Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Next up Apocalypto hair!

This movie has gotten mixed reviews. The bad ones say it's a bloody B-movie that sucks and is made by an antisemitic tool. The good ones say that if you let an antisemitic tool stop you from seeing it, then you are missing out on an awesome movie.

Well I saw it on Saturday. It was fucking awesome. I enjoyed it A LOT. Hell, I wouldn't mind seeing it again in the theater. The costumes were beautiful, the whole vibe was very national geographic, the main character was hot and half naked through the whole thing. What's not to love? I didn't go into the theater expecting anything other than gore, and on that part I was pretty let down, but everything else was so good. They did a great job of making you like the tribe that was invaded so that when they got royally hosed you were right there with them.

If I had to sum up what it's like, well it's a long chase scene and a little Home Alone thrown in, just in a jungle.

So yeah. I liked it. I watch a lot of movies and honestly I'm not too picky and love most (with the exception of Happy Feet, Pirates of the Caribbean 2, Matrix 2 & 3, The Lake House...Um Episode 1 & 2... well considering how many I watch, that's not a long list.) I have seen the Passion. I didn't like it. It was like a boring horror movie. But Apocalypto was on a subject I was actually interested in.


At 12:59 PM , Blogger Trinitee Trilam said...

Least you wont have to be overly concerned on bald spots :-P


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