Thursday, November 30, 2006

I'm really subtle.

Go to Brutal Gear in Dark City and buy Nex's shit.

Red Vs Blue


"Women are like Voltron. The more you can hook up, the better it gets"

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

When I grow up I want to work in Advertizing

For all my peeps who work in "creative" departments.


Also Officemax did 20 flash games for christmas... the fuckers.

Toy: this is an awesome advertising agency. WATCH THE IKEA COMMERCIAL.

Actually, everyone just read newstoday. It's an awesome site.


Hey can someone sign me up for one of those makeover shows were people come in and clean up all the shit in your apartment?

I don't want to clean. It's really bad.

I'm thinking about it now, and in about a year we have done nothing about organizing and putting shit away. It hurts my head to think about how we can make the computer room (tonight's room too be cleaned) not look like a bomb exploded.

How can one get a maid to put everything away and clean it without the stranger actually touching your shit? Hrmmm.

Side note: in the bathroom today at work there was free sample smelly rock hand soap. I used it and now my hands smell like grapefruit and skunk. I want to wretch.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


So me and Bill's apartment has been getting more and more disgusting over the months. Laundry EVERYWHERE. I mean that, the living room, dining room, Computer room, bathroom, kitchen and bedroom all have clothes in them. O_o We aren't stylish people... Where the hell did all these clothes come from?!!

So today I went though the pile of crap in the bedroom that's been there since last year. I found some stuff, mostly foudn a lot of crap we can throw out, but it's Bill's so I can't do anything without his concent. The gross thing is I'm sniffing and folding or throwing in the laundry bin and about 5 shirts from a pile in the corner of the room smelled like something died on them...

We have a cat, btw, and she's a hunter.

I'm thinking Poe killed something, it sat in that pile of clothes and decomposed (or she's hidden it somewhere else) and well... fucking ew.

*rereads that*
Wow... my boss was right. Blogging IS the new sad thing.

Sweet mother of god...

Kim was telling us at lunch about this musician named BJ Snowden. She's terrible, but has CDs out, plays popular places locally and graduated from Berkley (local esteemed music school.) She was discovered by one of the members of the B-52s.


This music is so awful that new words need to be made up to describe the awful. It is deaftonerific.

I don't know how you can get a hold of this music, but you need to. You need to listen to it because I had to. Please, search for her music and feel my immense autitory pain.

My favorite movie

I was telling Brandon and Geoff about my favorite movie, The Protector staring Tony Jaah.

Brandon just sent me a you tube link to the bone breaking scene.

Who knew a man in a pink neckerchief could kick so much ass?
And why didn't any of them get a fucking gun?!! What kind of crap gangsters are they?

Monday, November 27, 2006

To all my bloggers

I was just browsing around some blogs and my friend's gaia profiles...

People, come on now. Test your layouts in IE for the love of all things holy and if you use IE, test your layouts in Firefox (or Safari.) Especially if you have a blog you are trying to pass off as professional. Nothing says "omg my eyes!! MY EYES!" than fucked up CSS.

And that was Noam's helpful tip of the day.

I shall further add, that scroll bars look like shit except for in IE, and guys... no one uses IE anymore. If you are using Internet Explorer, download firefox now before you trojan your computer up while accidentally clicking on porn links that you swore weren't porn even though they had the words: wild, teen, anal and beastiality in the hyperlink text. We've all been curious, don't deny it.

And now! Bedtime! ^_____^

Freaking Entertaining

Well I worked on and off today. Fuck I feel like a slacker. The snowman is 99% done. Just some tiny email tweaks and then the biatch can go live and I can never look at it again. :-D

I found this site today and I've been playing with it on and off. ((it's under maintance when I type this,but maybe try tomorrow?))
It's a uh.. game? Well you draw a humanoid 2d image and set the binding around it and then it takes your drawing and loads it into this screen where it makes your picture do a baliwood dance.
Yes, a baliwood dance.

Now that I've wet your appetites I hope the site goes back online soon.

see yah

Hey, I think I'm going to stop coming on SL for a while.

If you need me, email me.

I'll be on tonight to check on my rent. Trinitee, if you need me to model, just let me know. I'll log on for that.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

I never cease to be amazed at,..

What gigantic douchebags people can be.

WoW expansion comes out in Feb, who's with me in leavin SL and playing giant blue demons with war elephants?

Friday, November 24, 2006

Tooo much food

I feel like that fat guy in the Monty Python sketch. Any minute now I will explode.

