Tuesday, December 29, 2009

HAIR: Davinci reloaded NEW HAIR TEXTURES

OH hai.

Guess who got an A last semester?
That's right. I did. So all that stress. All that panic. All that lack of me time and not having been able to do laundry for a month and a half was totally worth it.
Right right???

I mean I'm one step closer to a master's degree in computer science.

I'm on vacation now, which is good because I might have killed myself if I didn't get to have one soon. I finally got a chance to do something I've been attempting all year. REDO MY GAWDDAMN HAIR TEXTURES.


They are made!!!
They don't look like crap!!!!
I have new colors!!!
They come in packs of 3!!!!


I am going to redo some of my favorite hairs, but I probably won't rebuild every hair in the store :/ I want to try to make new stuff too.

First up on the rebuild is Davinci Reloaded. You might remember the davinci hair. It was my first hat hair using sculpties. This one I tried really hard to make the LOD better. It's.. kinda better. Please look at the demo.

The old Davinci load is now sold in packs fo $L50. I still wear that hair, it's not like it's crummy. I just felt weird selling it for the same price as the new one.


At 2:23 AM , Blogger Lady said...

Good job on the A, I got a few As' as wel.

At 2:25 PM , Blogger Eric said...

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