Thursday, November 16, 2006

Browsing the SL new products (the shopping continues):

Ok, when I read thongs was totally thinking of a different kinda thong.

I want these jackets so badly. So very badly.

I think for now I'm going to leave the hoodie making to everyone else, because everyone is rocking the hoodies. :) It's so awesome!

I so very much want to buy this just to dissect it if those are all prims.

to make it look like I was just white washing a fense!! I was just thinking about how much I need to look like I was just white washing a fense...

I'm over the fact they made the skeleton hoodie. So now I want to buy this.

Look that these awesome tats. WITH KOI!!

My alt needs a push up bra. I got the freckles skin with cat eyeliner as you can see in the previous post. These are great skins.

And of course, Kin Keiko always rocks. So much so that I already own the Alissa hair and it's great and oddly not too girly.


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