Thursday, October 16, 2008

Best election wordplay

Don't judge me, I read AOL news. I kept the AOL email account that I've had since I was 12yrs old and I still use it.

So everyday I read AOL news, and the best part of AOL news is not so much the articles as the comments. The salt of the earth read that site. Truly the most brilliant minds of our nation who come up with fantastic wordplay to insult each other's political parties. I would like to collect some of the greatness I have read over the past few months. Please comment and add if you know some more great ones.

  1. McSame
  2. Nobama
  3. republicanists
  4. Dumbocraps* - this is my favorite. I thought the guy was a really bad speller at first.
  5. McShame
  6. Barry Hussein Obama Longa Ding Dong
  7. McJoke
  8. McBush (people love Mc-stuff. McDonalds.. Mc Lovin)
  9. republitards
  10. McKlan
  11. Barack Osama
  12. "My name is Sarah Palin, and I'm nuttier than a squirrel turd." This is whole sentence but someone ended with. Get it? cause like squirrels.. they eat nuts and when they poop, there is nuts in their poop. And to be nuts is also to be crazy. So this man is saying she's crazy. Very crazy. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaah.
  13. Bushit
  14. Sarah Chavez
  15. republiCANTs (got this one from a youtube video)
  16. GOPigs (I only recognized this because I get so much spam about the GOP)
  17. Obamanation
  18. Sarah Airhead PaLyin (the last part says Lyin.)
  19. Caribou Barbie
  20. Failin' Palin (does that even rhyme?)
  21. OBUMA
  22. Obummer (or this guy could just be writing Oh Bummer.. idk)
Ok I have to end here cause the comments are making my brain melt.
*update Oct 17th- how the fuck do we all live together when people are soo RAAAAAAAAAAAAAWR over politics. Dude, whoever gets in there is most likely going to be fucked no matter what their policies are, just because we are on a train to fuckville and it's an express. People are brutal, they are like DIE LIBERALS! I HAS GUNS! And the liberals are all MCCAIN HAS YELLOW TEETH! Basically both arguments are stupid.


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