Thursday, August 28, 2008

Asian harajuku chick with the googles ftw!

I wanted to make my own goggles anyway... really I did.

Ok like 50% of the people who emailed me had that girl in selections and she was also in my inspiration folder. So I guess I'm making goggles and figuring out the V bangs.


Her Space Holiday - Japanese Gum

Found at

I'm listening to this song on repeat today.

So no new stuff because I'm back at work and when I come home I just get sick in the bathroom and go to sleep for 3hrs-the next day.
I'm not very inspired and I'm kind of unhappy at work. But I've got prospects so maybe I can change my work situation.

That whole more money thing only made me happy for like a week. O_o

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I don't get it

I don't understand notecards with titles that have caps and lowercase randomly thrown about. Like:
"sHoPpInG Mall ANd CLUb"
Is there some sort of super secret typography skill being put into this that I just don't see? It takes longer to do that than writing "Shopping mall and club" and makes me insta-delete* the notecard.

*You know how when you get a notecard and you don't want to accept until you read it first so you let it rez in your new items inventory and read it and then accept or delete? I just deLEtE tHe ONes LiKE thiS.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Good taste peoples

I got a few emails and notecards in game for hair suggestions and so far I've picked out three definately omg yes hairs I really want to make. And one, OMG love but looks wicked hard to make.

Please if I don't make your hair don't be offended! There have been a few styles that are cool but not my thing.

Thank you. :)

YAY more suggestions! heee! Thank you again!

Actually nevermind.

I deleted the last post cause it pissed someone off enough to make an anonymous name to tell me I'm an asshole and I should fuck off and die.

Then I wrote a new entry.

But you know what?

Fuck it.

I'm an asshole. I don't care. Feel free to care if you want.

Ok my inspiration folder is dwindling

I'm going to work on more belts, glasses and some clothing.

I only have like 10 hairs left in my "to do" folder, so I'm asking just my blog readers for any suggestions of hairs they'd like me to make.

Suggesting does not mean I will make it. But if I really like the style and I do make it I will give you a fat pack of all the colors I have.

I am looking for boy and girl styles. I like making hats and hair accessories. I like streaks. I don't like stuff that's too normal or stuff that you already see all around the grid. Basically, if you buy my hair you should know by now what my tastes are. Canimal suggested the last hair and I really liked the look and what I ended up making.

The BEST way to suggest stuff is to send an email to noam.sprocket[at] and make sure you include your SL name so if I pick it I can send you the fat pack. The more pictures the better.

I still have like 10 hairs in my folder that I may do before getting to any suggested hairs, so don't get all "OMG your taking too long!" I'm back to work tomorrow so I don't have hours of boredom to kill like I did while I was sick this month.

Uuuuh so I don't have high hopes for getting loads of emails cause I dunno how many readers I have.

In the past I've gotten a lot of requests that are seriously like "WTF". Oh god I'd post the pictures if I had them on this computer. Like weird clothing from anime that is like.. insane and so not me or.. anyone.. really.
so bad.
*shakes head*

Ok I am going to bed with Bill now. SLEEPS!!

PS- if you have Xbox360 get BRAID!!! you can DL it from Xbox live, it's the best game ever and the last stage backwards is actually sooo fucked up.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Most horrifying news ever

I was searching for pictures of the next thing I want to build when I came across this blog/article.
Charlize Theron wants to produce and star in a remake of Sympathy for Lady Vengeance.


Please don't ruin my favorite movie of all time with your shitty acting you dumb bitch. Go make Aeon Flux 2: electricboogaloo.

Why can't our hollywood make new movies? Ones they write!
Do you have any idea how great Bangkok Dangerous was and how fucking HORRENDOUS the Nick Cage one is. I would love the Nick Cage one based on how fucking awful it is, if I didn't know that it was supposed to be a remake of the Pang Brother's film.

LOOK! He pries the gun out of that guy's lifeless hand and shoots him! Several times! With his own gun! And count how many times he has or doesn't have his hat.
Sweet jesus that's terrible.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Opie and Anthony

I got my Xm subscription when I got my new car. Freakin great. All I listen to is 202 the Virus.

HAIR: Cani

Canimal sent me the below picture, which I finally got to in my "Make this hair" folder, and then I made it into a mullet.

A Pretty pretty princess mullet.
This hair is texture scripted, the streaks have 18 options for colors. This is a new script that I've never used before which is really awesome because it's not tints, it's actual textures. I'm able to have both my solid and alphas change when you pick a color. The effect is that it just looks way fucking nicer.
I want to say I'll do it for Scene, but I don't know how I'm going to combine the bow and the retexture script. If I do I will charge a little more for the new version. But that's a big if.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


This is the hat that Batman wears in Red Son Superman. Red Son is an alternate universe where Superman lands on Earth 8 hours later and ends up in Russia. So he becomes a super hero for communism and it's like the best superman graphic novel I've read in a long time. Batman has a russian hat with little bat ears. Come on that's just awesome.

