Thursday, October 25, 2007


This toy camera includes:
-- one hand held camera with 3 poses for varying body types
-- one camera you can wear around your neck
-- 2 HUDs (wide and regular screen) of damaged film effects for snapshots!

Secondlife on the Office tonight




I didn't watch but now I'm curious cause Drac sent me this offline:

[22:56] Draconic Lioncourt: wow i wish SL was half as cool as CSI made it look

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I AM LEGEND continued

I watch stuff couldn't put it any better
The new trailer takes you through morning, noon and night. The best thing the I watch stuff guy said was:

- Show off shirtless musculature, in case hot vampire girl stops by.
- Make amusing, sassy wisecracks to dog, in case vampire producers of a Fresh Prince: The Later Years sitcom stop by.
- Golf, yelling "fore" after striking ball, even though there are no other living people. Alternately, wear tall hat at theater and say, "Hope I'm not blocking anyone's view."
- Talk to mannequins you've dressed up, in case vampire disease has made you a cast member in Mannequin or Today's Special."


Possibly the worst movie ever made

And I've seen "Manos"Hands of Fate, so that should put my blog title into perspective. HOLY CRAP. It's got Giles from buffy in it... but also Paris Hilton in a wig...

I'm confused cause it looks so shitty that I want to see it, but it also has Paris Hilton in it. DAMN YOU PARIS! *shakes a fist*

Friday, October 19, 2007

NEW HAIR: College Boy Physical

So I was watching this movie and there was a guy in it and he had fantastic hair. So I made it in SL.

And by movie I mean pornography.
I'd post a reference picture but I think blogger has rules about that kinda thing.


if you have a really really awful exchange between a customer that was unwarranted and shows that they are completely nuts, should you warn people about them?

If you ever wondered about what kinda crazy is out there in SL, make a store. On average I have polite customer interactions. Then every so often I have a kinda weird customer interaction in that I think the person might want to wear my skin as a coat, but in an affectionate way. And then I have what I just read in my offline mailbox which was a "Fucking INSANE" interaction where they person is angry and freaking out at length about something that has a fix that will take me all of 2 seconds when I can log in tonight. These are the kind of people that you want to ban just so you never have to talk to them again. You want your friends to ban them to spare them the verbal vomit too.

So my first instinct is if you are going to act that way you shouldn't be treated in the same manor as other people. I've never had a customer service job though, so that's probably incorrect.

I dunno... I'd also kinda want to know if someone had IMed Trin or Sinjun all crazy like so if they IM me I'm prepared.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Sweet Zombie Jesus

I saw the preview for I am Legend a few months ago and I was like O_O I wanna see this. In a wooooooo this kinda reminds me of the Twilight Zone and will be mysterious and interesting and different.

Newp. Just saw a flickr set for the I am Legend Sim and it's a zombie movie. A very resident evil looking zombie movie with zombie dogs.

I love zombie movies, but I dunno about Will Smith zombie movies. I can see it now, witty little lines to say after chopping someone's head off, but not delivered hokey enough for it to be really funny. Putting on a pair of raybans and saying "Hey zombie, I make this look good" or after a zombie snarls in his face and he somehow shoots his head off, he'll make a face and declare "someone needs some scope!"

This brings up a very important something I can write about to kill the last 15 minutes while I'm at work. The age old question of "If your loved one was bitten by a zombie, would you kill him/her?"

We have 5 people on location from my company here to debate this. Kim insists that she would not kill her BF and would lock him in a closet until a cure was found. We all say she is just being a overused zombie movie plot device and should shoot him in the face or beat his head with a hard blunt object. Flustered, Kim says we are all mean and we would feel bad if they found a cure and could have saved our significant others.

My POV is zombies are dead. There is no cure for dead. And if there was would you want to walk around aware that you are all blue, rotty and stinky? No. I don't even like it when my hands smell like lunch. They smell like coffee right now and it's killing me.

Thus ends my post on zombies. I could right more but it's 5pm and I'm outta here.

I crash a lot

I'm obsessed with this game Portal that you can get in the Orange Box off Stream, and Stream sometimes takes over my network entirely and crashes me while I'm on SL.

Customer-Service wise this weekend I was a little bit crappy and I appologize for that. Again as I stress in my profile, send me NOTECARDS when I'm offline and send me Transaction #s if you have a transaction issue.

If it's a mall offer, always give me a LM. I get between 2 -4 mall invites daily. :/ I only have 4 locations I update. I'm not really looking to be part of every urban/neko mall in SL so I appologize in advance if I don't take the offer.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Pricing Update

I decreased the price of some of my older T-shirts and accessories and I'm continuing to assess the prices of the stuff I have up now.

I also have a prim issue with hair vendors. I might start selling hair in packs but I am definitely taking into consideration the fact that charging $L300 for the one hair color you want and 2 you think are crap is pretty ridiculous. I'm still puzzling over it and I'll update here when I come to a conclusion on it.

Gritty Kitty has always been a pretty cheaply priced store. As I get better with prim work I price according to time and effort spent on the item and I price against my older items. I don't want to be one of those people whose prices keep going up as they mature as a designer, so I'm lowering the prices of the older stuff so the new stuff stays relatively cheap. As of right now the most expensive thing in my store is $L400 for the art crime bag which I spend a whole bug filled month building and honestly didn't want to sell in the first place. $L400 is the price my individuality goes for. God that's pretty sad.

The inspiration for all of this was do to the fact I recently made an alt for work. I gave myself $5k and went off to play dress up and found out, you really can't buy much with $5k. Prices are grossly inflated and in some places I couldn't understand why I had to pay so much for a fat pack when I wanted one thing in it.

When you have an income in SL , you forget about looking at the prices. You just buy. Becoming a consumer again was really eye-opening and helped me remember how I used to be when I only had $20US worth of linden to spend monthly.

So I'm going to do my best keeping the customer in mind and not what other designers are doing.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007


I feel weird posting the inspiration picture on here cause I found it on Flickr so it's someone's personal picture. The user name is Tokyo Pixie incase you are curious and it's under Fruits. ^_^