Monday, July 27, 2009

Nom nom nom

It's one of those days where I'm almost positive that I'm going to have a panic attack for no explainable reason.


Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hair: Faders

I was going to make a sweet octopus hair but then I got yelled at and so I made this hair. Because I'm Fade's bitch. :D

Ref picture:

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Summer Choice 2009!!

It's that time again where you get the stamp cards in select marked vendors in my main store. Once you get the stamp cards you wait until the event begins and the stampers out side all the participating stores will turn on. Then you will be able to stamp your cards and trade them in for exclusive items.

Do I know dates? Of course I don't! I totally live with my head up by butt. I will keep you all posted though.

My gift this year is a painter's apron. I'm doing a theme now, the first time I did the event it was a gross paint covered bag full of art supplies much like the one I used to use in school, Winter was the sketchbook, and summer is this apron.

If I get invited back again, you bet the gift will be art themed again.

Bless you Greendream for being more on the ball than I am.
The stampy part of the event begins: August 1st through the 31st
And check out the official website for more information:

tiny tiny rant as my browser freezes

You know what's great about the second Life viewer?

Sometimes, when you shut it down it will lag for a second. And you'll hear ambient sounds.

You'll wonder where those sounds came from because when in game, you have those turned off.

And then you'll look at your system sound card and see not one, but three versions of second life that the sound card says are still open.

You check but the game does not appear to be open, you closed that an hour ago before you took a shower.

But then you check system resources, and it seems that something named Second Life is taking up fucking 25K.

Could turning it off at least work properly? Come on! It can make my CS3 run like shit when it's on, but when it's off SL should not be using resources ffs.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Hair: Butters & some other stuff

Butters has scripted bows and it's cute. The End. I'd write more but I don't have much else to say. ; )

Reference picture:

Some lanterns are out too. (stamp cards included)