I have the red son batman action figure on my desk.

Wiki entry on Red Son Superman.


I got an IM from someone and it's like hey I hope you are fully recovered from your surgery.

And before I notice it to say thanks, the dude continues with his "come rent at my mall" schpeel.


What an asshole.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hook belt

My middle stomach is bigger than all other parts of my stomach. I hope like.. they didn't accidentally leave their keys or something in there.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I'm not dead!

I didn't cry at all either! I'm kinda of a pussy and thought I would, as I often cry when I am scared, too happy, really angry, and sometimes when sad.

I got up at 5am, I got here at 6am. I didn't have my watch so time disappears after I get out of the day surgery waiting room. They made me take all my clothes off, and then I got scolded for not taking my underpants off... but "all" to me sounded like "everything but your underpants." The nurse was like "how can we take your gallbladder out if you have underpants on!" and I was like "My gallbladder is no wear near my underpants! I am fully aware of where my gallbladder is"

Not a convincing argument, so it all went from "I feel kinda vulnerable right now" to "I'm nekkid in a backless dress."

Then they wheeled me into the OR, and I saw a ceiling and then I woke up under another ceiling, except this time in pain. That was it, I don't remember shit. People say you don't dream when put to sleep, but I distinctly remember something about John Stamos. What that something was, I dunno.

When I first opened my eyes they were talking to me, which kinda sounded like Peanuts adults, "waah waaah wahh waaah surgery over waaaah" but I also heard the words "There was a triangle on the colon" and I have no idea if it was about me or the people in the beds near mine. I googled triangle and colon and nothing really came up so I figure if I have some triangle colon disease someone would have told me by now.

Then they gave me lots of pain killers and I apparently rambled on about cars and how much I love my car.

I got my clothes back and B took me home, where he rambled on and on about things as he does when he's nervous. He really didn't like this last month with me being sick and he's been insanely awesome with taking care of me. I think he was talking about George Takai being a dirty old gay man, but I dunno. I'd interject with things like "I love grahm crackers." and he'd be like "you're on a lot of drugs aren't you champ?"

Went to sleep and my cat was like MOW MOW MOW in my face the whole time. 5 hours later it's now and I sent B to the grocery store to get me some grahm crackers.

So concludes the gallbladder surgery adventure. So begins the assload of percocet adventure.

^Fed's narcotics hud.

Watch collar

@ koreshan.
Going to the hospital now. Please if you have friends who want free stuff from my update group, explain to them how to get it because I really don't have the patience for any "omg lyk how do I get the freebies" IMs.

Monday, August 18, 2008


The hat is texture scripted with loads of colors I found on Colour Lovers.

Inspiration pictures:


So first my surgery tomorrow is at 1:40pm and then they move it to 12:10pm and this morning they moved it to 7:30am.


It just keeps creepin up on me!

HAIR: Mikey

The hat part is texture change, and then there are like little emboidered things you can change or make disapear or whatever. Only at koreshan main store. Yes it's got CSR cards.

Inspiration picture!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Belted Gloves

These ads look funny cause they are cropped from the poster I have for them in game. I wanted to save on wall space so you'll notice the vendor in game has a cycling background and box vendors on top of it.

They are prim gloves/ armwarmers. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD TRY A DEMO FIRST.

I'll be in the hospital next weeks and I don't want to come back to "these don't fit me" IMs.

Friday, August 15, 2008

My banning policy

If I wander out of my skybox and find someone selling something I made as a direct copy or something that isn't a prim for prim but is a GK original and is being sold for say... the same arbitrary price... I ban the person from the Koreshan sim.

I don't ban from my store, since if you can get in the sim, you can still buy shit from my store from just outside the ban lines.

Everyone in Koreshan is ok with this and also does it.

If you are mad at me for banning you and plan on complaining to everyone in the sim, by all means do it, but don't expect anything to come from it. I came to koreshan fucking terrified of banning people ever and I'm probably one of the bigger wusses when it comes to doing it.

That being said, I rarely unban people I have personally banned and I never unban someone I didn't ban.

If that makes me the biggest asshole in your world then I guess I have to live with that.

