Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Honig Glasses

I love these glasses soo hard!!! Mostly cause one of the lense options has redtube.com reflected in it. RED TUBE IS PORNOGRAPHY! DO NOT GO THERE IF YOU ARE AT WORK OR A DELICATED FRAGILE PERSON SCARED OF PRIVATE PARTS.

Anyway, all the frames are darker colors and the lenses have reflections in them as well as normal lenses like black , rosey, yellow etc.

[2:09] Helyanwe Vindaloo: you Prevert.

Another satisfied customer! :D

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hair & Glasses: Klaar & Ducklips

I've been wanting to redo AOI for a while, and while keeping that in mind I ended up with Klaar, which is different than AOI but still has pinned back bangs. I imagine it's what Cain looks like if you pull the bangs back.

Ducklips are called that because of the below reference picture. Look at her lips? Why is she doing that? It's not a kissy face. It's not an attractive face. I can't imagine why you'd do that expression unless you were playing charades and your word was "mentally handicapped duck."
Sweet glasses though. These are texture scripted with more retroy pastel-ish color as well as basic black and white.

Reference picture:

Friday, June 19, 2009

HAIR & bake sale stuff

Available at Koreshan. It's sculpted. I'm kinda in an awkward trying to figure some stuff out phase atm.

Inspiration: From Starfighter, a anime porn comic I found on Deviant art. Woooo porn.


THE EXTREMELY FANCEH SQUID HAT: A knitting/fishing happy accident.
Available this weekend during the Koreshan Bale sale. It's not scripted because I didn't get my texture script in time ^^; so there are 5 colors in the box.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

UPDATE: Linden Labs... Are you fucking kidding me?

[17:26] Draconic Lioncourt: oh so llabs was a total douche to me over the phone
[17:26] Draconic Lioncourt: trying to tell me i had to cut down on textures
[17:26] Draconic Lioncourt: and after 30 min of telling them we know wtf we are talking about he magically finds some physics object that was colliding and removes it and oh look at that the sim works again

And paying them thousands of dollars a year is something we do becaaaause? Note that Draconic is a private island owner. She's a premium member. What fucking part of that at all sounds premium?

Fucking A, I only pay $10 a month for my gym membership and the staff there once spent 30 minutes of their time looking for my keys.

Friday, June 12, 2009

It's so true

Kris Straub is a genius. Read his comics at Chainsawsuit.com.

I just started playing D&D with my friends, it's been about 2 months now and I'm a level 4 halfling Beastmaster ranger. I fucking love it so much. I don't think I would have played this in highschool, but now in my mid 20s I seem to be just the right age.
I own 3 sets of dice and they are all sparkly. :D I don't own my own mini yet, but I made one out of fimo to represent my pet bear.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

The Koreshan Lag Issue

Lately Cobalt has been getting a lot of complaints about lag and greyness in my main store in Koreshan.
I don't have these issues, but then my computer is so godly that it exists on another realm of awesome. I realize the average SL user does not have a $5K gaming PC so I'll just pretend you all have macs which run SL like a piece of shit.

Some fun facts about Koreshan:
  • Koreshan is a full sim (15K prims)
  • Koreshan is on the same shitty lowest class servers that are used to host OPEN SIMS. (homesteads are on better servers than Koreshan)
  • Draconic owns Koreshan, it's her and Chica's baby.
  • Upgrading Koreshan to a proper server is more money than Draconic can afford
  • The additional tier fee is also more money than Draconic can afford atm
  • Draconic is way too sweet a person to get on people's asses about paying rent so as far as I know maybe 2-3 people are actually paying her rent right now.
  • We do not use images larger than 512X512 although last time we complained about lag, LL said the proper size to use is 256 X256 which would look like complete shit.
  • I try to turn off scripts everywhere when I can to reduce lag from users coming in

Draconic and Chicanery currently are working a lot IRL. Since it's hard to get hold of them and I really have no control over the sim, bitching out Linden labs is on hold for now.

First thing I'm going to do (maybe in a second or two since I just realized I brought my mac to work and it has SL on it), is I'm going to restart the sim. I don't know when the last time it got restarted was, and sometimes it just needs that to make it stop failing.

Second, I'm going to try to get Draconic to bitch a fit at Linden Labs over preformance. In theory I bet if you bitch a fit enough they might grandfather you into a better server, but it's Linden Labs. They are pretty confident that if you left, someone would just come in and take your place.

So that's the state of Koreshan atm.

The bakesale is scheduled to be this weekend but if the preformance doesn't improve, I might tell Chica we have to postpone it.

Sunday, June 07, 2009


There is an option to delete the resize script on this bag if you so want.

Monday, June 01, 2009

WANTED: Art community

Does anyone know a small(ish) art community where you can post pictures and get redlines and critiques?

Kind of like what Yerf used to do a billion years ago when I was on yerf.