Wednesday, December 06, 2006

It's slooooow

Yeah since the snowman went out, there is not much to do. All our managers are preparing for a big meeting on monday (which I was invited to! Which is awesome, since it means they don't think of me as a contractor.)

I made Geoff listen to Laibach and he said "pretty ballsy for someone who comes from a country that started 2 world wars." And then he ranted. He's going to get a blog called "one angry white man" to put all his rants in. He's the most mellow rock guy you could meet, but he gets some serious desk rage. Yesterday, he got pissed that someone sued OREO for making high calorie cookies.

At lunch today we were talking about pain in the ass children who run around and cry and scream without any parents smacking them. Geoff and I agreed that fear is a great factor in child rearing. I came up with a line of horror movies I want to pitch like about how Fluffy Bunny dies a gruesome horrible death when he doesn't go to bed at 7pm. One where ponies eat little girls. One where the Disney World rides eat children. One where a monster rips apart little kids who are bad.

I mean if parents won't beat their kids anymore, then the little brats need to be put in place somehow.


At 9:07 AM , Blogger Willow said...

I have a kid, I would DIE if my kid was like that lol, I vote for the horror movies..

Does that make me a bad mommy? :P


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