Thursday, November 09, 2006

Art! (Not Mine)

Like 20% of my day is spent surfing advertizing and graphic design websites. This is called "interactive field research" on my timecard and it's actually encouraged.

Soooo... These are sites that I found and thought were worth bookmarking:
Esotericdesign: This is a commercial art site, very graphic, urban collage art style.

Clearification: One of my favorite flash sites ever. The illustration is beautiful and it's an awesome and not at all annoying use of flash!

Combustion Industries: A commerical design site. I like this style in advertizing.

Mosnet: I love this site layout. I'm definately ripping this off for when I redesign my site.

Mutant Hands: Nice clean flash layout and awesome vector art. I think this person was in Computer Arts recently.

Tomek Ferenc: Minimalistic vector. These make great desktops. This is similar to my vector style, so of course I love this guy because... I like that style!

j3concepts: Another great vector artist and great desktop wallpaper. A lot of image tracing, but it's done really well.

David Lanham: This guy's art is like.. Miyazaki movies if you covered them in latex and made then shiney.

Dimpo Art: It's just so happy and cute.

That's it for today. Enjoy!


At 12:33 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awww some great finds!

I love browsing Deviantart, I do it frequently and find some awesome backgrounds in the Macabre and Horror section that freak my co-workers out! :D

I wish I was arty :( My brother is.. damn that bastard!

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