Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Gritty Kitty's stance on Copybot

Well... Gritty Kitty is staying open. I never had any intention of immediately closing when I first read about that crap. I cashed out my savings from Ginko though! I think I'm going to buy an ipod with some of it and I don't know how much big TVs cost, but I think I have enough for one of those too. Or maybe, hrm... I think I can get a remake Mac for $599 so maybe I'll do that. *ponders*

*looks back at the readers* Oh! Oh yeah soo copybot... Well it can't save clothing or shapes. It can steal the hell out of most of my accessories, but it can't steal the scripts so all my favorites would lose their coolness value when replicated. It can copy my builds, which sucks, but inspires me to build bigger, build better, build scripted.

The only thing that I am doing in protest of LL being what's the word... "retarded" is I'm not updating. Sure I'm still going to build and draw and make things for GK, but I'm not puting ANYTHING out until they realise that they have to ban the use of that program or make it obsolete. The fact that they are letting people use it still, shows that they are not... smart. Once sec let me copy my forum post.

"This is an extremely crappy situation. LL you need to make your game more protected, if your devs aren’t capable of it, then hire contractors. Get it fixed and tell us you are making an attempt to fix it.

As for your support of LibSL, you are further mucking up this entire situation. It’s your support of them that made this fiasco last longer than it should have. Your continued support and decision not to make the use of this program a hack and a bannable offense is not going to end well. At one point in everyone’s life they will be put in a situation where they have to make a decision based on greater good over friendships. Choosing to let this program still be available and not taking action to make it obsolete says that you are risking all of your resident’s work to save a few friends (LibSL.)
What you did here is just putting a bandaid on the gaping wound. This isn’t a viable work around to keep LibSL’s responsible use of copybot in the game. Your company is not even slightly equipped to be able to police the use of this program and you know it. Everything about the last 2 blog entries screams that. If you can’t regulate it then you must ban copybot. Ban all it’s users, even if it means LibSL.

LibSL: No Offense guys, I’m sure you did not intend for this program to get out and I’m sure you do use it responsibly, but the risk of abuse of this program is too high. If LL could come up with a solution to give you special treatment without pissing off the majority of it’s residents, I’m sure they would, but making it legal for everyone to use just to cover any education you get out of it… I’m sorry, that’s crap."

So there. LL have done nothing but prove to me that they are kind of incompetent. I can do nothing but sympathsize with them. I get the vibe that they don't have any experienced game developers or managment there that knows what to do during these situations. I've worked for many companies on the same boat! *coughlikehere,fucking snowmancough* Soooo... that sucks for us, and it's going to suck for them too.


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