Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Happy Holidays

Back from NY. I had a lot of fun with my families and got a lot of awesome presents (which rarely happens, usually it's like 6 maroon sweaters and a duraflame log.)
GK did awesome during the holiday season sales wise and is calming down a lot. Which is cool. Less customer IMs (thank you jebus.) I had to log on a few time on B's laggy laptop to help people out, but it was painfully hard to do ANYTHING but stand in my house and talk on IMs while checking my email for all the IMs I didn't receive due to lag. Fun times.

I had a cold during Xmas so that sucked, but it was a calm relaxing day hanging out with my dad. On Xmas eve my mom was in full force being weirdly smothering over her BF and her BF acted so miserable it was like he was giving Tine and I an extra Xmas present. I don't like him, he doesn't like us, why do we have to pretend to? My mom and sister fought, but just a little fight. Tine barely wanted to kill her and mom didn't even bring up the fight the next day to see whose side I'd take. No one got drunk and told me horror stories about the family's past...
No wait, not true, my sister told me that around when I was born my dad's ex wife would set the woods by our house on fire and throw suitcases she found of his stuff that was in storage at the house while screaming. And that once she crashed her car into the garage...

I'm glad my earliest memory was when I was 4 and involved me accidentally hugging a man's leg whom I thought was my dad because they wore the same shoes and not the woods next to the house being set on fire.

Still of all the past 6 Xmas' this was the tamest and the most pleasant. I just wish I could have seen my brother Christopher.


At 8:56 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Im glad you've had a better Christmas than in the past sweetie. Sometimes things are inevitable when you get together with family. I bet Christopher was bummed not to be there. Maybe next year?


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