Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Guh. Either kill me or just remove my guts

I took yesterday off, so this month I've had a week of vacation, a 4 day weekend and a sick day. Now today is another sick day, but it is the worst kind of sick day ever. The kind where you can't do a damn thing. Even now I'm like guuuh get off the computer.

I don't know what happened, but yesterday at around 10pm I started throwing up and I stopped at around 7 am this morning. I have a pain in my side that is not as bad as yesterday but still annoyingly painful.

The only reason I'm not throwing up now is because I'm completely dehydrated.

;_; I don't know why I'm sick, I just wish it would stop. I can't even sleep.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Silent Sparrow: How We Quit the forest

Thursday was made to compliment Hya's Rasputina set she made for her shop Silent Sparrow:

It's super nice. I helped her with the butt sculpts.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Hair/hat: Thursday

The hat, Band, back feathers, front feathers and prim feathers are all scripted to texture change. You just need to touch the part you want textured. IE- Touch one of the back feathers to get the menu to change their texture. Touch the hat to get the menu to change it's texture. ONLY at Koreshan.

If you find an error with this, let me know in a gentle way, because making this sucked. I lost it once to the asset server. Twice when I picked it up the prims shifted. The feathers shifted a couple times. I had to script every single prim that changed color and if I accidentally fucked up a texture I had to go back and replace every single script in every prim. I lost my blender file for the original hat when Second Life crashed my computer for some videocard error. I had multiple texturing issues from PS targa saving bugs to losing the master PS file for recoloring parts. I went threw 2 kinds of texture scripts before I finally found one that worked, but it wouldn't work the first 4 times I tried it... Had permission issues. Had some toaster issues. Lost some of my original hair textures to god knows where. And I cut my hand on a piece of my desk...
Inspired by Melora from Rasputina. The name is taken from the new album, "Oh Perilous World," and the song, "Chose me for Champion." Basically since the hat has a shit load of feathers I thought it was kinda nativey so I named it after Thursday October Christian:

Hyasynth from Silent Sparrow is making a rasputina inspired outfit that I'm wearing in the ad. It'll be out soon. It's really awesome.

Everyday is detective day in SL

Non English speakers need to all make one friend who speaks English and their language.

Most of the time a foreign person IMs me and it's like DUN DUN DUN the mystery of what the hell they are asking me begins! Interviewing the witness is pointless, lets search for clues!
*checks profile* *checks transaction history* *checks vendors* *does math* *science!* *crying* Then in all good detective stories when you get too close, you get threats on your life. Then the big shoot out. Finally, 20 minutes later you solve the case and you've gotten no closer to finishing the thing you were building.

:/ *head-->desk head-->desk head-->desk*

Friday, May 23, 2008

New Weezer Video


Weezer is a band that no matter how much shit I get from smug-ass hipsters over liking them, I will gladly let them know where to shove it. Dave just told Bobby he could write a shell script to make the new weezer album. >:C Jerk.

Monday, May 19, 2008

I should make this hair next

the one to the far right.

Ok seriously. I am bored out of my mind today. I've been doing photoshop tutorials all day because no one has contacted me about the new project. I've psyched myself into being excited about this new thing because I will get to go back to normal, non php/drupal, development.

If my work lappy wasn't such a tiny POS I would be Blendering right now. I need to make butt stuff for Hya and I am going to make a hair/ hat for her new set that I practically forced her to make lol. Rasputina inspired. It will be lovely.

Monday *puke*

I'm going to go through the store this weekend and start re-evaluating pricing and mark down stuff that needs a face lift. I did a little this weekend on that.

Again, nothing in Gritty Kitty is more than $L350 and I still feel like I won't ever charge more than $L500 max on my products, though I haven't even gotten to making anything I thought was worth $L500.
The reason I do this is:
1) I'd prefer to be affordable to people
2) I personally hate when people over charge.
3) It's kinda dick-like to charge people more just because I got better at making shit. Or to charge the same as old stuff, because the quality between old and new is different. So it's better to reduce the old.

That's kinda my logic. I'm not a "temporary sale" person because changing vendor prices would be far too much of a pain in my ass. This is my happy funtime game. Not my "giving me an ulcer" game.

I'm not going to announced what I reduced this past weekend, you just have to go to the stores and guess. Bwahaha.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Hair: Maine

This is at the Block, HarajukuBox and my main store in Koreshan.

My vacation was awesome and I don't want to go back to work. I really really really don't. I thought the vacation would calm me down about my work anxiety, but I'm just more...

*eye twitch*
I regret NOT drinking sangria all day to calm be down by the time I have to actually go to sleep. I know when I go in there I'll put my head down and it will then be tomorrow.

Prepare for a serious case of the mondays tomorrow. I wish I wasn't immediately on a new project so I could work on my portfolio for a bit instead.