Wednsday I saw Happy Feet with my dad and Debbie. I love penguins, but it sucked.
Today we saw Flushed Away. It was much much much better. Though it was all little kids in the theater and my dad pointed out that I was his little kid and proceeded to mess up my hair and laugh at me since I suggested the movie. =____=

My dad's new couch is more comfortable than my bed... I can't wait till I'm rich enough to afford a couch like that.

Sooo yeah... that's all I have to update. I'm going home tomorrow and plan to molest Bill all day on Sunday. :-D

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

An Extremely important cause we should all come together for

and I mean "Come together" literally.

Krysis, you better be a good boy and heal fast. 29 days to go!

Happy Thanksgiving

Alright peoples, I'm leaving for New York right now to spend Thanksgiving with my Dad. I'm bringing B's computer so I'll probably still be online, but should anything happen where I can't get online, Happy Thanksgiving! Don't OD on food.

Monday, November 20, 2006

I dream of electric sheep

Noam the shiny fresh skinned Cyborg. Looking more like a lady than evar. And SL of course sucks right when I'm building stuff. Woot. At least it's predictable.

Blonde/red facial hair skins for men

because if they were for women.. that would be odd.

Candy! If you read this, send Grim here.

69 Eyes

69 Eyes just popped up on my itunes.

Now if only I could make Jussi's abs my desktop background without it being awkward for people in my office... Jussi is the shirtless one. Lord only knows how those pants stay on especially when I'm willing them off with my mind.

I need advice

I really want more land. My neighbors have a perfect lot that would get me to the next teir, but I don't want to ask them to sell it to me out of fear that it will sound like I'm belittling their business. They don't really have much for sale but they did go through the trouble to make the huge store and it's run by a group.

But if I can't get that, I want to sell my GK land and purchase 6613sm of land somewhere. My only condition is that it all touches. I'm really bad at buying land. Posy sold me the land I live on and the land I bought for GK was from Sarah Nerd. Now when I check the search engine for land it's all islands and rentals. =_= I don't rent.

Does anyone have any tips for finding and buying land? Other than putting in a search I don't really know what else to do. Is there a way to find out when SL made a new sim or something?

Calling all guys

For the love of all things holy, can one of you guys out there apply to write for PXP?

Keishii Roo! I'll enjoy reading anything you wanted to blog about... so apply damnit. No one cares if English is your second language.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Icha Icha Paradise

I was explorin and I found this place called Icha Icha Paradise (Pictured above). The lot is small but the creators made it beautiful. The only store there at the moment doesn't have much, but it's anime clothing and high quality.

From Icha Icha I followed a path of "who made this?" to Damania. I just arrived, I barely know what they sell, but I'm already impressed. As I walked down the stairs in front of me, I actually heard me walk down the stairs. O_O I heard my footsteps on marble. This place sells prefabs, fountains, sculptures, roadsters, jewelry and the coolest thing that I even purchased, was a Weather System. That's obviously what Icha Icha was using to make thier lovely snow.
You really need to explore Damania. I looked it up in PXP and it was mentioned once and very halfassedly. The jewelry, is like :-O. It's more like stuff my mom would wear but it's still very pretty. AND he has Klimt paintings. It's not very apparent in my SL or this blog, but I love Klimt. I have lots of portfolio work incorporating his style with own and I was even asked to display some of it in a BBC documentary on him. This whole place has a Klimt feel. A lot of golds and rich colors. I love it. I didn't take a pic, and I worry if I go back I'll just walk up and down stairs for an hour.... but it's really lovely and anyone reading this should check it out.

Then today while in the midst of massive boredom, I found a ND skin in my inventory. I bought "The Damned" avatar for the shoes, but it came with a lot of other stuff. Hair that's too big, fangs, some clothes and this skin. I've only tried them on before as demos and I didn't like how I looked, but the damned skin is kinda interesting.
I look like a heroin addict, but that's a step up from the first time I tried them and thought I looked like a hobo. My shape is not meant for ND skins. The lips are pretty though! I can see why everyone loves these skins.

I don't love it enough to give up my nylon. Nevars!!! >:O

Friday, November 17, 2006

It's definately friday

So Jack Palance died and after Brandon told me at the beginning of the week I said "my grandma looks like Jack Palance. If Jack Palance looked like that lady, I'd want to do Jack Palance" (quoting from 40yr Old Virgin)

I was just listening to Frou Frou and I IMed him:
Me: Imogean Heap kind of sounds like a dragqueen...
Brandon: if Jack Palance sounded like a dragqueen, I'd do him.

