Wednesday, January 31, 2007

No one can defeat the quad lazer...

What's going on in Boston right now? Well 6 fake bombs were discovered...
Now if it isn't a bomb how is it a fake bomb?

Actually, and this is the truth behind the bomb scare. They were not bombs, they were a marketing scheme created by Cartoon Network to promote Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

Best marketing plan... EVAR.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

SL Indentity & Theft

I have this thing were I really don't want to remake stuff I find in SL. This weekend someone accused me of copying my own belt. Yes, my own belt.. they saw a vendor in Roxee, and it was the same belt and I somehow copied it prim for prim, all the textures, the demo and :O! Even the vendor ad!!

I'm always shocked by the new levels of stupid I meet on SL.
That was the first time anyone has ever accused me of ripping someone off, as it should be since I don't rip people off. I will very contently remake in little prims something I see IRL. So no, I'm not always original, but I don't remake someone else's stuff from SL. It's not cool. Other designers deserve the same respect that I wish they would give me.
And that was my subtle plea not to rip me off. I wouldn't screw you over.

It's on my mind because it keeps happening, not just to me but to my friends. SL isn't always about making a buck, it can be about being an artist and making something unique.

Identity & Custom orders
Here is something weird I've encountered though, which involves customs. If you buy a custom anything from someone, isn't it kinda assumed that it's exclusive, unless the designer states that they will sell it? Otherwise it's like you're paying them and giving them good ideas. o_O

I have lotsa custom stuff (skins, tats, animations.) I love them, they make me feel like a special snowflake. I paid or art traded for them. Now because so many people bug me about them, I wonder how strong the constitution of the creators is not to sell them it.

:/ If I have an exclusive, it's done after the block party. If I made a custom item for a customer, it's put into the bank never to see the light of day. But people are really really needy, they throw money at you, they plead and beg...

I would be royally pissed if a designer sold something I commissioned from them. Once the act is done though, it's over. Identity goes poof. No sorries or monetary compensation fixes it, you are stuck with having to rebuild again (and of course black list that person forever!! :O)

But then again.. if someone offered me 2 million dollars for a tasty for the sadist... >_>

I'm just rambling. Sometimes I think that people aren't as noble as I wished they'd be. O_<

Monday, January 29, 2007

Texture fiends

Urban Dirty is here and free for joo.

I'm just screwing links up right and left. Sorry about that I go from PC to Mac back and forth all day and I copy the wrong way.

While the cat's away....

The bosses are at a rah rah yay Staples meeting. I just finished the major project of the day, time for some slacking and forum perusing.

Zombies vs Robots.

the ultimate battle.

Who will win?! I'm hoping neither. Both scare me. If they could just destroy each other and then horses in the process, that would be awesome.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Block Party Next weekend

Be there. Embrace the lag fest, Schmooze, buy the limiteds. It's all good.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Ooo stuff to buy

Sneakers! These are really nice. :) Sometimes I think about trying to make shoes like what I wear IRL. I think when I saw Ryan at Fade Dana's place he was wearing something similar but they looked... not very awesome.

I like old school pumas and diesel sneakers. I used to only buy Acupunctures, but they are almost too cartoony to make. Lotta prim work and textures... hrm, I'll try it after I finish my other projects.

Must get PanJen skins for the alt. Candi looked awesome in the pink one.

LOOKING FOR: 1940s office furniture. Preferably sepia like colors.

Ok enough slacking. Back to work with me. ;_; At least I only have an hour– 48 minutes to go.

I heart my friends

I wasn't going to log on last night. Billy made me and Trinitee, Candi & Satine threw me a party for my rez day. It was so cool and extremely unexpected! I love all of you for coming or for those who didn't come, thank you so much for wishing me a Happy Rez day!

Sometimes I feel like wow, I have no friends since I don't hang out much with people. But last night it was just so awesome, not only do I have some really kick ass friends, but they are really freaking good at giving me presents that I like! XD Shit, I wish that happened IRL more often.

