Saturday, June 28, 2008

HAIR: Deadline

This is like sloppy boy hair. I found the below pic a while back and I was like dude.. want hair.. and you know that bastard spent hours on it even though he looks like he just woke up.
Located at the main store in Koreshan.


Was yesterday "Be an asshole @ Gritty Kitty" day?

I got 3 notecards with complains of people harrassing other customers in my store, which does not sound like many but when it's all in one fucking day that's a lot.
I banned 6 people yesterday! That's a shitload. 6 people should be how many you ban in a year, not one fucking Friday.

I implore any one reading this, that even if you see your fucking archnemesis in my store, you stfu until your outside the Koreshan region.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Voice disabled at Koreshan mainstore

Abuse it and lose it.

Everyone say : THANKS MATT AND JAYD.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


The sales guy was great. I am happy. I get my car with all the crap on it next week.

More about my car. I bought a new Scion xD with a bunch of options on it. I got like XM radio and a better stereo. I got the good tires seen in the SL picture above, because they are fucking sexy looking. I know fuck all about tires, but those are hot. I got shocks and a rear sway bar. I got a new bumper protector thing (because Massholes tailgate) and a spoiler. Uuh... I regret not getting the over head consul because I just realized I have a lot of crap to put places, but I might call them up and ask for that. I think that's everything. Oh remote start and security.

I named my car "Tardis" because it's way bigger on the inside than the outside. It defies logic. I thought it would be the same size as a Toyota Matrix but it's more compact. I fucking adore it. I would have sex with this car.

My dad let me have the title to my Subaru and told me I wasn't allowed to get any less than $7K on the trade in. They offered me $5600 and I was like :C !!! Until the sales guy was like you don't look happy and I said my dad would kill me if I did this, I'm supposed to get at least $7K. He talked to the manager and I got $6800 which is close enough!! So I was happy. Minor yelling from my dad. I put some money down and financed the rest. My payment is pretty low :). I honestly could have paid cash for the car, but then I would have to build up my savings again and the possibility of something bad happening was making me nervous.

Anyway, I'm happy. Every review of the XD had other happy people too. I can't wait to pick it up next week.

I'm buying a car and I have something very important to tell you all!

Car salesmen are douchebags.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Browline Glasses

I like vintage glasses. These are all sculpty primmage so.. yay!
*updated vendor picture because the other one was wicked grey and crummy.

New hair: Penny

I kinda conjured this up from two reference pictures shown below. The bandana part is texture changing. Uuuum and try sitting it lower on your head than I have it, it looks a little better.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Spore is coming! REJOICE!

Spore is coming! This is the game I bought my PC for. Right now you can download the creature creator and make little monsters dance for you.

I personally try to make all my monsters look classy, with hats and ties or lots of modesty. Unlike all those youtubers who are making penis monsters. Pshaw. (The first 8 I made were penis monsters, it gets old.)

Above is Finneas, who I made last night. He has a leaf tie and a hat and kind of looks like king kupa.

To the left is ZZtopodon. He was only popular in the 80s.

It's $10 to get the creator. $10 gives you at least 3 hours of entertainment. So I say it's worth it.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Mark up & Style: I made a bag!

The ad does not compliment the bag. The bag is very nice. Imma sleep now.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Update to the Bleh Post

Ok remember how I said I'm not good at IA work?

Well apparently, unbeknown to me, I'm good at IA work. The client loves me. They have told all the bigwigs on this project that they think I'm brilliant.

New goal: Get maximum % raise possible in fall. Big money! No wammies!!

I have stayed late 2 nights, only for an hour and a half and seriously, I'm not really busting my ass or anything for this project, I'm just doing what needs to get done. So without intentionally killing myself, everyone thinks I'm the bees knees. You can't do better than that.

