Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Loli Necklace

Uuuuuuum, So I was on the intertubes today when I found this necklace that looked like a lolipop. I was like WOW, I wish I had candy right now, and then later I was all "hey wait, I should make that necklace in second life."

So I did.

You know when people say TAHDAH! and they put one arm up and one arm out to present their magic thing. Doesn't it kinda look like this --> |o_

I'm tired.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

HAIR: Flynn

Flynn was originally intended to be a preppy 1970s tennis pro hair style, until Dis checked it out and gave me suggestions to modern it up a bit.

It has 9 color band on white and 9 color band on black textures.

You can get this at my main store in Koreshan.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Eloh Skins

So you know, just because I have my edits on my flickr doesn't mean they are:

  • For Sale

  • For Free

  • Part of Another Fundraiser

I did not enter that last one. I vaguely knew about it and the deadline is already past.

Next up:
Group Freebies.

I recently gave out a group freebie scarf. 2 people IMed me and said they wanted it to be scripted. So they basically said they want me to put more work into something they got for free that I could have put out for sale or just never given out in the first place.

I'm not doing group freebies anymore.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Valentines approacheth

This set comes with a sculpted tasty rat with bow. Wearable candy box with rat inside. and a shoulder rat friend!

The shoulder rat is animated. When you click on him he squeeks, rubs his face and looks around.

You can get these at my main store in Koreshan.
It comes in 3 colors: White, brown and spotted

Thursday, January 17, 2008

It's been a long week

Wow I wish it was friday.
I was listening to Lucy, Daughter of the Devil while I worked on some bugs. Then our client came in to give an announcement. I took out an ear bud to listen to him.
2 and a half hours later aka 5 minutes ago, I'm sitting here and I realize something is in my right ear and I proceed to internally freak out, until I realize it's the earbud I didn't take off.

I am so glad I didn't shout aaah what the fuck is in my ear!


Bobby sent me this link to the 8 strangest communities on the web.

Second Lifes comes in at #5.

Why It Makes Us Uncomfortable

Linden Labs, the company that makes Second Life, likes to brag about its membership numbers. In reality, the actual number of active players is always much, much lower than the sum total of all registered users. That means that people create an account, build a house for their in-game avatar to masturbate in, and then they stop playing and never come back. What does that mean for you, the curious, newbie player? It means that walking around Second Life is like walking around in some weird, virtual post-apocalyptic zombie movie, only instead of encountering zombies, you occasionally stumble across some dude dressed up like a mechanical teddy bear having sex with a giant cat.

If I had a nickel for every time I've run into that... I'd have a nickel. Where do they get their info? There aren't robo bears in SL. I've seen robodogs though.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Export to World

Another kinda stupid thing that people are using Second Life for.

Every so often on Not Cot someone posts something about second life, and it's always something terribly boring that makes me go "uh... sure ok" and makes the lightbulb go off over my head about why everyone at my job thinks Second Life is so cheezy and kinda.. mediocre creatively.

Here's another one of those. OMG YAY. You can make yourself a toy paper donut of a second life donut that is textured to look like a real life donut.


Sure ok.
I read the about and it seems it's like giving the buyer of a digital item a tangible paper representation. Um... cool neat... but it's a fucking donut. *yawn*

You know what would be actually cool? To buy a digital and real hand made doll or something. But a paper boring thing... um... woo. *finger twirl*

For actually interesting paper toys that you can make at home, try any of the following:
Three Eyed Bear


Big Chief

Toy Paper

We hate glue

Friday, January 11, 2008

Toki's Deddy Bear

I watch a lot of Metalocalypse.

a lot.

This little dude is all sculpts, comes with a hold pose and is just adorable.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008


I love logging in to people telling me they found other people selling my stuff on SLX or onRez or in game.

My free kitten box is now free.
This box was one of the first things I made for Gritty Kitty out of prims. It's been around for like a year and a half. People love to copy it and downright love to copy bot it too. Which is retarded.

In other news, I'm making my own series of male skins with bruises and lots of smudgely black makeup that I shall dub EMO SKINZ and big boots that look like Krius' except the laces are moved down a little and instead of Ripper, I'll call mine Tearer boots and then I'll make all the hairs Elika and Hely make but in my own shitty textures! \o/ hurray! This is so much easier than making stuff that hasn't already been made in SL.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008


So I am bored and looking at flickr and I came across this picture and I was like hoshit, that's like a fleshy version of my avatar.
So I post it.

I dunno who it is, the user I found it on had a lot of magazine images and did not speak english.

Note- I do not look like my avatar irl. I am not a delicate flower in mod suits. I'm a slobby thing that often wears the same clothes more than once a week and probably smells. You can't smell yourself so I'm not positive about that.

Monday, January 07, 2008

We watch too much TV

So I am contracted to do web development for a political candidate, aka I make a candidate's site for lots of money, but I don't necessarily support the candidate nor have much interest in politics.

So we work on site at the HQ. My team is packed into a little room that was a storage closet. I'm sitting here and I start coughing. My throat hurts and it's like I'm breathing sand and it's all round shitty. Dave starts coughing. The others in the room start coughing. We remark it's weird and keep working. Then it gets a little worse and I'm like DUDE SOMETHING IS FUCKED IN THIS ROOM.

Not that I'm paranoid, but in the back of my head I'm like "if I die cause of this job, I will be sooooo mad! and dead!"

One of the interns accidentally sprayed pepperspray outside our office.

What I learned today is I need to be less paranoid and that pepperspray works really fucking well. Also to never tell Nick anything cause he told Rob and Rob keeps IMing me with "OMG Z IS COUGHING UP BLOOD!!! TERRORISTS!"

Sunday, January 06, 2008

New hair: TSO

So I was looking at my friend's on flickr and I have a few friends who are TSO players. Bouncing from profile to profile I found the picture below and I was like heeey why haven't I made that kinda hair yet?!! I mean the mullet is a STAPLE of Jrockers and rednecks alike and I always wanted a mullet.

The hair has some sculpts but I'm too used to my prims to go 100% sculpt hair just yet.

I my design has the jist of the above. *coughs* I dig mine more.

My Eloh Male Skin edit


It's not for sale either. It's just mine. See previous post about me being a greedy bastard.

Creamy mistakenly posted my images on her blog. Please don't IM me about it, I wasn't asked if it was ok.

Thursday, January 03, 2008


Preview of HTML5!

NEEEEEEAT! But I foresee IE not adopting it early and making my life suck balls.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Distinguished Banana Man hopes everyone is over their hangovers by now.

2007 kicked 2006's ass. 2008 will be even better, no doubt. Kinda bummed that in 2 months I'll be 26. 26 is old. That's like foot in the grave old. HOPEFULLY, by 2009 I will be blogging about how I own earth. Not like the planet, like a condo or a house.

Once I get the house and the dog, I'm pretty much ready to retire and die. I should probably start brainstorming more life goals.