Friday, October 31, 2008


Not so happy. I have 6 people to file DCMAs against tomorrow.


*head desk*

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Promo Codes?

I will give free SL GK store stuff to anyone who has promo codes for Little Big Planet.

If you have a code you can share it with 5 people, I think.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

\o/ joy!

(Stole the image from Bwaha)
Ok, it's fucking adorable. After a long day of work and and hour and a half commute home full of road-rage, I'm not in the mood for fighting games. Killing things just makes me feel competitive and all around irritable.
Collecting bubbles and stickers while playing dress up on the other hand... WIN! I only played 3 levels last night and 2 minigames, but I'm happy. You just run around being cute while an ominous british man tells you stuff. If you can sit around and play katamari for 2 hours like I can, this is the game for you. And the king in this game is less of a condescending douchetwat. (fuck you for saying my planets are small! My planets are awesome. >: ( Stupid fucking katamari king.)

I need to buy another controller so Bill can help me do the two person parts.

ALSO- The DVD player on this thing is ridiculously good. It makes my old one seem like a piece of shit. I watched Return to Oz last night on it, it's not an HD movie and it's not remastered or anything, it looked so much better on my big TV. I think it scales stuff better or something.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

In case I never see any of you again

I just want to let you know that I've cherished what we had together and I appreciate all the support you've given me and my store.


I have $600 less in my bank account. OUCH.
This game better give me orgasms and fucking tell me I'm attractive and that I look like I've lost some weight.
Or it could just be cute... that is ok too.
I have so much stuff right now. I ordered a bunch of DVDs in Sept that didn't arrive until yesterday and I bought 7 horror DVDs yesterday, I got 3 horror DVDs on Sunday, we got Fable 2 (which I don't really want to play) and I got some new dishes. The last one doesn't involve my ass creating a dent in my couch, but it's still nice to have new dishes. My old ones were mismatched and had flowers on them. The new ones have skulls, as if to say "my cooking is poisonous."

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Friday the 13th: III

From I Watch Stuff: "While looking around at Friday the 13th stuff earlier, I ran across this: Friday the 13th Part III with dubbed-over laugh track from a Beverly Hills Episode. It's sort of funny how the laughter immediately transforms the film into a run-of-the-mill sitcom, but the I think the bigger point to take away from this the flipside: that it turns out every bad sitcom has basically been Friday the 13th Part III without the murder."

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I fixed it.
I think..

Dude my car died today cause I left my lights on. T_T My new car.

I almost started crying. A coworker jumpstarted me and I got home. :/ still sucks though.


Hey Builders,
Remember when you updated the client and then went on your marry building way this weekend to discover 3 completely awesome new attributes you can now easily attach to your sculpts? You can now change the stitching type ON THE BUILD WINDOW (not through annoying hack scripts) and now you can mirror and reverse your maps! OH JOY!!

But, did you ever take in account the fact that people sometimes don't download the manditory viewers (hell, maybe LL fucked up and didn't make this manditory) and so if you use any of these building functions, they won't show up for people who don't follow the upgrade rules?

Seriously, take a second to think about all your friends who look like shit in your viewer due to their facelights, which they wear because they won't update their viewer because they think windlight is bad. I can name 2 people off the top of my head. Both have hideous avatars on my side of the viewing experience, because my windlight settings are made for everyone to look awesome unless you have a facelight on and then you look like you are telling ghost stories.

Anyway, they don't get to see any of the new sculpt functions when you use them. So the question of the day is:

I have to log on tonight and rebuild Pride because people don't update their viewers. That sucks.


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hair: Pride

I've had this picture in my "Inspiration" folder for AGES. And now I've made it. Lalala.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

HAIR: Maxx

This hair is based off a drawing Maxx Soul did that is in "Comic Artists- Asia", which is a book I got for Xmas like.. a long time ago. The guy's website is down and I'm too lazy to install the scanner...

Best election wordplay

Don't judge me, I read AOL news. I kept the AOL email account that I've had since I was 12yrs old and I still use it.

So everyday I read AOL news, and the best part of AOL news is not so much the articles as the comments. The salt of the earth read that site. Truly the most brilliant minds of our nation who come up with fantastic wordplay to insult each other's political parties. I would like to collect some of the greatness I have read over the past few months. Please comment and add if you know some more great ones.

  1. McSame
  2. Nobama
  3. republicanists
  4. Dumbocraps* - this is my favorite. I thought the guy was a really bad speller at first.
  5. McShame
  6. Barry Hussein Obama Longa Ding Dong
  7. McJoke
  8. McBush (people love Mc-stuff. McDonalds.. Mc Lovin)
  9. republitards
  10. McKlan
  11. Barack Osama
  12. "My name is Sarah Palin, and I'm nuttier than a squirrel turd." This is whole sentence but someone ended with. Get it? cause like squirrels.. they eat nuts and when they poop, there is nuts in their poop. And to be nuts is also to be crazy. So this man is saying she's crazy. Very crazy. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaah.
  13. Bushit
  14. Sarah Chavez
  15. republiCANTs (got this one from a youtube video)
  16. GOPigs (I only recognized this because I get so much spam about the GOP)
  17. Obamanation
  18. Sarah Airhead PaLyin (the last part says Lyin.)
  19. Caribou Barbie
  20. Failin' Palin (does that even rhyme?)
  21. OBUMA
  22. Obummer (or this guy could just be writing Oh Bummer.. idk)
Ok I have to end here cause the comments are making my brain melt.
*update Oct 17th- how the fuck do we all live together when people are soo RAAAAAAAAAAAAAWR over politics. Dude, whoever gets in there is most likely going to be fucked no matter what their policies are, just because we are on a train to fuckville and it's an express. People are brutal, they are like DIE LIBERALS! I HAS GUNS! And the liberals are all MCCAIN HAS YELLOW TEETH! Basically both arguments are stupid.

