Monday, January 26, 2009



That's how many hours I worked last week.

I'm so tired.

I haven't had a chance to log in for a while. I will try to log in for for customer service love tonight. My IMs are totally capped so if you have problems please send a notecard.

In other news, on my only day off yesterday where I had to clean my apartment, do laundry, take care of my car, take my macbook to the "genius bar" (ghey) and buy a bunch of kitchen/ pet stuff, and I watched the movie Deathrace.
It was awesome. If you like Jason Stathem without his shirt on and driving cars, then you should see that movie. I can't wait till Crank 2. That man can do no wrong.

Other movies I have watched recently while I cook dinner and clean:
Babylon A.D --Shittiest movie ever made. It didn't even meet my standards and my standards are fucking LOW. REALLY LOW. I walked out of Chronicles of Riddick saying "I want to own that on DVD."

Max Payne --this is what Mark Walburg said was his good movie coming out after The Happening. No one ran away from the wind in this, but it still failed. Those crazy demon angel things were just hallucinations. It was crappy. I don't even remember if it had a plot. Shockingly it's a videogame movie that sucked and had nothing to do with Ewe Boll.

Battlefield Earth --I will watch anything that should have been involved with MST3K. I watched this with RiffTrax but I could only get an hour into it before passing out. OMG what a fucking shitty movie. It is like gloriously bad. It was by far the best of the bad movies I watched.

BALLS. I posted this on fucking koreshan by accident.


At 1:08 PM , Blogger Violet said...

You should also rent "D-Wars". It's seriously really really bad. I know, I worked on it. :)

At 7:41 AM , Blogger Tairrie Tripsa said...

Eh, I liked Max Payne for Walhberg in all his 3 nipple glory. But, its because I am a major fan of the games. And the hallucinations were AH-mazing. If you have ever tripped acid (and I have sadly) then you felt his pain and fear. Replace demon angels with flying blue rhinos who made the doors melt into the carpet with their fiery horns and that was my 12 hour pain.

I do have to say that I had a non-fan watch it and she left 15 minutes into it. She told me it was too boring. lol. So yea, its a fan movie. *Proceeds into silly fangirl wanking*


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