Friday, December 01, 2006

Brutal Gear clothing and accessories will get you laid.

*looks at the title* I'm very committed to helping.

Snowman hopefully goes live today! Praise jebus.

Last night I logged on SL 2 seconds to stick money in Ginko (My av is luckily standing in front of ginko) and to uncap my messages which I didn't think about until yesterday. =___= They are already capped again. Bleh. Doesn't anyone know if sales affect your capped messages? Can I turn sales IMs off?

I just don't want people to send me IMs to help them fix stuff and then think I'm ignoring them. Very few people read the directions I put with my scripted stuff, plus I don't know if the update broke anything. Some of my scripts were made by a guy who was very new to scripting and made them in an assbackwards way.


At 12:10 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nex cover your eyes if you're reading this.

I shall be doing my part once i get back in world. Me and Nex made an 'offer we couldn't refuse' to each other and I kissed his butt nice enough to get a copy of everything in his store. *shhhh* Now if only i can get my male AV to not look like he just got out of a coma.

At 12:27 PM , Blogger Noam Sprocket said...

My shape is no trans cause I built it on a furry av shape =_= and the only other shape I have isn't mine at all and I'd feel weird giving it to you.

You need to find a guy with an OK shape that will let you borrow it so you can edit it.

At 1:02 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh thats fine i don't want you to give me any shapes. I gotta figger it out on my own so i don't have him looking like everyone else. LOL im just trying to get used to masculine features rather than feminine. seriously mine looks bloated. haha

I got my friend Sampsons shape but he's too burly and built for my tastes.. I like em small and scrawny. LOL

At 1:14 PM , Blogger Nex Brannan said...

Lawn Noam,
I'm gonna have to give you "happy ending" for all this hoopla, aren't I?

Trin, why am I covering my eyes?

It's hard to type like this.

At 1:24 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

LMAO Happy Ending... can i watch? *grabs bucket of popcorn and a big gulp*

You can uncover your eyes now Nex. hehe

At 1:47 PM , Blogger Noam Sprocket said...

Lawn Noam. HA!!

I found a shirt in SL with a garden gnome on it that said "Gnome Chomsky." Soo cool. I want to know who else bought it, or if it was just my dorky ass.

You over-estimate the number of people who read my journal. I don't even think my grandma has a SL account...

At 3:39 PM , Blogger Nex Brannan said...


You can set a threshold on messages of say $300 lindens. then you won't get notified constantly.

At 3:49 PM , Blogger Noam Sprocket said...

Sweet, I'll do that.


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