See how I took that subtle turn to the shallow act of gift receiving? I'm slick. But really I'm just so :-O at cool stuff I got. I already want to go home so I can play with it all.
Highlight (well everything rocked, but this made me laugh): Satine gave me Grillz.

Yes. Grills. For my teeth.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Thank you Trinitee!!

10 min scribbles for j00.

No thank you

I heard the following passage on a William Shatner album, but don't let that tidbit of information take any power away from the words.

This is the Theme from Cyrano. For the tl;dr crowd, it is saying in a nutshell "I would rather write than have written." In none literary terms, he would rather create than seek out the recognition as being known as the creator of.

Theme from Cyrano

What would you have me do?

Seek out some wealthy patron and crawl like a clinging vine up the lordly tree? Rising by deceit and trickery instead of my own strength?
No thank you.

Imitate what others do and dedicate my works to the rich in the hope of arousing a smile of recognition from some sterile face?
No thank you.

Breakfast everyday on insults, wear our my knees and warp my spine with endless bowing and groveling in the dust?
No thank you.

Become a master of hypocrisy and opportunism? Never letting my right hand know what my left is doing? Burn incense for some glorified idol of the day, pull the proper strings?
No thank you.

Shall I become the captain of some literary cult by writing stupid love songs for wealthy widows and navigate to success with their sighs filing out my sails? Pay some publisher to print my poems and bribe some critic to review them?
No, thank you!

Shall I become the high priest of a petty group of hack writers who dine together once a week?
No, I thank you!

Shall I build my reputation on one flawless poem and never write another, should I scheme to get my name mentioned in the columns of some newspaper and smack my lips over little praises written about me?
No, thank you.

Shall I calculate and scheme, live in fear, make visits instead of rhymes, meet all the right people, seek introductions and favors?
No, thank you.
No I thank you . . .
And again, I thank you!

Oh my friend, I prefer to sing, to laugh, to dream, to travel light in my own way to see things as they are, and speak out without fear, to cock my hat at any angle that I choose, to duel if necessary for a quick “yes” or “no.” I prefer to work alone without any thought of reward, to scorn fame for a journey to the moon. Never write a line that does not ring with sincerity. I shall be content with the fruits and flowers that grow in my garden, no matter how small, because they belong to me. Then if success should come my way, no tribute ever need be paid to Caesar, whatever fortune or misfortune that happens shall be mine and only mine.

And although I may never reach the stature of a great oaken tree, I shall never be a parasitic vine. I will climb perhaps to no great height, but I will . . . climb . . .

Little Girl Giant

Exactly what the title says, it's a little girl giant.

Cold dead eyes... like a dolls eyes

Shark tooth necklace!!

So cool!

I don't even know what to say... it's just so fucking cool.

Design First Life clothing

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Selling Some land (Now w/pictures)

I'm going to make an effort to start selling my excess land to make the move to Koreshan, or just get my tier down.

First off, I think I am going to sell my house, since I don't use it anymore. It's 2048sm, in Rogla which is a snow sim. It's the most awesome 2048sm in all the snow sims in all the game. I'm not lying. If you position your house just so you have 2 really beautiful views on either side of you.

One of protected land and one is pretty much your own land that tapers to the road. It's kinda wedge shaped. I bought this land from Posy and it's really really nice. I don't want to sell it to just anyone, I want someone who will love it as much as I do and Posy did.

If you want to take a look just send me an IM in game.

*updated w/ photos.
It's mainland and of course people will build ugly crap next door, but you only really hang out inside your house, and I only have the views to the pretty parts out side of my house.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Rabbit food

Geoff is eating salads 3 days a week, so in solidarity I had a salad with him for lunch. It's somehow made me more hungry and now I have a headache. There was spinach in it and I will die of Ebola.

So yeah, if you don't hear from me, I am dead from Ebola. I want all my SL profits to go to getting John Stamos to attend my funeral.


I was looking for a picture of Squishface from Sealab2021 and I found this picture on google. He's HUUUUGE.

I use to have a huge white lab ratty from the Psych lab. I miss him.