I am now somewhat happy. Only because I am that socially retarded nerd who breaks all the lights around the cube so it's in total darkness and will ramble on a good 30 minutes on my mootools sucks taint. And I use the words suck, taint, douchebag, awesome and balls far to much for someone in their right mind to let me near clients. Also when not blasting out obscenities, I have a really expressive face, so without me saying anything, you can almost read the words "you're a douchebag" from the arch of my eyebrow. Yet still, the fancy schmancy client thinks I'm neat. Maybe they like it when I look at my PM like I'm going to punch him in the neck! :D

Tutorial: "My scripts aren't working"

I'm tired of explaining this over and over, so this is an easy reference so I can stop writing the same thing 10 times a day.

Many Gritty Kitty items are texture or color change scripted. The Gritty Kitty store, however, does not allow you, the customer, to use scripted items when inside. There are many signs posted up around the store explaining this.

When you spam the channel trying to get your item to change textures in an area that does not allow scripts, you are essentially, for lack of a better term, "fucking up the script."

Fear not, however, It takes all of 10 seconds to fix this.

  • Right Click the scripted item and chose EDIT from the pie menu
  • Go to the GLOBAL NAV on your Second Life Viewer and select the TOOLS section (the Global nav is the one on top)
  • Select "Reset scripts in selection"
  • You're done.
  • Go to sim that allows you to run scripts and test.
Now, there are the rare cases that the item is actually broken. BUT, 29/30 times it's that the script needs to be reset.


Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I know I just got promoted to Senior Developer, but I really don't like my job.

I don't like that even though I told everyone that I do not want to do IA work, they put me on this project that is 100% IA work.

I'm not good at it. I have told people this. To top it off, I don't want to be good at it, it's not even in my career plan. But no, they just do the "oh we are so happy you're on the project even though we know you don't like IA work!! :)!" I don't have a fucking choice. If there was a choice involved, I WOULD NOT BE ON THIS PROJECT.

Every time I even think about work, I want to shoot myself.
A 12% raise isn't enough to do this bullshit.

Monday, June 09, 2008


12% raise! Yay!



Yeah I've been waiting for this for like 3 months now. I'm seriously not even excited.

So sleepy

Still love my sidekick, but my mom keeps Texting me which is ... weird. Nothing like your first Text message of the day being "R U HOT?" and it's your 56 yr old mother on her iphone.

I told Bill I was going to reply with "Extremely. I just keep slapping cock away" but his reaction was "Jesus, it's your mother." So I just said Hi mom, instead.

I'm annoyed atm with a bug in IE7 (just 7 wtf, 6 is fine!) Must not think about it. : /

I found a "25 ways to tell if you are a hardcore designer/web developer" thing. The best one was:
You’ve learned your lesson and stopped using the word “final” in any file name when saving."

It's never final. EVER. I'm on Final v3.4 of these wireframes.

I have a lot of non hair stuff almost done and ready to put out, but it's really hot in my computer room. Things will pick up when I get an air conditioner for in there.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

HAIR: Metric

It's short, it's feminine it's at koreshan!

What is going on with my hosting service?

I <3 the sidekick

I just wanted to update the world on how much I dig my new phone. New hair coming soon. I'm building it as I type. LOOK A PICTURE.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Last year at exactly this time, I bought myself a blackberry, my logic being "I'm all business."

I have used that thing less than 20 times in the last year. I hate my freaking cellphone. it's stupid, it doesn't have a keyboard and when I try to type my email address it tries to finish it for me with the word "brocolli." wtf.

Today I thought, I need a phone I'll use in case my car dies before I can buy a new one, so I'll upgrade my phone.
I got a T-mobile sidekick slide which literally says on it's marketing page:
"Plus, it features always-on, one-touch instant messaging and the best MySpace mobile experience!"

Um, I'm 26. I'm about 10-16 years older than the marketing demographic for this phone, but you know what?? I DON'T fucking care!! Wheeeeeeee! It's like a little pocket sized computer! Imma put stickers on it when it comes! Must get a myspace page!!

But seriously, I can't wait till it comes. I heard that it's not entirely awesome as a phone, but you know what?? I hate talking on phones. As long as I can email people from where ever and look up stuff online, I will be a happy tater.