Sunday, September 13, 2009

offlineyness extrended this weekend

I got on for a little while last week to handle customer stuff, but this weekend I had went to a coding conference and tomorrow I have school after work.

I'm all brain bursty with ideas of sites and applications I want to build.

This upcoming Thursday I am getting all 4 wisdom teeth pulled and I may end up on super duper percoset high for this upcoming weekend.

So yeah..
This has been a slow year for Gritty Kitty. I would like to apologize for that. Second life has always been a hobby, and this year I've had so much personal growth in what I do for a career, trying to grow all those skills and get a name for myself in my field has also become a hobby.

I am not quitting or anything. This isn't one of those "peace out bitches" blog posts that are kinda condescending because the author is like "I found better things to do with my time than stupid ol' second life, unlike you people who have an abundance of free time." I hate those.

I have made stuff when I do get online.This is just a "sorry I'm wicked busy lately, I haven't forgotten about my beloved store" blog post. I made jackets. They are all built and sculpted and textured in game. I made necklaces. I made new belts. I have a shitton of extra underpants and T shirts that didn't make it into hunts. There is stuff, it's just not finished & packaged stuff. I have a really short attention span so if I don't log on for a while I will start a new project and totally forget that I already had something like 90% finished.

Another thing that is kinda messing me up this year is all the theft. Just when I got comfortable with it, the cryolife viewer comes out and makes me unstable again. I make a lot of things for myself, that I don't sell until I get tired of it and some I never sell because they are mine. They define my avatar.

The vast majority of my store are things I made for myself and wore until I got tired of it. Because I now have a cryolife detector, I don't even like leaving my house in like.. my shape and skin. I ruth myself. O_O This makes the whole "I made this just for me to feel cool and wear around" thing an issue because where the heck am I going to wear my stuff? My skybox? Oh wow, there is some serious satisfaction from a job well done right there...
:/ It's like either I only wear it for the sake of me and only me seeing it while I stand in a T pose and build stuff, or I go out in the world and risk people just taking my personal shit that I worked really hard on.

I know I need to mentally get to that level where I just accept that shit happens and I can't protect myself, but I can tell you right now, I'm just raged about it. It sucks. It sucks and I feel voiceless in the community and I feel voiceless to Linden Labs. A contact from fucking microsoft will respond to me if I tweet "guh vista is doing this annoying weird thing" and try to help, but if I try to find someone from LL to answer a question I have about the TOS, it's impossible.

I need to end this post.
Please send ALL notecard to Cobalt Maladay first and he will get back to you. And if it's something that requires my attention he'll email me. He can do like most stuff though. Hrm.. I need to pay him. Oops!


At 1:14 AM , Blogger Kalel Mommsen said...

seems like your about to go on an E-raging spree. Keep your kool and you'll make it though the rest of the week.

At 10:45 AM , Blogger Noam said...

I've already been on an e-raging spree.
Just I have the common sense to log off so I don't do anything retarded.


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