I don't miss cleaning his cage.

I will eat his entrails like a clam shell...

... on my tummy!!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Bye bye G

My bestest and oldest friend I have on SL just quit the game.

;_; *snuffles*
<-- G recent
What does that mean?

Well nothing much really, I can just spam email him to get the same effect. But I wanted to make it more climactic than him saying "I'm quitting because I hate the drama" and me saying "Yeah that makes sense... and you can do that cause you dont' have a store to worry about."

First day we met---->

I will miss the eerie way in he calls out people being douchebags after meeting them once when it takes me months to figure that out.

He used to get a little emo sometimes, but he rocks and is always there to listen to you biatch. He was the type who could leave for months and come back and everything was the same. Really comfortable and cool. I've never ever felt shafted by Garrett. He is pretty much everything you could ask for in a friend. No pressure, no weirdness, nothing sexual ever.

I'm very happy I got to meet him and now have his email so I can spam him.

Also he made an awesome Vicious and always had the best hair. Good hair is an easy way to win my friendship.
Plus I own his shape and his skin so... you'll see him again. In particular as my GK male model.

All proceeds go to orphans suffering from Leg AIDS

Chicanery always makes such cool stuff.

I'm not even 100% what this is all about, but I love the bag, the bat and the kitty.
Ever just want to eat someone's brains to get their muse powers? I'd eat his brains.

Draconic is also amazing. This is my favorite one of her latex dresses.

I want to move the store to Koreshan, but I still have no idea how I'm going to do it in such a way that it won't be costing me money. :(

EMUSIC! *flail*

My downloads refreshed. I already used 12 on Cold War Kids. I have 48 left.

These are on my maybe list but I can't remember why they are there:

  1. godspeed you!black emperor Got it!

  2. Margot & the Nuclear So & Sos Got it and love it!

  3. Beirut

  4. Young Galaxy

  5. Gotan project Got it from Brandon!

  6. The Dollyrots

  7. Cat Power

I like collabs I've heard with Cat Power singing, I don't know if I'll like her solo stuff.

So is anyone familiar with the above and can say that some of those are worth using my precious downloads on.

Or suggest music to me?
I like indie, hip hop & jazz.
No metal unless it's melodic (i.e. Nevermore). I don't like to listen to people rawring into mics.
Glam metal is ok if it's ridiculous and over the top.
I don't even know what passes for punk anymore... O_o
No electronica & no buttrock.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

The sim crasher

Recipe for crashing yourself. One pair of Zab's new boots + heavy scripted neko parts + one trinitee belt = crash.

I've been working on this for over 2-3 weeks. It's something silly like 130 prims. You CANNOT make it smaller, only larger. There is a demo. I highly suggest trying it on first. If it's too big, eat a lot of candy and try again later.

So one big project down. I have to finish the other one now and then I'll.. uh er.. eh... Probably built out my website.

New Layout

Because the old one was a modified layout I found online. This one is 100% all me. Which is probably why it's so plain.

God bless 10 billion amateur CSS mistakes.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Making the Meme

I totally made this just because I never shop anymore and I wanted to know where you all shop. Plus it's got all the qualities of an annoying survey, so any designer out there trying to come up with ideas, can try to spam people with this.

Second Life Shopping
1) Do you shop a lot in SL?
2) What was the last thing you purchased in SL?
3) From where?
4) How do you find out about new stuff? Forums? Blogs? Friends? Search?
5) Have you ever been to a store and bought the entire inventory in one visit?
6) What's the most money you've ever spent at one store (in Linden)?
7) For people who spent a lot: does it disturb you that you spent that much "real" money on pixels? XD
8) Who is your favorite designer?
9) What's your favorite style?
10) What do you buy more: clothes or gadgets/toys?
11)What is/are the coolest toy/gadget(s) you've gotten in SL and where did you buy it so I can go get it? teehee.
12)What's your favorite sim to hang out in?
13) (Assuming it's not your favorite) what sim(s) have just blown you away in terms of builds?
14)Who/What is your favorite:
Skin designer:
Hair designer:
Clothing designer:
Furniture store:
Texture store:
Toy/Gadget Store:
15)What do you wish someone would make?
16) Do you think all designers in SL are snobby?
17) Have you ever been intimidated by a designer?
18) Why dear god why?!
19) are you sure you've listed all the cool toys and gadgets you've bought? Cause I'm really just in it for the toys...
20) Write your own question here cause I am out of them!

