in my picks.

Here is my limited for the party


I am aware at how gross that is.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

My fun day on SL.

Grim let me make a float and be apart of this month's Grim Baby theme.
I made an Xmas cat tree, with yarn ball and gold fish bowl ornaments. It's a bit ghetto, but it was so much fun to make. Making it reminded me what I love about SL. :)

I also was put in a grim baby backstory. I made a little bird for this hippo Grim was building because he said he couldn't do birds. It's total crap, but it made it on there anyway! haha. So for making it, Grim put me in the backstory.
"Hyppo was found at the local swimming hole by life guard Noam Sprocket. When Noam brough her to us, she was beside herself with greif, (we think she may have fallen in love with Noam), so as a parting gift he placed a bird on her head, and a smile on her face.

::caring for Hyppo::
Never remove the bird or she will certanly fall apart again, and a Hyppo thats sad is a disaster!!"

Here is me and Hyppo. :3 I don't know why I'm making bedroom eyes, that was not intentional.

So yeah, making the float and Hyppo made my day. I still like the hair I made and I barely got frustrated while logged on. Wooo.

I still need to make my limited. I was going to make my hair the limited but you know... screw that. Mine.
Instead I'm going to make Tasty Mouse for the Sadist, if I get the chance. I'm thinking I won't though. Ah well.

Hair... For your head

I was bored last night and I made hair. I've had that Wuvume hair kit for weeks and haven't done anything with it.

Friday, December 01, 2006

It's an omen

I broke my PC's keyboard ((I'm on the crappy laptop.)) I went on SL when I got home from work and then the wind blew a cup of water onto me and the keyboard and well... it died.

That's god saying don't play SL.

Noam SMASH!! D:<

So close to pushing the razzafrazzing snowman and Peter says he wants a delete functionality that I can't do. OMFG!! He says we can't push it until we figure it out.

My heart is palpitating because I'm so freaking pissed off right now. I want to throw shit at him.

Brutal Gear clothing and accessories will get you laid.

*looks at the title* I'm very committed to helping.

Snowman hopefully goes live today! Praise jebus.

Last night I logged on SL 2 seconds to stick money in Ginko (My av is luckily standing in front of ginko) and to uncap my messages which I didn't think about until yesterday. =___= They are already capped again. Bleh. Doesn't anyone know if sales affect your capped messages? Can I turn sales IMs off?

I just don't want people to send me IMs to help them fix stuff and then think I'm ignoring them. Very few people read the directions I put with my scripted stuff, plus I don't know if the update broke anything. Some of my scripts were made by a guy who was very new to scripting and made them in an assbackwards way.