Friday, November 17, 2006

iTunes Soundtrack to my Life

Stolen from Willow! Take your itunes, put them on shuffle and write down the song names for each section. I'm about to do it, and I swear that I am in no way editting them to be cool. I have Justin Timberlake on my share... so lets see how embarrassing this will be

Opening Credits:
Lost Boys- 69 Eyes

Waking Up:
In this temple, as in the hearts of man for whom he saved- Sufan Stevens

First Day At School:
Vampires will never hurt you- My Chemical Romance

Falling In Love:
Forty Six & 2- Tool

Breaking Up:
On/Off- Daft Punk

Would you rather... - Dane Cook (Apparently Dane Cook is appearing at my prom! Sweet)

Life's Ok:
First Orgasm- Dresden Dolls

El Nino- Henry Rollins (Cause I listen to his spoken word in my car)

I put a spell on you- Nina Simone

Getting Back Together:
Habitat- Mos Def

Wedding Scene:
The Widow- Mars Volta

Birth of Child:
The P-Jays- Handsome Boy Modelling School

Final Battle:
Asia No Junshin- Puffy AmiYumi (Oh jesus I forgot I had them on there)

Death Scene:
Spinning Wheel (remix)- Shirley Bassey

Funeral Song:
Storm Coming- Gnarls Barkley

End Credits:
Living Language lesson 4- Japanese Language lessons

And we end on a high note! HA!


At 12:21 PM , Blogger Willow said...

I was GUTTED Sexyback didn't appear on my list :(


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