Monday, July 14, 2008

Happy happy!

In case you aren't in the Gritty Kitty group and received joyous celebration underpants, I won the DCMA I filed last week and the hair that Darla Bade stole from me was removed from her store along with all the other stolen content that was reported. I checked yesterday and she still hasn't put it back up, so yay for that.

I had to work all weekend doing RL work stuff. My PM is somewhat lousy and I only received final creative for the build kit Thursday afternoon and the first deliverable is due this Wednesday for code review. Translation: I got fucked over and had to work all weekend because other people don't have their shit together.

I'm still fucked. I made some beautiful code this morning though. Pretty much made an animated flash menu except in javascript. Why yes, I am proud of myself. I'm awesome.

I have one more thing to get done in the next hour and then I'm going home and NOT doing anymore work for the day. Brain no work. Wants to draw when I get home.


At 3:52 PM , Blogger Arbel Vogel said...

Awesome! Grats on your VICTORY!

At 7:23 PM , Blogger Jhaxam said...

Good for you, Noam. At least there's still some justice left in the world :)

At 7:38 AM , Blogger Archan Allen said...

\o/ nothing more to say, congrats!


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