Answering my own cause.. I can

1) Do you shop a lot in SL?

No, not anymore. Which is ironic considering now I actually have money.

2) What was the last thing you purchased in SL?

A lite Brite & Bandages

3) From where?

You know... for Kids! & from Draconic Kiss

4) How do you find out about new stuff? Forums? Blogs? Friends? Search?


5) Have you ever been to a store and bought the entire inventory in one visit?

6) What's the most money you've ever spent at one store (in Linden)?
>_< L$3k

7) For people who spent a lot: does it disturb you that you spent that much "real" money on pixels? XD
I try my damnest not to think about it

8) Who is your favorite designer?
Penny Paton from Happy Bivouac and Trinitee Trilam from Roxee

9) What's your favorite style?
Comfort... but with boots.

10) What do you buy more: clothes or gadgets/toys?

11)What is/are the coolest toy/gadget(s) you've gotten in SL and where did you buy it so I can go get it? teehee.
I love the litebright right now, but I also love Lumpy the turtle from Neko Tails , the Zeppelin from Second Skies, The BMW bike w/sidecar (I can't remember where I got this), I love everything I've ever bought from Chicanery and that drill penis I wear alone in my skybox.

12)What's your favorite sim to hang out in?


13) (Assuming it's not your favorite) what sim(s) have just blown you away in terms of builds?

Nakama, Devilsmoon, Tusk (when it was around? I think it moved), Nexus prime, Dark City, I loved Crimson Falls, Tableau...
14)Who/What is your favorite:
Skin designer: Nylon Pinkey/ Hely
Hair designer: Hely/ Kin
Clothing designer: Penny Paton/ Zab /Trinitee if you want to go by who I wear all the time. I really like Bare Rose, even if I don't wear a lot of their stuff.
Animator: Happy Dispatch & Bits n' Bobs
Architect: The Grims
Furniture store: Elypium (???) I just bought some art deco stuff from them
Texture store: TRU
Toy/Gadget Store: Chicanery
15)What do you wish someone would make?
Most of the time if I want it, I'll make it. I want these jeans I found on a rock site though

16) Do you think all designers in SL are snobby?
Not at all. Everyone I've talked to is cool, especially if you keep in mind that even your asskissing self is disrupting them.

17) Have you ever been intimidated by a designer?
The only person on SL that's ever intimidated me was Hely. Then I met her and she told me she hates all the stuff she makes, and I realized she's probably insane. ;) Insane people aren't scary. I love you Hely, you're awesome.

18) Why dear god why?!
I wrote this because a lot of people are intimidated by designers and it's stupid to be like that.

19) are you sure you've listed all the cool toys and gadgets you've bought? Cause I'm really just in it for the toys...
You own all my toys! wait.. zuh?

20) Write your own question here cause I am out of them!

How much were Anisa's new neko parts? I dig everything but the prim eyes and tail. *really wants to go home and look at them now!*

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Video Advertizing

I got a notecard for video advertising this weekend, where basically someone would take my stuff and make a video and I imagine you host it somewhere.

It's not something I considered because they said they'd use their own models, which when you make a brand, you don't want just anyone wearing your crap. Garrett Kipling and Sioux (the alt) are my new GK models, btw, only sucks cause G has a big head (literally.) Yeah you read it, you big headed bastard.

Second, it's over kill. Everything about it screams overkill. These aren't commercials cleverly placed while you watch TV to grab the attention of a potential buyer, you have to search them out. I think for this medium that successful print ads will always work better.

Now today I saw a forum post that peaked my interest but instead of a picture ad, the creator posted a you-tube link.

