Sunday, October 12, 2008


I couldn't get tickets to see Jim Norton in November, so instead I got tickets for tonight to see Cirque du Soleil's Kooza (yeah I know.. not the same.)
This is the second one I've seen, like 2 years ago Bill and I went to see Corteo.
Ok so 2 things:
1) I hate children. I hate when they cough all wet on the back of my neck and fidget and talk through shit.
2) I hate loud grandmas with southie accents talking about scrapbooking.

Aside from that, it was pretty cool. Corteo had a better plot. Kooza is all acrobats and stuff. The wheel of death was awesome. I was so scared someone would fall off the damn thing and die that I felt sick. (When I was little, my uncle joined Barnum & bailey and everytime we went to see it, someone got hurt, and one person actually died or broke their neck and spine... maybe died... I dunno I was like 7) Bill and I both agreed that the balancing chairs guy and the trickster were wicked hot. Then we agreed that upclose, they were not wicked hot. The farther away they are, the more attractive, upclose... clowns.

Bill is looking at the program right now and insisting that both performers without makeup are attractive, but I think he's nuts.

You may have noticed the lapse in releases. I'm actually doing a lot of non computer stuff lately. My job is all sitting at the computer, and I come home like... fuck this noise. Apparently I'm expected to cook dinner as well as go to the gym and do the laundry and clean the apartment and put all the clothes away, while the Bill plays WoW. I'm not mad about this, but he needs to stop putting his smelly feet on me when we are watching TV or I'm going to snap and beat him to death. Give and take, I don't mind doing everything if that means he doesn't tickle the shit out of me for a week. (It sounds cute, but it's fucking irritating. He won't stop when I say stop.) 8 year aniversary in 2 weeks. Wooo feel the love!


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