Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I got new fuuurniture *sings*

If you know me well enough and for long enough, you will have known about my obsession with owning matching couches before I'm 30. I feel this is a huge step in becoming an adult.

Last year I was all about saving my SL $$ so I could buy said couches, but then my computer shit a brick and a I had to save up for "The Beast" as I call my Falcon NW PC I'm using now.

A year later, I have finally become an official adult. Ok, they aren't the nicest couches in the world, because what kind of couches do you get when you buy a 7 piece living room set for $1200, but they are COMFY and soft! And they match and they are mine (technically ours, since Bill lives here too but Fuck that noise, I paid for them.) Since I don't own the place I live, I figure I don't need the wicked nice stuff just yet. I just needs something soft under my ass when I play Xbox. Something that did not come from a relative's attic or once belong to a family dog (the love seat we had was Bill's parent's DOG'S couch. They gave us the old one and bought the dog a new couch. Feel the love.)

I am insanely pleased and happy with my new furniture and so far this vacation has rocked and shall continue when I actually get to the traveling vacationy part. Woooo of joy!!


At 10:25 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

this means we've lost the presence of a Noam on the grid cuz his ass got stuck in his new couches and vowed never to get up. (i almost said almost get off but we all know thats gonna happen anyway mwahahaha)

Congrats on the new couches! I know how much it means to you and now after some time you can make it Poe's couch and then pass it down and paying it forward. hehe

At 10:40 AM , Blogger Noam said...

I have a gaming laptop you know...

*is at the PC* >_> I can't help that every thing awesome in terms of graphic design is on my PC and that all I want to do on my vacation is play with vectors.

At 10:46 AM , Blogger Noam said...

!! the UPS man came with my new DS games!!!! Ass on couch commencing in 5... 4... 3... 2...

At 10:28 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

OOOH DS... we should battle. :P hehe I lubs my DS. get some good games?

At 3:02 PM , Blogger Noam said...

I have:
Mario Kart
Drawn to Life
a couple Final Fantasy games
Professor Layton and the Curious Village
Elite Beat Agents
That Yoshi game where mario is a baby

Touch Detective 1 and 2
Trauma Center (?? the doctor game)
Dusk Hotel
Pheonix Wright ACE ATTORNEY (2 of em)

What are good games to dual with? I'd buy one. We can't get our wireless connection to work for Layton but the cafe next to my work has free wifi.

At 3:03 PM , Blogger Noam said...

I missread your comment and just listed all my games lol.

Yesterday I got the touch detective games and Dusk Hotel.
I'm all about detective games lately.


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