Oh jesus, even as I type this our IM conversation gets worse. Brandon is my boss btw. Somehow the conversation has turned into which animals we think are gay.


Dude... Cyborg.

Japanese Gangsta Cars

One of the best links Brandon has ever sent me.
They should combine to form Voltron and defend the universe.

iTunes Soundtrack to my Life

Stolen from Willow! Take your itunes, put them on shuffle and write down the song names for each section. I'm about to do it, and I swear that I am in no way editting them to be cool. I have Justin Timberlake on my share... so lets see how embarrassing this will be

Opening Credits:
Lost Boys- 69 Eyes

Waking Up:
In this temple, as in the hearts of man for whom he saved- Sufan Stevens

First Day At School:
Vampires will never hurt you- My Chemical Romance

Falling In Love:
Forty Six & 2- Tool

Breaking Up:
On/Off- Daft Punk

Would you rather... - Dane Cook (Apparently Dane Cook is appearing at my prom! Sweet)

Life's Ok:
First Orgasm- Dresden Dolls

El Nino- Henry Rollins (Cause I listen to his spoken word in my car)

I put a spell on you- Nina Simone

Getting Back Together:
Habitat- Mos Def

Wedding Scene:
The Widow- Mars Volta

Birth of Child:
The P-Jays- Handsome Boy Modelling School

Final Battle:
Asia No Junshin- Puffy AmiYumi (Oh jesus I forgot I had them on there)

Death Scene:
Spinning Wheel (remix)- Shirley Bassey

Funeral Song:
Storm Coming- Gnarls Barkley

End Credits:
Living Language lesson 4- Japanese Language lessons

And we end on a high note! HA!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Browsing the SL new products (the shopping continues):

Ok, when I read thongs was totally thinking of a different kinda thong.

I want these jackets so badly. So very badly.

I think for now I'm going to leave the hoodie making to everyone else, because everyone is rocking the hoodies. :) It's so awesome!

I so very much want to buy this just to dissect it if those are all prims.

to make it look like I was just white washing a fense!! I was just thinking about how much I need to look like I was just white washing a fense...

I'm over the fact they made the skeleton hoodie. So now I want to buy this.

Look that these awesome tats. WITH KOI!!

My alt needs a push up bra. I got the freckles skin with cat eyeliner as you can see in the previous post. These are great skins.

And of course, Kin Keiko always rocks. So much so that I already own the Alissa hair and it's great and oddly not too girly.

Little people

A tiny street art project.

Death to the copybot

First off... I think I made my dinner last night with expired butter. I've been in the toilet since 2:30am very, very sick. I'm a dumbass. I'm sitting here waiting for my stomache to settle because I MUST go into work today. I have Flash MX on my computer, but I think it's the old one before they went to Adobe.

Ok so Copybot, Keishii IMed me this:
[21:31] Keishii Roo: Midnight Wilde: just got done haveinga dialog of sorts with one of the libsl people
[21:31] Keishii Roo: Midnight Wilde: made some suggestions and found
out that after the next patch the copybot wont work anymore
[21:32] Keishii Roo: Midnight Wilde: they seemed willing to work to
make sure their archival tool copy bot cant be used to remove permissions the
problem with it right now its open sorce

Anyone reading this who hassled and bullied Keishii yesterday about not closing his store, you should be ashamed of yourself. A lot of people made a conscious effort to actually learn what copybot does before deciding to shut down their business. Keishii, like myself, like Zabitan, like so many, primarily make clothing which copybot can COPY, but can't STEAL. What can you do with a copy of a flattened baked on texture? Nothing, it reverts back to white when you attempt to mod it. The copied shape reverts back to the original also when you attempt to mod it. You know what else it can't steal? Scripts, animations and sounds.

Moronity, is Misfit Grimes new word to descibe the panicked actions of a lot of people in the past few days. I'm going to steal from the "you might be a redneck guy" here:

  • If you are a clothing creator who shuts down your store because you don't want people to steal from you using copybot, chances are you have a case of moronity.

  • If you are a scripter or a animation maker who shuts down your store over copybot, chances are you have an extreme case of moronity.