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I got new fuuurniture *sings*

If you know me well enough and for long enough, you will have known about my obsession with owning matching couches before I'm 30. I feel this is a huge step in becoming an adult.

Last year I was all about saving my SL $$ so I could buy said couches, but then my computer shit a brick and a I had to save up for "The Beast" as I call my Falcon NW PC I'm using now.

A year later, I have finally become an official adult. Ok, they aren't the nicest couches in the world, because what kind of couches do you get when you buy a 7 piece living room set for $1200, but they are COMFY and soft! And they match and they are mine (technically ours, since Bill lives here too but Fuck that noise, I paid for them.) Since I don't own the place I live, I figure I don't need the wicked nice stuff just yet. I just needs something soft under my ass when I play Xbox. Something that did not come from a relative's attic or once belong to a family dog (the love seat we had was Bill's parent's DOG'S couch. They gave us the old one and bought the dog a new couch. Feel the love.)

I am insanely pleased and happy with my new furniture and so far this vacation has rocked and shall continue when I actually get to the traveling vacationy part. Woooo of joy!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Hair: Kobra Kai

Hair inspired by the pick below. Every bag boy at my super market has this hair style. They also look really greasy and kinda stink. You too can achieve that stinky hipster guy look in SL!
You're welcome!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Reskinned my Blog

I'm bored! And I'm not allowed to help our client anymore until they give us more money.

A foreign customer kept saying how Beautifoul my store was today. Beauti-foul. I love that.

Monday, May 05, 2008

One fact I believe with all my heart and soul

Internet related jobs (developer, webdesigner, manager or coordinator of those) should NOT hire anyone over the age of 40.

If you are a developer and you are applying to work at a new firm, if the average age isn't 30 or less of the employees, DO NOT WANT.

This client who thinks he knows his shit is giving me a brain aneurysm. I want to stand near him while he looks at the Dev environment and smack him with a newspaper when he touches things he doesn't understand. I want to remind him that the statement "I used to be a developer just like you guys" has no meaning when that time period he is talking about involved computers the size of living rooms and hole punched cards.

Now don't get me wrong, Old people not bad. Old people good. Old people who think they know what I do for them is bad. I'd prefer those types where they look at the website and go "soo... this is run by magic ay?" and you nod, yes magic. "Well that's neat. Can I have a blinky page?" and you shake your head, noo blinky page tacky. And they nod and say "I don't want to be tacky" and you sit there in silent agreement.

So anyway. Client bad. bad bad bad. Need vacation. now now now.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Hair: Czech Mate

wanted this hair. Made this hair. It's at koreshan. That is all.

I used that as a reference but mirrored.

Thursday, May 01, 2008


If you can't read my profile and give me a notecard with your transaction # when you have issues I CAN'T GUARANTEE THAT I'LL HELP YOU.

There is about an 80% chance I may crash when I log in thus losing your IM, name and problem. There is a 100% chance my IMs will be capped within 6 hours of logging off the game. I can't even promise that I will log in everyday.


If you can get to my profile to send the IM then why not take the 5 seconds to read what the profile says. I don't want some pain in the ass complaining that I suck at customer service because they fail at reading.

It's Second Guess Thursday!! What a terrible thing to happen to a college graduate

The project I've been working on at work has been kicking my ass the past 2 months. Has anyone ever heard of Drupal? Well, IT'S EVIL. DON'T TOUCH IT.

Drupal is what front end developers have nightmares about. Seriously, every night I have a dream that a giant blue rain drop wearing sunglasses is chasing me and I just can't run fast enough.

Yesterday I caught myself saying "La la la la la" outloud, not even in a sing-song manner, just "La. La. La. La" for god only knows how long! Thank god the people working around me were stuck in a conference room.

Last night I got home at 7pm. I went to bed at 8:30. HA. Monday, I cried at work.

So yeah, my mental health has degraded a lot. This morning while stuck in traffic for 2 hours I laughed the whole time while day dreaming about a psychotic mountain man, a bunny, and the movie perfume. My day dream was more disjointed and irrational than a regular dream and I was awake and operating a vehicle. Hoho!

Google talk with B:

me: and giggling the whole time
I can't stop either
I'm sitting at my desk laughing for no reason
William: So you think you've totally turned the corner from sane to insane?
Because I'm okay with that.
me: hey at least I'm not crying
me: the mountain man was also kinda Sephiroth from FF7
but not
but he was
cause in all his memory flash backs he was
William: As long as I don't come home one day and you're sitting in a garbage bag poncho with tissue boxes on your feet... I'm cool

So really this post is all about documenting my mental collapse and telling you about the AWESOME POSSUM BAKE SALE THIS WEEKEND!!