Sunday, November 19, 2006

Icha Icha Paradise

I was explorin and I found this place called Icha Icha Paradise (Pictured above). The lot is small but the creators made it beautiful. The only store there at the moment doesn't have much, but it's anime clothing and high quality.

From Icha Icha I followed a path of "who made this?" to Damania. I just arrived, I barely know what they sell, but I'm already impressed. As I walked down the stairs in front of me, I actually heard me walk down the stairs. O_O I heard my footsteps on marble. This place sells prefabs, fountains, sculptures, roadsters, jewelry and the coolest thing that I even purchased, was a Weather System. That's obviously what Icha Icha was using to make thier lovely snow.
You really need to explore Damania. I looked it up in PXP and it was mentioned once and very halfassedly. The jewelry, is like :-O. It's more like stuff my mom would wear but it's still very pretty. AND he has Klimt paintings. It's not very apparent in my SL or this blog, but I love Klimt. I have lots of portfolio work incorporating his style with own and I was even asked to display some of it in a BBC documentary on him. This whole place has a Klimt feel. A lot of golds and rich colors. I love it. I didn't take a pic, and I worry if I go back I'll just walk up and down stairs for an hour.... but it's really lovely and anyone reading this should check it out.

Then today while in the midst of massive boredom, I found a ND skin in my inventory. I bought "The Damned" avatar for the shoes, but it came with a lot of other stuff. Hair that's too big, fangs, some clothes and this skin. I've only tried them on before as demos and I didn't like how I looked, but the damned skin is kinda interesting.
I look like a heroin addict, but that's a step up from the first time I tried them and thought I looked like a hobo. My shape is not meant for ND skins. The lips are pretty though! I can see why everyone loves these skins.

I don't love it enough to give up my nylon. Nevars!!! >:O


At 12:30 PM , Blogger Willow said...

i'll admit, I have that skin too and I lubbles it! and i'm not even a boy av :D

At 12:07 AM , Blogger Satine Dot said...

Whooooohh! thats so beautiful! I'm so going to that place it looks so purty in the picture!


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