  • If you, at any point during this fiasco, threatened another designer because they wouldn't join your protest (ie- you'll be blacklisted, no one will shop at your store, you won't get support from us if you get stolen from) you not only have an extreme case of moronity, you are the canon in which all other cases are judged against. If your an adult, which hey- you might not be, you shouldn't have to threaten another adult as a means of debate.

Dude, if you did the above and didn't think news of your harrassment would be spread through the design community like a virus, well you don't just have a case of moronity, you're just plain fucking stupid as well. :/

Learn from this experience. Pay attention to how people see you know and how they saw you then and try to get something from this to apply to the next situation that happens. Even if it's just a simple "well I'll learn more before I react."

... Yeah I tend to have a lot of these summations where I say "look deep into yourself" or "empathsize with your enemy." I have a psychology degree and I was always naturally prone to this kinda crap. Blame my hippi mother. Rawr.* shakes a fist* It's not a positive trait considering I'm secretly highstrung and neurotic.

Woody Allen ain't got nuthin' on me.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

To Close or not to close

Uh I just realised again that people read this thing because of some offline IMs I've gotten.

Listen my lovies, I'm not telling anyone to stay open. I'm not telling you guys anything. You are all adults completely capable of putting your trousers on in the morning.

All my blog is about are MY thoughts, and yeah, sometimes I'm angry. I say words like "assholes" and "fuck you" cause well, I'm angry damn it. The mob mentality thing is not a new idea, I was equally pissed off about it when it affected Satine. You can ask her about it all, or read her first blog entry. I didn't even know the girl at the time and I was pissed at the torches and pitchforks being raised up against her. I didn't have a blog then to post about it. I'm not sorry about my no tolerance point of view on it. I hate it and I'll always hate it no matter the context.

I want all you out there to do what you feel is right for you. I made my decision last night and it's the only one that is right for me. Even if I was to close GK now, it would not make me feel like I was trying to stick it to LL, it would make me feel like shit for not being me and trusting my instincts.

I have a brain that I am completely capable of using.... or wait... Do I have it this week or do you Donovan seeing as we share most of the time?

So in conclusion, don't listen to me. I'm not a rolemodel. You figure out what's right for you.


UPDATE: Shit I can't find the comment that I thought was Canimal's. It might not have been her, so I am deeply and truely sorry for calling her out on something someone else wrote. Like on my knees sorry, because I know I hate to be misquoted. BUT I still think that mentality is crap. *nod*

Ok People trying to start the "Don't buy from stores that are still open to protest them staying open when we are closed!"

Ok... that's the dumbest thing I have ever read. If you are a designer on SL you already have solidarity with all other designers over how this if going to fuck you over, but no, we must make this into a "special group" thing. Read comments on PXP about not buying from people who stay open. The only thing I truly and intensely hate about PXP is the mob mentality.

So not only am I fucked just as much as you are about getting ripped off, but now I suck because I'm not closing my store? FUCK YOU. Any chance there is to ostracize people, these people jump on it.

Fuck you and your "my way or else" mentality.

** My final thing to say about this and then I plug away at my snowman for the rest of the day.
Keep this in mind, you shouldn't have to threaten people to join your cause.

Gritty Kitty's stance on Copybot

Well... Gritty Kitty is staying open. I never had any intention of immediately closing when I first read about that crap. I cashed out my savings from Ginko though! I think I'm going to buy an ipod with some of it and I don't know how much big TVs cost, but I think I have enough for one of those too. Or maybe, hrm... I think I can get a remake Mac for $599 so maybe I'll do that. *ponders*

*looks back at the readers* Oh! Oh yeah soo copybot... Well it can't save clothing or shapes. It can steal the hell out of most of my accessories, but it can't steal the scripts so all my favorites would lose their coolness value when replicated. It can copy my builds, which sucks, but inspires me to build bigger, build better, build scripted.

The only thing that I am doing in protest of LL being what's the word... "retarded" is I'm not updating. Sure I'm still going to build and draw and make things for GK, but I'm not puting ANYTHING out until they realise that they have to ban the use of that program or make it obsolete. The fact that they are letting people use it still, shows that they are not... smart. Once sec let me copy my forum post.

"This is an extremely crappy situation. LL you need to make your game more protected, if your devs aren’t capable of it, then hire contractors. Get it fixed and tell us you are making an attempt to fix it.

