Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Stuff you should buy:

  • This school bookbag. Not only does it look awesome, but her ads are the shit.

  • Curious Kitty large natural gauge plug. Because it reminds me of apocalypto. :-D

  • Cargo pants by Happy Bivouac. I spent a small fortune in her store last night with Sinjun.

  • GEISHA DANCE HUD. I can't think of a reason why I'd need one, but it's still cool. I have Abra's breakdance one and it's really fun to play with.

    I have no idea if this is the one Trinitee got for me.

  • Alex gator. Because smoking is cool when you are young.

  • Happy Dispatch's Cutesy AO Billy uses this with his av and he loves it.

  • Neko Tails LUMPY. Ok so I didn't even know these had an ad in the forums. I got Lumpy a couple weeks ago and then Trinitee came and got most of the rest. They make noises when you poke them. LUMPY IS THE BEST ONE. GET LUMPY!!! He has this nasally whiney voice and says "Ooooow" "Stop poking me." He's the muthafucking shit yo.


At 1:06 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG NOOOOO that snow angel one sounds WAY better than the ones we found. gah why'd i have to read this at work when i can't go seeeeeeee? *smashes mouse into desk*


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