Friday, January 16, 2009

I has a work bonus coming at the end of the month

Therefore I has a CS4.

I'm kinda banking a lot on the fact it will be larger than $600 (yes I got it for PC and Mac.)Yuval ordered them for me yesterday and we went to pick them up at Harvard today.

Yuval said after the company meeting today that the bonus is probably going to be huge since we made loads of money last year and loads of people quit too. But he's sales now and I'm dev, so he'll get more $$ than me. Rightfully so though cause he's a genius and I'm like "duuurr, how does the .data() work in jQuery? ... *drool head-desk*" ((Paul explained it, but if I had to explain it to you right now I'd just stare like this O_O until you felt uncomfortable and went away.))

So now I have my uber super awesome legit copies of photoshop.
Downside: Working all weekend! D: Working a half day Sat and a half day Sunday and Monday is a holiday for the company, but not for my team. Booo.

I have like 38 bugs in jira w/ only a quarter of the site tested and I feel like puking, but on a happy note we have 4 weeks before launch. 4 weeks is waaaay more time for QA than we normally get which is like.. 4 days.

And this is good cause my boss and I only checked the site in FF2, FF3 and chrome. *coughs and looks at the IE6 & IE7 icons on the toolbar* *huge sweatdrop*
Whatever, 4 weeks! 7 days a week! We'll be fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine.

Note to self: Make personal web Developer blog tonight.

I can't tell you when or what I'm making next in SL. I have like a billion and 3 hair ideas and I want to make some boots. Nothing I want to do is very simple.


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