Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Yesterday was pretty sweet. I did not get hosed during the yankee swap as I did last year when I got the sweet rocking chair reindeer that sings when you press his paw. This year I picked 3rd to last and it was a hard choice between what looked like a gallon of Captain Morgan's and $40 of itunes cards.

I got the iTunes. I wish someone got me emusic credits like last year though, cause I went through their 100 best albums of 2008 last night and I want like 40 of them. Most of them are post rock, but I DL'd the 5 that I liked that weren't post rock for now. I did get some credits for Amazon MP3s, which I looked at this morning, and the music it suggested to me was so spot on that I'm convinced they have spyware connected to my machine. It's kinda creepy.

We exchanged presents last night after we got home. If I haven't mentioned it, I told B I was getting him something pretty huge, and he responded "a piano?" Because he's a smartass. So I said yes, I'm getting you a baby grand. And he said "if you loved me you'd get me a proper grand piano."

What I was really getting him was an iPhone. But since he's such a smartass, I went on ebay and purchased a toy baby grand electronic piano. It looks like what Schroder uses in the Peanuts. It came and I wrapped it and everytime B looked at the bag he's like what's in there? And I'd say "it's your piano" and he'd be like "hehehehe."

Last night he was very surprised to see he actually got a piano. I waited until he opened everthing and started playing with it before I gave him the iPhone gift card.

I got everything on my previously posted list, minus new mustache glasses. Tea press, rice cooker, Saints Row 2 (for PS3 instead of Xbox360, but we are going to exchange it tomorrow) and my surprise gift which is like a counter grill, but it's also a skillet and has detachable plates. It should be easier to clean than my George Forman which is like, a beast.

My dad got me a GPS for my car. I haven't used it yet because people driving around now are fooking crazy so I don't want to go far from the house.

I don't really understand how my tea press works yet. I wish I had loose tea to use it with, but Bill says I can just rip open my tea bags.
Ok that's my pre-christmas day summary. I'm going back to bed for another hour before we have to get ready to go out again.


At 5:07 PM , Blogger Willis said...

Give me your adddress and let me send you some TEAAAAAAAA, sending powdery stuff thru the post FTW.

Merry Christmas, you!


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