Monday, November 27, 2006

Freaking Entertaining

Well I worked on and off today. Fuck I feel like a slacker. The snowman is 99% done. Just some tiny email tweaks and then the biatch can go live and I can never look at it again. :-D

I found this site today and I've been playing with it on and off. ((it's under maintance when I type this,but maybe try tomorrow?))
It's a uh.. game? Well you draw a humanoid 2d image and set the binding around it and then it takes your drawing and loads it into this screen where it makes your picture do a baliwood dance.
Yes, a baliwood dance.

Now that I've wet your appetites I hope the site goes back online soon.


At 3:21 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

*cries* didn't work for me but i saw the other things and loved whippin those fellas around. and the face... i think i was pullin on it for like 20 min at work today.


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