Friday, December 28, 2007

Eloh Eliot Rocks My World

The reason I never purchased a skin texture set from a business in a box is because they rip textures from content creators. Now Eloh is willingly giving us her files to play with. It's excellent. You can draw on them all night and not worry that they weren't intended to for that.

I've never been successful at drawing a skin to look perfect on me, but I have loads of ideas for them that I end up passing to my friends so they can make them semi close to my original thought and in the end they usually profit off it.

I can't stress enough how great Eloh is! I can:
1) make all my ideas perfect to my vision
2) I don't have to share them (I am a greedy fucker.)
3) I no longer have to beg or shell out a sick amount of money to people for a custom

I'll be honest and tell you all now, that I will never buy another female skin again now that I have these. (I'm still a Nylon boy skin bitch though.) I owned her skins before this and they looked fantastic on my shape and now I can do whatever I want to them.

The only naysayers I've encountered are also skin makers who are all nervous when my friends and I are dancing naked in a circle screaming I NEVER HAVE TO BUY A SKIN AGAIN! But really guys, the kids like my friends and I who are graphic designers by day were probably going to figure out this skin business eventually (now we got a jumpstart.) Make your skins for the people who think a photoshop is where you buy a camera and a gimp is that gagged man at an S&M parlor and you will still be rolling in the doughnuts.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

I found a site of old Soviet Xmas cards. They are all pictures of Santas and Rocket ships. I repurposed one for this card ^_^

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Customer Service: Offline

I've been offline since monday, so people who needs stuff send me ONE notecard and when I come online I will deal with it. It's the holiday season. I don't want to sit in front of monitor all night.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

$1 Billion robotic Jurassic park

Here is the article.

So this is how the world ends. Giant robot dinosaurs become self-aware and destroy the world. Or a giant robot meteor hits the earth.

I, for one, welcome our new gigantic robot dinosaur overlords.

Kim is freaking hilarious.

Kim: *tracks* visitors wearing red????
Kim: "what could possibly go wrong?"
Kim: i need to stock up on electromagnetic pulse weapons.... and a lot of green clothing
Kim: kinda gives a whole new dimension to the concept of the "red shirt" :-)

Hahaha. Read the comments on the article too.

Saturday, December 15, 2007


I AM LEGEND is a decent movie so long as:
1) you never read the story
2) never watched the other I AM LEGEND movies
3) never let anyone tell you about the story

Only under these circumstances is the movie pretty ok. If you have read the story or know what the real ending is by all means DO NOT SEE THIS MOVIE. It will only make you go out into a hulk like rage and split perfectly good pants.

If you have seen the movie and enjoyed it but have not read the book, by all means DO NOT READ THE BOOK.

It's an understatement to say that the plot of the book far out ranks the plot of the movie. The book is absolute genius. The movie is ok until you find out that they could have made it like the book, and then you want to beat the creators with a pointy stick. It's so very omg this could have been the greatest thing ever but you dumbed it down for the masses. I think it has everything to do with casting Will Smith as the lead cause he's very likable and you want him to be a hero.

Will Smith was pretty ok in it. There is a part where he's crying in the video store that was really touching and sad. If it had the book ending I would seriously rate it as one of my favorite movies, since it didn't though it goes in the "eh I don't need to see this again" list.

Thus ends my review of I AM LEGEND.

PS- the dog was cute.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Holiday stuff

I made a new Snoam, you can find him outside my store. Snoam is (c) Rudra.

Also freebie hat. You can find with taped to the inner wall of the store entrance with the other freebies.

And lastly, I put all my super old T's that I made when the store began together and you can get 9 of them (shirt and jacket layer) for $L200.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

A poll

Disembodied Hand suggested something to me last night that I've already pretty much formed an opinion on, but I think I could do with a little bit of perspective from other people.

The suggestion was to create hair with neko ears incorporated into the hair or headphones. The idea behind it is that it's hard to get neko ears to look right in a lot of hair. Same for headphones.

So there is the poll.

