Wednesday, December 12, 2007


I am say 90% done with knuckle sandwich, I just need to fine tune it tonight and get all the itty bitty prims to line up best I can.

In other news. Are you an American? Are you registered to vote? Primaries are approaching and if you are sick of the last 8 years consider looking up how your state handles them.

I used to be a "don'tgiveashitivist" when it came to politics and then 2 things happened: Bush and I started making lots of money.

So now I'm waaay more concerned about about important things like "is my city going to blow up?" and "Stop taking my money fuckers."

So, no matter what party you are registered as (well it does matter, you can only vote in the primaries for whatever party you are registered for) go and have a say in our future candidates.

Because if you don't a bunch of farmers in the middle of buttfuckingEgypt, Midwest will, and I have a sneaky feeling they don't share the same priorities as everyone else in the country.


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