Monday, May 19, 2008

Monday *puke*

I'm going to go through the store this weekend and start re-evaluating pricing and mark down stuff that needs a face lift. I did a little this weekend on that.

Again, nothing in Gritty Kitty is more than $L350 and I still feel like I won't ever charge more than $L500 max on my products, though I haven't even gotten to making anything I thought was worth $L500.
The reason I do this is:
1) I'd prefer to be affordable to people
2) I personally hate when people over charge.
3) It's kinda dick-like to charge people more just because I got better at making shit. Or to charge the same as old stuff, because the quality between old and new is different. So it's better to reduce the old.

That's kinda my logic. I'm not a "temporary sale" person because changing vendor prices would be far too much of a pain in my ass. This is my happy funtime game. Not my "giving me an ulcer" game.

I'm not going to announced what I reduced this past weekend, you just have to go to the stores and guess. Bwahaha.


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