Wednesday, June 25, 2008


The sales guy was great. I am happy. I get my car with all the crap on it next week.

More about my car. I bought a new Scion xD with a bunch of options on it. I got like XM radio and a better stereo. I got the good tires seen in the SL picture above, because they are fucking sexy looking. I know fuck all about tires, but those are hot. I got shocks and a rear sway bar. I got a new bumper protector thing (because Massholes tailgate) and a spoiler. Uuh... I regret not getting the over head consul because I just realized I have a lot of crap to put places, but I might call them up and ask for that. I think that's everything. Oh remote start and security.

I named my car "Tardis" because it's way bigger on the inside than the outside. It defies logic. I thought it would be the same size as a Toyota Matrix but it's more compact. I fucking adore it. I would have sex with this car.

My dad let me have the title to my Subaru and told me I wasn't allowed to get any less than $7K on the trade in. They offered me $5600 and I was like :C !!! Until the sales guy was like you don't look happy and I said my dad would kill me if I did this, I'm supposed to get at least $7K. He talked to the manager and I got $6800 which is close enough!! So I was happy. Minor yelling from my dad. I put some money down and financed the rest. My payment is pretty low :). I honestly could have paid cash for the car, but then I would have to build up my savings again and the possibility of something bad happening was making me nervous.

Anyway, I'm happy. Every review of the XD had other happy people too. I can't wait to pick it up next week.


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