CSR2008 Winter!

I don't do a lot of events do to a combination of surliness and lack of time. CSR was so awesome this summer and I am really excited to be asked back.*

I made a hair last night but I have to make the textures and script it. It should be out as soon as I have enough time to log on.

BTW, having no vacation/sick or personal days for the rest of year because I was out most of august, just fucking sucks. I get 2 days off for Thanksgiving and 2 days off for Xmas. My mom's side of the family is already pissed at me for not coming home for Xmas last year and I don't think I'll have time this year.

I love my family, but I can't wait till I'm in that position where I have my own family that they have to travel 3 hours to come hang out with. Given, my family will just be Bill, the cat and hopefully the pitterpatter of little doggy feet in the near future... parent's usually make the trip when there are children involved, but that is never going to happen.

*Take that, all you jerks who hated on me for being in the event this summer. :P!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Beat Soulja boy

Calling all gamers, Soulja boy just called you out. Please befriend him and beat his ass.

I imagine that can't be too hard as he doesn't even know how to wear a hat. I'm sure he put it on his foot and then his ass a couple times before it made it to his head.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


I couldn't get tickets to see Jim Norton in November, so instead I got tickets for tonight to see Cirque du Soleil's Kooza (yeah I know.. not the same.)
This is the second one I've seen, like 2 years ago Bill and I went to see Corteo.
Ok so 2 things:
1) I hate children. I hate when they cough all wet on the back of my neck and fidget and talk through shit.
2) I hate loud grandmas with southie accents talking about scrapbooking.

Aside from that, it was pretty cool. Corteo had a better plot. Kooza is all acrobats and stuff. The wheel of death was awesome. I was so scared someone would fall off the damn thing and die that I felt sick. (When I was little, my uncle joined Barnum & bailey and everytime we went to see it, someone got hurt, and one person actually died or broke their neck and spine... maybe died... I dunno I was like 7) Bill and I both agreed that the balancing chairs guy and the trickster were wicked hot. Then we agreed that upclose, they were not wicked hot. The farther away they are, the more attractive, upclose... clowns.

Bill is looking at the program right now and insisting that both performers without makeup are attractive, but I think he's nuts.

You may have noticed the lapse in releases. I'm actually doing a lot of non computer stuff lately. My job is all sitting at the computer, and I come home like... fuck this noise. Apparently I'm expected to cook dinner as well as go to the gym and do the laundry and clean the apartment and put all the clothes away, while the Bill plays WoW. I'm not mad about this, but he needs to stop putting his smelly feet on me when we are watching TV or I'm going to snap and beat him to death. Give and take, I don't mind doing everything if that means he doesn't tickle the shit out of me for a week. (It sounds cute, but it's fucking irritating. He won't stop when I say stop.) 8 year aniversary in 2 weeks. Wooo feel the love!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Cashy O'Tonomoney

I got my yearly raise today. It's across the company, they said 3% is if you are going really well and meeting all your objectives and kicking ass. I got 3.3%, cause I'm awesome.

Yay for being competent at my job!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Just what I always wanted

Chicanery Turnbull has offered you 'Herpes' in Second Life. Log in to accept or decline the offer.

This just happened

Me: "Ok I made those changes"
PM: "The header is too red"
Me: "It's their burgandy"
PM: "it's not the right burgandy"
Me: "there is only one burgandy on their style guide"
PM: *IMs Link* The burgandy used on the header here is what they want
Me: *looks at website that is completely brown* Dude what burgandy?
PM: "Where the logo is!"
Me: "We can't be looking at the same page"
PM: *comes over and points at the brown header* "That burgandy"
Me: " dude that's brown. That's like poop brown."
PM: "really?"
Me: "Yes, totally brown"
PM: "Well... I'm kind of color dyslexic"
Me: "Does that mean you've been diagnosed by a doctor as colorblind?"
PM: "Yes..."
Me: "well ok then."
PM: "I will check with the client then.. *awkwardly walks away*"

And then I lol'd.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Made of Awesome...

Chica and Surrealia. I love this so much.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Today was a good day

I was like 25% on just my old shitty project aka bored out of my fucking mind for the last 2 weeks. Then today I got put on 2 projects! I had work to do all day to finish up BC so it flew by.

Then I was told about some Brazilian girl bragging about copybotting my and a few other content creators items and was passing them out full perm to people. And my mood was crap by the time I left work.

on my wicked long drive home I saw a really big rainbow! And it followed me home almost the whole way. I can't remember the last time I saw a rainbow.

Then I went to the gym and my blood pressure has gone down and I lost 2 pounds, which is great considering I have been drinking pinacoldas every night for the last...uuum, whenever my liver infection was all ok. I'm pretty sure syrup and alcohol aren't healthy foods. HA fuck you online nutritionist!

And lasty, on my drive home I saw a possum and it was cute.

Today was good. :3