Friday, December 15, 2006

Scribbly Nex

I did say scribbly sketch.

I used to play this game with some online friends where we had to make quick sketches with our tablets. After like a month of playing I got really loose and could do expressions really well... but I haven't played since I started playing SL so all my stuff is stiff faced again ;_;


At 2:00 PM , Blogger Nex Brannan said...

Way way too cool man!

At 2:06 PM , Blogger Noam Sprocket said...

I don't like it. :/ So I started over on a more gesture-eey drawing.

At 2:55 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

*cries* i want onnnneeeeeeee haha

At 5:11 PM , Blogger Posy said...

"That's HAWT" (and I don't mean that in a Paris Hilton kind of way). Congrats Nex! Well deserved!!!


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