Thursday, August 27, 2009


I did not make these graphics, nor am I claiming to have. Nor did I really work too hard on the seams. BUT HEY GUESS WHAT?! Free tee shirts. For you! Originally for me.. to wear.. but... *sighs* I'm done. You can have them now.

Starting tomorrow (FRIDAY AUGUST 28TH) check out The Festivale Poop Hunt* and collect poops and TP rolls and get free crap.

Yes. It's a wicked gross theme for a hunt.

*I, in no way, condone poop. In fact I am against it. If I could I'd never poop again. Cause it's gross and smells.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Skybox: Into the woods

76 prims. My idea was to make a kinda fairy tale woodland skybox but it looks more swampy than I originally planned. I dig it though.
There is no DEMO at the moment. I am having issues with copybotters and low prims so I am kinda... struggling to figure out what I should do next.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Info here.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

New things! I bring to you new things!!

Guess who can't count and writes this blog! Me. The above headphones have 9 options. 9. I missed the zombie pinup girl. I am having issues getting my shit reinstalled on my PC so I can't fix the ad just now. But let it be known.. 9 options!! NIIIIIIINNNNNE!
This chair comes in color packs. You get 2 colors. I think they are transfer so if you are like HOOOBOYUGLY, you can give them to your friends. :D As one is aught to do with ugly things. The pillow is texture change, I do not remember how many textures I made... I think 12. *stares* And that little face pillow, I has that IRL. You can has that IRL too. OK Nevermind, went to grab the link and it's sold out on the site. Well, crapballs people! If you'd like some overpriced pillows you can check out Upperplayground and maybe that one will come back in stock.

These are rugs. I needed another rug... I found a rad pattern for AI, I textured it, I recolored it and thus a rug was born!

All these things come with CSR cards.

WARNING: I am offline

Windows Vista decided that second life was bad and deleted it from my system. Either my computer is telling me that I should take some time and spend it outside or with my boyfriend, or it's got a virus and it's just being a dick.

Assuming #2, last night I reformatted my computer and installed Windows 7. It took from when I got home at 7pm to 1am. I had to back everything up, then I downloaded the wrong version, then I had the wrong key, then I had to reinstall everything-which I still haven't done, I gave up after the drivers- So I am still offline. I haven't installed Second Life yet. I just remembered what a bitch it was to set up Blender the way I had it before and that's going to be a fun nightmare to relive.

In other news, I saw a great movie about a guy with swords for hands and bought a great movie called Executive Koala about a japanese business man who goes on a killing spree and just happens to be a giant koala. And yes, it was as awesome as it sounds.

Thank you to everyone who has purchased items from me since the Spring. Change adds up, and even if you only bought like 1 hair from me that was the USD equivalent of $0.40, you helped me raise the money I needed to pay for my class this fall. The money that will be reimbursed by my company if I get a B... but I had to pay for it out of pocket first and it was really really expensive (I had a small panic attack after submitting my CC info.) I enrolled yesterday and I start attending at the end of the month. ZOMG I AM GOING TO GET A MASTERS DEGREE! happy happy joy joy! ^_^