In addition to this, some people are parcel banned for my store that are left over from when Refuge was there. I probably won't unban them either since Trinitee is one of my best friends and she probably had an awesome reason for her actions.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Fuck I hate my job

Ok I laughed it off when my PM Brendan asked if I'd be able to work from home next week after my surgery, cause he's stressed or whatever. But no Brendan, after surgery I'm NOT going to be working on the stressful shitty project I'm on. I'm going to be on massive amounts of painkillers, lying on my couch.

And I'm taking the fact that I have no more vacation time due to being out because of my gallbladder and liver infection and then the surgery next week with a grain of salt because I'm sure it could be worse. I just don't qualify for short term disability. Fine, it happens, I'll deal.

But here I am working from home because I've had gallbladder attacks every night this week, and my side is fucking moving and twitching like there is something fucking living under there and I'm getting chastised for reminding them of what the head of the project told me on Tuesday. And I'm on a new time line where I have to get my scroller plugin that I haven't been able to play with done by friday? Ok fuck you.

I don't want to be on this project anymore. I don't fucking care that they are fucked. I didn't fuck them. I'm sick and I'm getting fucking surgery next week and I really don't want to deal with this shit. I doubt that after the surgery is over that I'll want to deal with this shit.

This is fucked up. I am trying to decide if I should ask to be taken off the project entirely.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Fuck I love you guys

I know this is more because of CSR and people wanting those darn cards than anything else,
BUT I fucking love you guys. I've been freaking out about my medical bills, but my SL sales in the last 3 days have been soo good that I can chillout.

My next surgery is scheduled for the 19th at 1:40pm. He said I have to be out for the rest of the week because I will not be able to drive or move around much.

Because everything hasn't been consecutive (I'm back at work this week) I don't qualify for short term disability. So I have no vacation days after this. Like seriously. No Christmas.

Monday, August 11, 2008

I love this video

I know it's just a converse commercial, but it's a really good commercial damn it. And it has Santogold in it.
If you go to the site you can DL the song.

Friday, August 08, 2008

HAIR: Bilirubin

The headband is texture scripted and the stripey streaks are color scripted.
@ Koreshan and Dock Logue (where :Sey is, just search for it.)

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Health update


And my eyes aren't yellow anymore!!! At least I can't see yellow in them. :3

Monday, August 04, 2008

Blinky star lights

5 sizes, NO MOD.. COPY though, so they are great for hanging around like your house or store or whatever.

What the fuck

Rafael Sirnah: I I bought a hair your. but come with hat :/ and don't
find this hair without hat . please. speack with me when you stay on line?
Rafael Sirnah: please.
Noam Sprocket: The hat comes with the hair. I'm confused why you looked at the ad picture and thought it didn't. Why would I wear a hat in an ad for hair if it didn't come with it. Did you try a demo?
Rafael Sirnah: Cam I see ou?
RafaelSirnah: see ou.....
Rafael Sirnah: see you
Noam Sprocket: dude, I'm in the hospital, I can't even teleport
Rafael Sirnah: =(
Rafael Sirnah: last cam I seer you?
RafaelSirnah: to you see my hair.
Rafael Sirnah: if you show me this hair wihou ha. I buy
Noam Sprocket: there is no hair without the hat
Rafael Sirnah: why?
Noam Sprocket: I made a hat and put hair on it. I didn't make hair and stick a hat on it. Why didn't you try a demo?
Rafael Sirnah: uuuuuuuuum

And then I banned him. I removed one letter from it's name.
But seriously, wtf.
I've had all but one Customer Service IM since I was in the hospital that wasn't unbelievably retarded.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

One operation down... One to go

I've been in the hospital since Friday. Funtimes had by none.

Here are a list of highlights of my adventure:
1) I had a liver infection and turned slightly yellow.
2) @ Hospital A ER, I was in a room with a dude who got told he had Herpes. It was pretty awesome. All I heard was penis penis penis hurt penis penis burning. "Sir you have Herpes"
I lol'd. But it was a silent film lol and it make my hurty parts hurt more.
3) Lots of wheelchair rides!
4) 5 days without eating, 3 days without drinking fluids. Bitches wouldn't let me even have ice.
5) I watched Con Air, twice.
6) During my second ultrasound, the radiologist was sick and said "My tummy hurts" and I said "Me too" and then we lol'd and then she pushed on my liver and I wanted to fucking die.
7) Tech nurse told me a lot of poo stories... I don't know why. Just did.
8) During the transfer to the other hospital I got to ride in an ambulance.
9) Not once was my peehole touched. This was a major concern for me cause they do that at hospitals and I was not for that.
10) Got a camera shoved down my throat into my stomach and up into some thingy to remove the gallstone blocking stuff and infecting my liver.
11) I got blood taken from my hand so many times it hurts. :D