As for your support of LibSL, you are further mucking up this entire situation. It’s your support of them that made this fiasco last longer than it should have. Your continued support and decision not to make the use of this program a hack and a bannable offense is not going to end well. At one point in everyone’s life they will be put in a situation where they have to make a decision based on greater good over friendships. Choosing to let this program still be available and not taking action to make it obsolete says that you are risking all of your resident’s work to save a few friends (LibSL.)
What you did here is just putting a bandaid on the gaping wound. This isn’t a viable work around to keep LibSL’s responsible use of copybot in the game. Your company is not even slightly equipped to be able to police the use of this program and you know it. Everything about the last 2 blog entries screams that. If you can’t regulate it then you must ban copybot. Ban all it’s users, even if it means LibSL.

LibSL: No Offense guys, I’m sure you did not intend for this program to get out and I’m sure you do use it responsibly, but the risk of abuse of this program is too high. If LL could come up with a solution to give you special treatment without pissing off the majority of it’s residents, I’m sure they would, but making it legal for everyone to use just to cover any education you get out of it… I’m sorry, that’s crap."

So there. LL have done nothing but prove to me that they are kind of incompetent. I can do nothing but sympathsize with them. I get the vibe that they don't have any experienced game developers or managment there that knows what to do during these situations. I've worked for many companies on the same boat! *coughlikehere,fucking snowmancough* Soooo... that sucks for us, and it's going to suck for them too.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

OK, the LL Dev must be the game dev equivalents of me

They are probably faking their skill level and I doubt they have anything inovative to come up with. I bet they were all neuropsychology majors.

If you don't know what's going on in SL right now you should read the Blog. LibSL has created and is selling a product that allows you to create a full perm copy of anything in game (except baked textures?). So Hair, watches, shoes etc. I don't think you can grab scripts though. Sooooo... this royally fucking sucks because LL's dev team is probably too fucking mediocre to create a way to combat this, so SL just accepts the tool with open arms.

Well it's there. Building was my favorite part of SL, so when the shit really hits the fan I guess I'm taking my money and running. Hrmm... maybe I should cash most of it out now before the economy starts to suck.

Here is your GK female clothing teaser

I made a shirt. It's for the Micecream Parlor, it ties in the front with a prim. I drew this all in a couple hours last night so the sleeves, buttons and collar still look like crap and aren't lined up. I also have some more little detailing I want to do on them. I need to ad some hemming on the bottom.

When this is done, the outfit will come with a skirt, an apron, those pants that come to half calf (??), a head accessory of sorts, either a neckerchief or a necklace, Bangle bracelettes, a tray with micecream, and uh kneesocks or something.

If I can build em, I'm going to make retro rollerskates too. And if they are presentable I might drop them on Moopf and see if he'd do a collab. If that turns out to be ok and the micecream outfit is accepted by the public, then I have another female clothing set I want to make.

Any suggestions on the current state of the Micecream shirt? Is the neckline ok? I don't want to make hoe clothing.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Stuff *I* should buy:

Look at the little robot avatar from Oddball. That's awesome.

Freckled Sin Skin for the alt. It's so pretty. I need to get Sioux pink hair too.

Hula dancing!!

I need an excuse to go on safari.

Stripey thermal from [Renegade]. >_o You know I don't think I even wear the last shirts I got from there, just the skull tank.

I already bought these, but I think you should all know that I love them.

So What am I working on for SL? Well I was making myself a brown ratty (as in falling apart) coat. I also made a few designs for hoodies I'd like, but I want to redraw my template... again. =_=
But for once I'm going to stop thinking about what I'd like to wear and start thing about... what my alt would like to wear. I'm making a retro Micecream series and I'm going to start with the girl outfit. There will be 2 girl outfits, that come with accessories, and possibly even shoes (but... that is really pushing it.) There will also be a male micecream shirt and hat, and of course a Micecream truck. I won't be done for a while, I need to bug people about animations and scripts. Expect the girly outfit minus shoes by the weekend.

Why I think my boss doesn't work:

This is going to be a reoccuring post on here where I will update it with all the random links my boss sends me through out the day on Bonjour. These range from "hey look at this door I want to buy," pictures of funny dogs, cartoons, games, and you tube anything. I'll update this as the day goes on. We are really busy, but then again... when we are he usually sends me more stuff because he's stressed out and crazy.

Spoon Slide Guitar

Jonathan Yuen

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Emotion hair from Wig out

I blogged this hair a couple days ago.

Well I fudgin love it.