Right now my stance is this. I don't build any of my hair with my ears on. My hair all looks good with my ears on though. I don't know if this has to do with the hair or my ears. I will not buy ears that have a lot of messy alphas on them or a weird shape. Right now I wear oversized Wynx ears that are very BOOM there's my fucking ears. So I wonder if it's really an issue of hair or what people buy for their neko parts. Sure I guess I can see building a hat around ears, so they just don't stick through...

It's never been my intention to ever make neko parts. People like Wynx and Anisa make perfectly good ones with more options than I could offer and are very hair friendly.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Knuckle Sandwich

This is a necklace, for wearing. :D.

I found the real knuckle sandwich online, and I want one so bad, but they aren't for sale in the states. :( So I made my version of it in SL. It's a little less ghetto fabulous with a black cord instead of a chain.


I am say 90% done with knuckle sandwich, I just need to fine tune it tonight and get all the itty bitty prims to line up best I can.

In other news. Are you an American? Are you registered to vote? Primaries are approaching and if you are sick of the last 8 years consider looking up how your state handles them.

I used to be a "don'tgiveashitivist" when it came to politics and then 2 things happened: Bush and I started making lots of money.

So now I'm waaay more concerned about about important things like "is my city going to blow up?" and "Stop taking my money fuckers."

So, no matter what party you are registered as (well it does matter, you can only vote in the primaries for whatever party you are registered for) go and have a say in our future candidates.

Because if you don't a bunch of farmers in the middle of buttfuckingEgypt, Midwest will, and I have a sneaky feeling they don't share the same priorities as everyone else in the country.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Back on track!

And by that I mean back to my normal not really focused self that kinda bangs 2 blocks together over here before walking over to the other side of the room and gluing something to the wall and then doing a little dance.

I have 5 current store projects. I list them now because I fucking forgot about half of them when I started the store.
  1. Keytar.
  2. Hoodies.
  3. Knuckle sandwich. (DO this week)
  4. The coat!
  5. The vests. ( Do this week)
  6. That hair I want to do.
Outside store projects:
  1. The ray guns
  2. The fountain
  3. Trees
  4. Fishbone layout (with help from Chic)

I'm trying to think what I can do the fastest. In the first list 1 & 4 need to be perfect and innovative.

OMG PIZZAH TIME PIZZAH TIME. Fuck thinking about sl, I'm eating pizza.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Soft openning of the New store

With Trinitee leaving I redesigned the store and there is a redesign of Fishbone Flats going on right now.

Later on this week or possibly this weekend, we are going to have a little Opening event. What that entails, I have no freaking clue. I do know there will be balloons. I'm going to try to get some more store items done this week, I'm going to clearance some old stuff and there will be some freebies. ^_~

BTW, much love to everyone who had patience with me while I plopped the new shop down last night. It was supposed to go smooth but of course it didn't! Half my hair vendors disapeared and then the 4th time I tried to put it down I found out every single one of my vendors was either set to no sale or 0. Awesome. The 0 sale thing has been a "blocker" as we call them at work, for Linden lab developers since early last month. They haven't fixed it yet.


You know if that was happening at my job we'd be off the project right? 1 week turn around max on "show stoppers."

Sunday, December 09, 2007

New Hair : Davinci Load

Davinci load is ONLY at my main store in Koreshan and my main store in koreshan is a few meters to the right of where it used to be.

Yes it's the store I've been working on and bitching about. yay it's done, but boo I'm supposed to move it back and that's so going to break it. Fucknuts.

Anyway hat, hair. Scripted. Sculpted. Based off pick below.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Less pissy today!

Ok so news:

1) Rebuilding my store and I am 12 hair vendor rebuilds away from being able to can work on new items.

2) Refuge, Trinitee's store is moving into neighboring sim, Sinistyle. This is because that even when we are the only people in koreshan, Trinitee has lag. It's also cause we are out of prims. Sinistyle and Koreshan are sister sims though so it's not like she leaves the family. We are pretty mopey about her leaving though.

