Saturday, July 05, 2008

I quite enjoy fishing

I'm not addicted, I can quit whenever I want to. I swear!
7Seas fishing is my new favorite thing to do while doing other things. Yesterday I started while I was slicing up images for work.

[[SIDE NOTE: Any wanna-be webdesigners out there? Here's a tip, when you make your PSDs use guidelines to make sure everything lines up, build on a grid system, make a group folder for your regular and rollover states of all buttons and know what the fuck Lorem Ispum is. The contractor we have working on this project is Terrible. With a capital T. I'm on a deadline, I should have to spend an hour fixing his PSD file up so the buttons are all the same height instead of "eyeballed" the same height. He didn't do any rollover states and were we told him to put Lorem Ipsum in, he googled it and put a definition of Lorem Ipsum. O_o Obviously this guy lied his ass off at his interview and was probably a painting major at Mass art of some shit like that.

If you know me in game, you'll know I'm the first person to groan and roll his eyes when someone says "I'm a graphic designer IRL..." Just because you've used PS and a tablet to draw anime fairies, doesn't make you a graphic designer. There are technical things you need to know in order to call yourself that. If you don't know them, then people like me, who are relying on you to know what the fuck you are doing are going to get you fired. Cause I'm a dick like that.



Sorry I'm just getting to my wits end on this project and at all the people who are under preforming. ONE LAST RANT! Ok I understand I'm new to the project and some people have been on it for months, but just because you are sick of it, does not mean we should do a shitty job. I, for one, want portfolio quality work no matter what the hell I'm doing, whether it's a social networking site for a presidential candidate or a freaking tiny presentation video for Reebok CEOs. I'm so sick of saying "this is bad" and getting the response "well we don't care anymore."]]

*pant pant* Ok that turned into bit of a "OMGWTFBBQ" work thing...

My Hyafish is my favorite catch other than my gay mermen.

I want to make the motor boat but I only have the scrap metal and oil...
Anyone want to help me out?? I have lots of fish to trade!


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