Friday, June 13, 2008

Update to the Bleh Post

Ok remember how I said I'm not good at IA work?

Well apparently, unbeknown to me, I'm good at IA work. The client loves me. They have told all the bigwigs on this project that they think I'm brilliant.

New goal: Get maximum % raise possible in fall. Big money! No wammies!!

I have stayed late 2 nights, only for an hour and a half and seriously, I'm not really busting my ass or anything for this project, I'm just doing what needs to get done. So without intentionally killing myself, everyone thinks I'm the bees knees. You can't do better than that.

I am now somewhat happy. Only because I am that socially retarded nerd who breaks all the lights around the cube so it's in total darkness and will ramble on a good 30 minutes on my mootools sucks taint. And I use the words suck, taint, douchebag, awesome and balls far to much for someone in their right mind to let me near clients. Also when not blasting out obscenities, I have a really expressive face, so without me saying anything, you can almost read the words "you're a douchebag" from the arch of my eyebrow. Yet still, the fancy schmancy client thinks I'm neat. Maybe they like it when I look at my PM like I'm going to punch him in the neck! :D


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