3) With Trin leaving I get her prims, which doubles my prims (and rent.) What the fuck does that mean? Well a) new store build. b) I can keep making hair. Hair vendors are primmy, so I usually put out less than I normally would because of prim constraints. Same with Trinitee. (see all her new releases)

4.) Hopefully this weekend the new store will be out. Chic wants to have a "grand reopening" with balloons and freebies and stuff. I'll see what I can do.

Lastly, I'm kind of stressed at work IRL. In an ideal world I would not be on SL making vendors, but sleeping and snuggling with Bill, but damn you responsibilities.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Munk Yourself

My favorite quote from I Watch Stuff is "if you'd asked me an hour ago how to make a chipmunk look like a douchebag, I wouldn't have an answer. But now I've seen the movie poster for the new Alvin movie."

I made mine say douchebag and fag balls over and over.



I am literally pulling my hair out today. There is a pile of hair on my desk. HOLY SHIT I FUCKING HATE TODAY.

PS- Not a good day if you need customer service. Regardless of what you want, I will tell you to eat shit and die. Wait till tomorrow. <3

Monday, December 03, 2007

8 Random Facts

Oh Willow... *glares*
“Eight Random Facts” meme.

Here are the rules:
(1) Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
(2) People who are tagged need to write a post on their own blog (about their eight things) and post these rules.
(3) At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
(4) Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

Noam facts:
1) Noam was named after psycholinguist and political writer Noam Chomsky

2) Despite shitty prose, vocabulary and conversational skills, I'm actually very well read and a book snob. I will read just about anything if it's good, including memoirs, fiction, history, science, and computer books.
At the risk of sounding like a nerd, Moby Dick is my favorite novel. It has everything a person could want: implied gay sex, penis jokes, jokes about piousness, a maori dude, whale facts, and ADVENTURE! :D
I just read a book about Asberger's syndrome called "Look me in the eye" that was pretty cool from a story-telling and psychology perspective.

3)I have a bachelors degree in Psychology with a concentration in Neurospychology and cognitive science.

4) I work as a web developer which means I do graphic design, but mostly I code and do site architecture. I used to be a graphic designer, but coding = more $. I've never taken a class for anything I do at work. Funny how that works.

5)I love rap music. Not the MTV rap music where they repeat the same sentence over and over "Hoes up! Hoes up! Hoes up! Hoes up!" I like the rap music not played on the radio that makes fun of the rap music played on the radio.
Rap music is kinda misunderstood. I hear a lot of "Oh I like everything.. BUT rap music." Rap music is fantastic people! Give it a chance.
See artists: Aesop Rock, El-P, Heiruspecs, DJ Vadim, Swollen Members, Brother Reade

6)I love folk, indie, black metal, death metal, and emo music too. I probably like anything as long as it's good. And I'm not ashamed to like bad music either. I torrented Britney's new CD. >_> Currently I'm all about the Scandinavian metal.

7)I have a boyfriend in the really real world. I think this is pretty obvious if you have ever talked to me. We've been together for 7 years and I talk about him constantly because he's always around. For a while I started referring to myself as some sort of creepy couple unit. "WE are watching a movie." "WE ate there last week." But now I'm trying to get my verbal independence back.

8) I have a cat named Poe. I also hate cats. Poe is alright though, I guess... sometimes.

TAG: Trinitee, Chicanery, Draconic, Sinjun, Mina, Krius, Selos, Sakuradawn, Elec!

Onrez update

Well I made the gift boxes and then my Xbox360 came in the mail and if I had a choice between packaging stuff and playing Viva Pinata for 7 hours...

So I didn't set up onrez my bad.

This weekend was kinda crap in SL. My new store is almost done, but I need to make some new stuff to put in it before I drop it down.

This weekend I encountered the king of douchebags who was selling my stuff. Not just oh it's kinda like it, same prims, MY TEXTURES. I'm not naming names. Not because I feel like it's wrong or some sort of moral blah blah blah, but because the man is so fucking insignificant he doesn't deserve attention. All he deserves is to die alone for being such a total shithead.

Until I find he's ripping your stuff too. Then you can know and report his ass.