Monday, November 26, 2007

The holiday season approacheth

You may have noticed a boatload of my new stuff is no transfer lately. This is for many reasons, mostly that people are bunch of slimey douchebags who deserve to have their genitals rot off, but I digress. None of my fine blog readers are douchebags. You're all fine outstanding citizens with fantastic taste.

Anyway, to help people out who wish to give gifts from GK that are no transfer, I'm going to try to box all my shit up pretty and put it up on ONREZ this weekend (HOPEFULLY.) Also for trans items I'll leave some copyable present boxes out at my shop.

My Onrez Store.

I'm not putting individual hairs on there cause I really don't love money that much, but I might stick fatpacks up there. Yeah I know, that sucks, but less so for me as it means I don't have to box a bajillion individual hairs and take a bajillion snapshots.

So this means to give no transfer items you need an Onrez account. I prefer Onrez over SLX because visually SLX looks like dog vomit, where Onrez is shiny. Front end development is important and SLX needs to learn that. (*coughs*Immafrontenddeveloper*coughs*)

If anyone has any suggestions that might make their gift giving holiday nightmare a little less crummy, let me know!


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