I don't know about you guys but I only look at the forums when I'm trying to de-stress myself at work, and my job blocks you-tube. I will never see this ad. I don't care enough to run home and check it out.

Maybe cause I've been working in/ with marketing for over a year, but it seems like a very half baked idea. You want your ads to be accessible. An image is a faster download than a video and videos require browser support.

I'm curious to see how many people do it. I'm not really digging the idea, but I'm pretty stupid about the rest of the population.

*editted for the overuse of "..."

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Look Trinitee! A lasso of truth!

Ok so it isn't really but that's what i thought of when I saw it on the forum.


I sent a similar snapshot to Bill and he said "That's officially the gayest thing I've ever seen."

Clones and personal shopping

So I was on SL a lot yesterday all doped up and miserable and there are 2 things that are royally pissing me off.

Prepare for rawr ("( ' ,,,' )")

1) Noam-clones.

I went to my store to reset a vendor and there were 3 guys in there who looked like my clones. Given, none were perfect but it was to the point that one dude was wearing the exact same outfit with tats that I wore in my Scarf Ad. He had brown neko parts on since my brown spots are custom and you can't copy that. I know I should be flattered, but it made me want to vomit. I remade 90% of my ads yesterday that show my face and I'm remaking the last couple of them left tonight.

2) Customers

I love 80% of my customers. The last 20% are the people who contact me about things I already explain in my profile, the ones who want to fuck me or be bestest friends evarz, and the ones who act like I'm their personal shopper. I'm sorry, I'm just not doing it anymore. I'm trying to build or I actually take some time to hang out with friends which I rarely do anymore and I get the most ASININE IMS. If it was once a week, I wouldn't mind, once a day.. that's ok. But it's not. It's never under 6 annoying IMs a day and yesterday, it was at the maximum of 18 (I think it was more but I'm not counting the ones that were by people who are very to the point.) And the 2 people who actually had problems I was like straining myself not to be annoyed, just because I'd already been interrupted so many times.

If anyone IMs me from now on asking where they can go to buy "______" I will ignore them. If you have a problem with something I made, or need help with something, that's a legitimate reason to IM me. If you want to ask where to buy neko parts, skins, hair, neko toys, piercings, shoes, and pants... how about you type one of those words in Search and see what happens, because that's all I'd be doing anyway since I don't shop anymore. To everyone who has ever bothered me about this stuff... I'm not your personal shopper.

Next up, People who expect me to TP to them when they don't have a problem with my stuff. If you're a stranger and want to give me a hug... DUDE I DON'T WANT TO HUG YOU. I don't even want to hug my friends! I especially am not going to stop everything I'm doing to TP over to you and let you hug me. You're a stranger. Act like a stranger. You want Noam's neko ass? Noam isn't giving it up to you! Mew mew hi hi luffs ooo kyootie. Goddamn, is that what you call courting?!

Lastly, Read my profile or be ignored. If I get one more "can I buy your shape...", "Where do you buy your hair?" or "where can I get that skin?" I will go /me slaps you across the face and stomps away.

I really don't want to be mean to my customers, but all these bullshit IMs make be angry at the people who actually need help. My profile right now, is obviously way too friendly. I have to update my it to accommodate all of this. I can't keep myself in Busy mode all the time.

Seriously, I used to hate the idea of people being too scared to talk to me, like I was some kinda celebrity, but you know what? Random strangers IMing me about nothing relevant while I'm trying to work on stuff sucks a bajillion times more.

Monday, January 15, 2007


OK... now I'm going to bed... ALONE.

This stinks.

Sunday, January 14, 2007


Well 3 things.
1) released that first try at hair I made back in like.. Nov? But SL is broken sooo, I don't expect to sell any. Trinitee made all my textures and I alpha'd them.

2) Bought the best thing ever. Bare rose released a girl's outfit called "Love Bird" that came with birds. They are really well made and cute! Scroo the outfit!

