Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Less pissy today!

Ok so news:

1) Rebuilding my store and I am 12 hair vendor rebuilds away from being able to can work on new items.

2) Refuge, Trinitee's store is moving into neighboring sim, Sinistyle. This is because that even when we are the only people in koreshan, Trinitee has lag. It's also cause we are out of prims. Sinistyle and Koreshan are sister sims though so it's not like she leaves the family. We are pretty mopey about her leaving though.

3) With Trin leaving I get her prims, which doubles my prims (and rent.) What the fuck does that mean? Well a) new store build. b) I can keep making hair. Hair vendors are primmy, so I usually put out less than I normally would because of prim constraints. Same with Trinitee. (see all her new releases)

4.) Hopefully this weekend the new store will be out. Chic wants to have a "grand reopening" with balloons and freebies and stuff. I'll see what I can do.

Lastly, I'm kind of stressed at work IRL. In an ideal world I would not be on SL making vendors, but sleeping and snuggling with Bill, but damn you responsibilities.


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