Saturday, May 24, 2008

Hair/hat: Thursday

The hat, Band, back feathers, front feathers and prim feathers are all scripted to texture change. You just need to touch the part you want textured. IE- Touch one of the back feathers to get the menu to change their texture. Touch the hat to get the menu to change it's texture. ONLY at Koreshan.

If you find an error with this, let me know in a gentle way, because making this sucked. I lost it once to the asset server. Twice when I picked it up the prims shifted. The feathers shifted a couple times. I had to script every single prim that changed color and if I accidentally fucked up a texture I had to go back and replace every single script in every prim. I lost my blender file for the original hat when Second Life crashed my computer for some videocard error. I had multiple texturing issues from PS targa saving bugs to losing the master PS file for recoloring parts. I went threw 2 kinds of texture scripts before I finally found one that worked, but it wouldn't work the first 4 times I tried it... Had permission issues. Had some toaster issues. Lost some of my original hair textures to god knows where. And I cut my hand on a piece of my desk...
Inspired by Melora from Rasputina. The name is taken from the new album, "Oh Perilous World," and the song, "Chose me for Champion." Basically since the hat has a shit load of feathers I thought it was kinda nativey so I named it after Thursday October Christian:

Hyasynth from Silent Sparrow is making a rasputina inspired outfit that I'm wearing in the ad. It'll be out soon. It's really awesome.


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