3) Billy left today for his business trip and I have nothing to do and I already kinda feel lonely. This kinda sucks. :(

Friday, January 12, 2007


How could anyone not want this?!

Useful tutorials for your everyday life..

Photoshop tutorials


Style Disorder: Arbel, Canimal, Starley and Willow's new SL blog.


Thursday, January 11, 2007

Geoffington Steele...

likes emo music.

Geoff told me to listen to the Fray song "How I saved a life" and he's very down on the emo style and I was like.. oooh yeah, this is borderline emo music, you realize that?

He told me not to spread it around.



What else? Hrm. I'm drawing this thing I want to vector. I need to get the hands right, but then I saw something cool today that makes me want to restyle it. Dunno dunno dunno... I want to play with it NOW, but I'm at work.

Next week Billy is away covering for some guy at the Glenn Falls, NY location. My plans are as follows:

  • Read all my backlogs of Computer Arts.

  • Clean my tub

  • Clean my sketchblog

  • Sleep in the middle of the bed

  • Play FF

That's all I have so far...

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I'm busy for once!

*types erases types erases types erases*

Yeah I got nothing. At least people know I'm alive.

Monday, January 08, 2007


Brandon rocks yet again This site is great. I put in a hip hop DJ I like and I got the coolest mix. :3 I can't wait for my emusic downloads to reset.

If anyone wants to get MP3s and doesn't want to use itunes, check out eMusic. And if you join, put me down as your referal. >_>

heh heh.

Ralph joined and didn't put me down! Bastid!


'Aight so... I'm going insane.

I want to take another break, but I want to finish all the stuff I'm working on. O_<

Blarg blarg honk honk.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Rudra scribbles

I owe you one more. Sorry I did this real quick ^^:

Oh jebus

She really did take a picture of me in the dress.

Love my saggy drawn on breasts...

Dude my breath WREAKS!! I keep burping with my mouth closed and I can sense it... that's how bad it is. No more garlicy food at lunch for me.

Nothing better than cannibalism in the news

Here is the article.

I'd like to think I could tell the difference between half a lung and a human heart...
But then I'm not a fucking psycho.

Music question...

Is the band Xiu Xiu awful or am I just not hip enough to get them?

I'm trying to build up my selection of maybes for when my emusic downloads restock.

Girl Clothes

I'm looking at transaction history and the Micecream Betty shirt was a flop. I'm giving it this weekend, but I'm greatly hovering towards no more girl stuff. At least I'll have exhibit A when people bitch for me to make stuff to cover their breasts so that's not a total loss.

I'm having the most suck ass time with my texture swap script. I tired to do it myself yesterday and at one point my lagtastic sim+ lack of scripting skillz = me crashing every time I saved. At that point I went to Bobo. He's so awesome ;_; <3. My script is still broken, but he fixed like 80% of it. I need to give him money or drawings or something.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Thing of the day... for watching

Brandon (boss) is out sick all week so no one is here to entertain me.

*twiddles thumbs* I'm taking a break from the dull monotony that is HTML work.


Here is a Rammstein video for you to watch.
I use safari and those blogging inserted videos don't show up... maybe because youtube is blocked... maybe because Safari just doesn't dig it.. No idea.

I'm Here! @ work... god this blows.

Most flattering modeling picture ever. I wouldn't wear something like that, but she looks so good in it.

So yesterday I drive to work and see the wreckage of 2 accidents. Both really mooshed cars, but the drivers were fine and out screaming at the other driver.
Then 3 hours before I leave work yesterday I'm told that 3 lanes of 95S had to be closed off because of a HUGE accident and when I left HOURS later there was still an assload of traffic left over from the accident.

Today I'm driving to work and I was late so I was pretty psyched there was no traffic and I was making good time... then I get close to the Pike exit and things just stop. I move my car for a passing cop car, then a passing ambulance. Finally I get close to my exit and there is a 4 car accident on the opposite side of 95, where I actually got to see them extract the bodies from a mooshed car... but what pissed me off was, it wasn't on the northbound side, it was southbound. So all that traffic was from people stopping to gawk at the wreckage. Fuckers.