Now if only SL will give me my shape, eyes and boots back. Missing database... fucking game.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Canimal invited me to write for PXP. First instinct says "bad idea" so I turned down the offer, though it was very nice of PXP.

I don't know what I'd blog about anyway. Nothing on SL that has to do with fashion makes me that happy (other than hair.) I prefer buying oodles of crap.

I'm in a weird mood...

I started off feeling very Rawr Rawr Rawr today, wanting to start a fight, and then my brain just snapped. Why am I creating drama in my head? Jebus christ and over a videogame. WTH is wrong with me? Bleh.

It's weird how you can just be puttering along all angry and then BOOM epiphany and your mood does a 180 spin. I've been snapping at James (account manager) since yesterday about this stupid snowman game.

There has just been this funk of misery in the team lately because we are only 3 and marketing demands a lot from us. Like we crap flash games and 'The Office' landing pages within minutes.

We take wicked long lunches and try not to talk about work stuff. Yesterday Courtney (account manager on The Office project) interupted us to bitch about her stress from the Office. I wanted I kick her. I get an hour a day to eat gross food and talk about movies, music, TV and comics with my team (yes team, hurray cheezy corporate terms) and I don't care if So&So in marketing made Courtney cry. She cries everyday!

But... My brain snapped and said "it's a paycheck and in the end all you do is sell pens to people." And now I feel better.

Anyone wanna buy some pens? How about a Mailmate Shredder? I have a lovely mailmate shredder email in the works. And the Mailmate Shredder will be on the Nov 16th episode of The Office. Yay shredders. Woo hooo. hurray.. joy.. rapture..

What the hell?

What. The. Hell.

At least mine has a canary.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

I FORGOT! Vote for me & Candi

Snapzilla is having a halloween snapshot contest. The prizes are pretty awesome, but I'm not getting my hopes up.

Here is my entry.

And here is Candi's entry (which is wicked cool.)

I don't care what you vote, just vote!! (Though give Candi a 5)


I can't wait to go home!! I have like a bajillion ideas for shirts right now and I just want to go home and start them so I have new clothes to wear in SL.
And I want to try to make a pair of jeans, so I can take off the canimal jeans. Thank god you can't smell in SL, because I imagine Noam stinks.

The Snowman project has been pushed out until Tuesday and my Flash forum buddy just fixed all my bugs on the drag and drop. Tomorrow I just have to combine that with the menu I made. I have to create a good looking shell and then Brandon and I have to create send to a friend functionality.

=_= So it's not even close to being done. I hate the snowman.

Art! (Not Mine)

Like 20% of my day is spent surfing advertizing and graphic design websites. This is called "interactive field research" on my timecard and it's actually encouraged.

Soooo... These are sites that I found and thought were worth bookmarking:
Esotericdesign: This is a commercial art site, very graphic, urban collage art style.

Clearification: One of my favorite flash sites ever. The illustration is beautiful and it's an awesome and not at all annoying use of flash!

Combustion Industries: A commerical design site. I like this style in advertizing.

Mosnet: I love this site layout. I'm definately ripping this off for when I redesign my site.

Mutant Hands: Nice clean flash layout and awesome vector art. I think this person was in Computer Arts recently.

Tomek Ferenc: Minimalistic vector. These make great desktops. This is similar to my vector style, so of course I love this guy because... I like that style!

j3concepts: Another great vector artist and great desktop wallpaper. A lot of image tracing, but it's done really well.

David Lanham: This guy's art is like.. Miyazaki movies if you covered them in latex and made then shiney.

Dimpo Art: It's just so happy and cute.

That's it for today. Enjoy!

Another installment of Buy this because I said so:

This girl says she just started making hair. You can see it in her blog here. I dig her model in the flapper ad. Very cute. Females, go buy flapper hair.

I want this emotion hair. It looks very interesting, though I don't wear primmy hair like that. Still it's good men's hair and you have to shovel a lot of shit to find that pony.

Buy this girl's hair cause she's wearing one of Don's shirts in the ad. People can't forget you when other people wear your stuff in their ads.

The Puppet King by Chicanery. I saw this yesterday at the block. The mouth moves when you type.. and it's kinda creepy.

Keishii's hoodie!!! Remember when there were like.. no hoodies. Now everyone makes hoodies!! Which is excellent! I 'd rather have a choice than have to settle for the 3 that existed before this surge.

