Monday, August 04, 2008

What the fuck

Rafael Sirnah: I I bought a hair your. but come with hat :/ and don't
find this hair without hat . please. speack with me when you stay on line?
Rafael Sirnah: please.
Noam Sprocket: The hat comes with the hair. I'm confused why you looked at the ad picture and thought it didn't. Why would I wear a hat in an ad for hair if it didn't come with it. Did you try a demo?
Rafael Sirnah: Cam I see ou?
RafaelSirnah: see ou.....
Rafael Sirnah: see you
Noam Sprocket: dude, I'm in the hospital, I can't even teleport
Rafael Sirnah: =(
Rafael Sirnah: last cam I seer you?
RafaelSirnah: to you see my hair.
Rafael Sirnah: if you show me this hair wihou ha. I buy
Noam Sprocket: there is no hair without the hat
Rafael Sirnah: why?
Noam Sprocket: I made a hat and put hair on it. I didn't make hair and stick a hat on it. Why didn't you try a demo?
Rafael Sirnah: uuuuuuuuum

And then I banned him. I removed one letter from it's name.
But seriously, wtf.
I've had all but one Customer Service IM since I was in the hospital that wasn't unbelievably retarded.


At 9:10 PM , Blogger Bailey Dazy said...

LOL Awwwwe! You belong in my Customer Service Representatives Support Group! We like to share gems like that and groan about crap like that with each other!
IM me in world if you want I'll add ya in!

Bailey Dazy


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