Thursday, December 18, 2008

Gritty Bucks FAQ

How do Gritty Bucks work?

You purchase the gift card from me, it's NO COPY, Transfer.

Pass it to the person you'd like to gift it to. They will follow the directions, fill out a notecard contained within the gift card with their NAME and the items they would like with the colors and prices of the items they would like. They then pass the Gritty Bucks PRIM that contains their notecarded list inside & my script, back to me.

If I don't get the scripted prim that looks like Gritty Bucks, I'm not fullfilling the order. Passing me just the full perm note card contained within does not = you owning a gift card. I tested passing these with my alt and my friends and I know that what I'm asking can be done and that it's easy.

So again:
TO REDEEM THE GIFT CARD, YOU MUST PASS THE GRITTY BUCKS PRIM WITH THE SCRIPT AND YOUR SHOPPING LIST TO ME. It's not rocket science. It's something everyone over the age of 18 should be able to handle.


I'm not being mean. I'm just saying, don't even bother to scam me. I filled my scammer quota this month when the transaction history was down last week. Just pass me back the scripted prim.


Update: I will be taking down the Gritty Bucks this weekend. I will full fill all orders from those that were bought already.

I didn't make these for a get rich quick scheme, I made them so people could give my copy - no transfer items like hair to other people during the holidays. God I hope I only sold like 10. *head desk*

BTW, anyone who passed these to uh, lets say "challenged" people, no Noam love!!! >:O

Further update: I sold 17. Only one was for $1000. So I'm IMing that chick tonight to ask what the hell is up with this guy IMing me about his $1k gift card.


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