Friday, December 29, 2006

New Music!

I found music in my itunes folder that wasn't in my itunes. It's like Xmas morning. I think this is stuff Brandon gave me so of course it's really good. I want to log onto his computer and transfer some of his stuff to me >_>; He has the Deadringer Album and some Nina Simone remixes. And I want some of his Jazz....

Sometimes I want to give DJing on SL a try, because I've yet to go to anyplace with a live DJ that places the music that I like. But then I think, well if people don't play the music I like then maybe that's because no one likes the music I like... :/ Polyester used to have a radio station that played indie music that I really liked. My music spectrum is Indie music<--------->Urban music. It's not that I don't like pop music, but pop music is just not doing it for me anymore. I hate the radio here, it's like Disturbed, System of a down, Tool, Butt Rock bands, and cycle back to disturbed. I'm sooo not rocking anymore. I like my music "groovy."

I really liked the DJ at Willow's B-day party. He/she played Warren G "Regulators" and some really really silly club music. You get points for cheese. Cheese + mention of hoes and you get bonus points.

Oh wait, I'm stupid. I got the deadringer album off emusic before break. Duhher.

OH. The new music was Waldeck. I thought I wrote it... It's remixed music so my itunes has it under electronica, but it's funky like 70 doo-wop-style and drums/keyboard/horns.


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