New men's store? I'm curious, but the teaser gives an over all "seen it before" vibe. The best parts of it are the ND skin and hair and little neck tie. What's new there? I think I own those pants already. :/ But I hope when it actually comes out that whatever she sells will make me spoo my trousers with great joy. The Urban clothing is kinda getting done to death. With a name like Mambo, I want to see like Havana cream colored linen suits. I want new Miami Vice! But... i'll wear urban.

UPDATE: Indie's party monster skins! I like indie skins. I wore his first men's skin for almost 10 months. 10 months without changing!!! These are cute, I wish they were guy skins though. I want to wander around looking like a drag queen club kid.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Temporary layout

This is what I edited so I can stop touching my blog and focus on more important things such as...
Snowmen and blowing my nose.

One thing I've gotten out of this experience is I'm now the dress up game building master.

Screw the SL clothing industry!

[4:54] Twin Wildcat: hey your a awesome builder i mean im in awe
[4:54] Twin Wildcat: can ya send me a tell on novel popinjay or landlord foley i would love to pay ya to make afew projects for my island thank you

:-D I could like.. build people stuff instead. *dreamy sigh* I love building. I want my neighbor to go poof next to GK so I can buy his land and build uh, um... er... stuff. A giant Gritty Kitty Litter factory! or not... I have no idea. I want to make a film noir style city.

Someone on the flash forum I signed up for is helping me out on Frosty the Hoeman.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Shit you should buy because I said so:

Tee hee.

First off Hoodies by SiniStyle. At first when these came out I was like "eh" because they are bulky and weird and don't look like any hoodies I wear. But then the iron cross one came out and I love it. I really like the front primage of the hood. Very cool. I don't like the back primage and the bottom of the jacket is distorted, but the drawing on it kicks my templates ass.

This skull watch by Digital Dragon Designs. Because skulls are cool. If you don't like skulls, you aren't cool.

New men's hair at Happy Dispatch. Proof that having a penis helps when creating men's hair. Though... I thnk that mullet hair was made by a guy. Back to the drawing board on that theory.

Posy's tat skins. She made these with her own little paws people and they are awesome.

This furniture is pretty.

Uhhh... I have to build mr Flash snowman or Brandon will beat me. BYE!

PS- Zabitan looks purdy in makeup.

ANOTHER PS- O_o This is my (well my dad's) summer house in Cape Cod. Always creepy when SL reminds me of RL. Birds used to fly into those windows and die all the time.

Also: KITES L$10 KITES!!!

My handsome puppy :3

Above is me and Krysis in the best cuddle pose ever. It's by Fa Nyak, L$100 and copiable. Very cute (so is Krysis.)

I mutilated the CSS on this blog last night and then reverted back. I need to come up with a design idea before I destroy it again. I'm looking at this free template to put up in the meantime.

Monday, November 06, 2006

From the worst album covers of all time:

Hot. Just hot. See the rest here.

I'm in the process of rewriting the CSS for this blog because it looks like shit.

I made a scrolling menu bar today in flash, only 2 more things to script by friday, so I guess I'm doing ok! I think, I hope, please god let me keep this job. X<

Out with the old, in with the new...

Yes, I deleted the last blog. I had great reasons for it. Mainly that I didn't care enough about my entries to see it go away and that an ex-friend was reading it and that creeped me out. I'm sorry, I didn't realise that so many people read it until it was gone and I was getting "Where did your blog go?" IMs. Now it probably looks very drama-queen of me to delete it, but I didn't think people were actually reading it. *shrugs* Dramatic or not, I was a ball of emotions and frustration and the easiest way to get rid of it was to delete the blog. I deleted it with a big sigh of relief and felt better...

But obviously I made a new blog. I like blogging even if I don't have much to say. It makes me look busy at work on my downtime and sometimes it's kinda theraputic. Expect art, expect blogging stuff I want to buy on SL, expect stuff I make on SL, and mostly expect a whole lot of bitching about work, life, music, etc. This isn't a Gritty Kitty updates blog, this is my personal blog and if you just want the updates, well don't go past looking at the pretty pictures.

So yeah, if my ex-friend out there is reading this... please just leave me alone. I don't harbor any desires to be cruel to you and when my friends befriend you I try to not let it bother me. But seriously, I can't pretend to care when you IM me. I obviously take notice and it bothers me that you are still present in my SL. :\ It's just...even when you compliment me, it just brings back all the shitty feelings. To be honest, it sounds fake and we can just avoid all this if you ignore my existance. That shouldn't be hard for you.