Friday, June 19, 2009

HAIR & bake sale stuff

Available at Koreshan. It's sculpted. I'm kinda in an awkward trying to figure some stuff out phase atm.

Inspiration: From Starfighter, a anime porn comic I found on Deviant art. Woooo porn.


THE EXTREMELY FANCEH SQUID HAT: A knitting/fishing happy accident.
Available this weekend during the Koreshan Bale sale. It's not scripted because I didn't get my texture script in time ^^; so there are 5 colors in the box.


At 6:02 PM , Blogger Achariya Rezak said...

ROFLMAO -- I read Starfighter too! It's awesome. I have to forget about it so I can get new pages after it stops being on hiatus.

At 5:41 AM , Blogger Willis said...


I couldn't get in over the weekend, my PC crapped out.

Bake sales should last a week next time >.>


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