Saturday, December 02, 2006

My fun day on SL.

Grim let me make a float and be apart of this month's Grim Baby theme.
I made an Xmas cat tree, with yarn ball and gold fish bowl ornaments. It's a bit ghetto, but it was so much fun to make. Making it reminded me what I love about SL. :)

I also was put in a grim baby backstory. I made a little bird for this hippo Grim was building because he said he couldn't do birds. It's total crap, but it made it on there anyway! haha. So for making it, Grim put me in the backstory.
"Hyppo was found at the local swimming hole by life guard Noam Sprocket. When Noam brough her to us, she was beside herself with greif, (we think she may have fallen in love with Noam), so as a parting gift he placed a bird on her head, and a smile on her face.

::caring for Hyppo::
Never remove the bird or she will certanly fall apart again, and a Hyppo thats sad is a disaster!!"

Here is me and Hyppo. :3 I don't know why I'm making bedroom eyes, that was not intentional.

So yeah, making the float and Hyppo made my day. I still like the hair I made and I barely got frustrated while logged on. Wooo.

I still need to make my limited. I was going to make my hair the limited but you know... screw that. Mine.
Instead I'm going to make Tasty Mouse for the Sadist, if I get the chance. I'm thinking I won't though. Ah well.


At 10:18 PM , Blogger Ru-る said...

I just saw it in world---I love the nurse and policeman snowneko. <3

At 9:01 AM , Blogger Candi said...

hehehe good times in sleepy hollow man, good times.


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