Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Nice stuff

This track jacket, while kinda plain, looks so good. I've been regretting not making a prim collar for the Christopher jacket.


I think I'm gonna try making some clothes again tonight while B is at his game. (Or play on the alt...) I really don't like making clothes.

Arbel made these really beautiful jackets. B and Ralph found her store last night and were digging it. I know they wanted to get the Fight Club stuff, but I don't know if they were able to TP to the main store. If you are reading this and haven't been to Wintermoon, you need to go. She makes really amazing clothes for boys and girls.

Penny could build a pile of excrement and sell it for L$100 and I'd buy 2 of them. All her stuff rocks. I need to make a steam punk version of the alt.

I dig this Explicit shirt. Kaejo has made my favorite tank, and I really dig this top here.

NON XCITE SCRIPTS!!! For ears and tails and stuff.

New girly hair from Satine! I really really like this hair. A lot. She also released a Cyberpunk hair, like the other kinda, but more skull coverage and bangs (?). I Love Satine, because her shit is affordable so you can be a newbie and have kick ass hair and not buy an assload of of linden to get it.

This hair from Calico is so cool. My first attempt at hair was trying to make essentially that style, but mine looked like sloppy crap, and hers looks great. I'm happy she made a male version of it. :3

ALSO- I don't think it's on the forum, but in the front area of Bare Rose where all the boxes are, there is a new male hair that is very cool and anime style. I got a wild cloud-like hair from there last summer that I really liked. This one is spiky and you can buy some headbands to go with it. They are cheap, and you get a lot of color options. I think the textures are especially good for furry avatars.

Six Feet Underground- Sinjun have me the LM to this store. It's pretty cool. i bought a rusty chainsaw and debated on getting the dirty toilet, but realized I didn't have a place for it. Definitely check it out.


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