It's not fucking hard to drive responsibly and not like an asshole. Use a fucking blinker, turn your head and look at the lane you are moving into, use mirrors...
What the fuck is up with Massachusetts drivers?!!!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Bigelow Green tea tastes like ass

I'm trying to think of what I want to do tonight. Our apartment is clean... we need laundry done...

I really don't feel like sitting at the computer anymore today. O_O *fidgets*

3 more hours. ;_; I want to run around in circles.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Yes the ONLY Gritty Kitty shirt for girls has been released. 100% hand drawn, which is why it's so crappy. It comes with a neckerchief and bangles.

Coming soon...

HAIR. For nerds. To achieve that Neko ear/wolverine/flock of seagulls look you always wanted.

UPDATE: It came. You can find it near the bottle cap stuff at my mainstore. I promise after the next hair release that I'll organize the store all proper.

New Kin Hair

Meow. I love this.

Nice stuff

This track jacket, while kinda plain, looks so good. I've been regretting not making a prim collar for the Christopher jacket.


I think I'm gonna try making some clothes again tonight while B is at his game. (Or play on the alt...) I really don't like making clothes.

Arbel made these really beautiful jackets. B and Ralph found her store last night and were digging it. I know they wanted to get the Fight Club stuff, but I don't know if they were able to TP to the main store. If you are reading this and haven't been to Wintermoon, you need to go. She makes really amazing clothes for boys and girls.

Penny could build a pile of excrement and sell it for L$100 and I'd buy 2 of them. All her stuff rocks. I need to make a steam punk version of the alt.

I dig this Explicit shirt. Kaejo has made my favorite tank, and I really dig this top here.

NON XCITE SCRIPTS!!! For ears and tails and stuff.

New girly hair from Satine! I really really like this hair. A lot. She also released a Cyberpunk hair, like the other kinda, but more skull coverage and bangs (?). I Love Satine, because her shit is affordable so you can be a newbie and have kick ass hair and not buy an assload of of linden to get it.

This hair from Calico is so cool. My first attempt at hair was trying to make essentially that style, but mine looked like sloppy crap, and hers looks great. I'm happy she made a male version of it. :3

ALSO- I don't think it's on the forum, but in the front area of Bare Rose where all the boxes are, there is a new male hair that is very cool and anime style. I got a wild cloud-like hair from there last summer that I really liked. This one is spiky and you can buy some headbands to go with it. They are cheap, and you get a lot of color options. I think the textures are especially good for furry avatars.

Six Feet Underground- Sinjun have me the LM to this store. It's pretty cool. i bought a rusty chainsaw and debated on getting the dirty toilet, but realized I didn't have a place for it. Definitely check it out.


I'm still hung over. I'm sorry.

I have a headache and I want to sleep. My stomach is finally ok.

So I hope everyone had a good New Years. This years was actually wicked fun. I got to see my friend Todd really drunk. Billy played host and cooked! ((it was bagel bites and taquitos... but still...)) Lotsa drinkin' Hanging out, watching movies. We had this game to play but never got to it. Jessica loved her Xmas present to the point she said "If I was the hugging type, I'd hug you."

Haha. Yesterday we all went out to a late lunch/early dinner and were like fucking zombies.

I logged onto SL yesterday all ready to put out this hair I made, but I guess the game is fucked. Krysis was on so we played in the new Haz. :3 Very fun.

I got toys and stuff.
Hoshit, I ca't load them.. well poo. I'll try laters.
I loaded em! The first is by David Choe and the second is just awesome.

Wikipedia bans the country Qatar

Here is the article. And here are the 2 worthwhile quotes which follow each other:
""Banning a million people from anonymous posting seems an over-reaction to some vandalism," wrote one user."

Which was then followed by:
"Qatar is one of the wealthiest middle eastern countries, with a population of about 630,000."

They don't have a million people... And it's not like 630,000 of the population are all internet subscribers. And I doubt that the country really gives a shit.