Thursday, July 31, 2008

>:C She wouldn't let me have a picture

I have gallstones. Apparently you can't eat shit every day and not have some sort of side effect.

Now I wait for my Doctor to call me to tell me what to do next. I'm not allowed to eat shitty food ever again. No Wendy's fries. =_= Fuck. Me.

Ok the good side: Nothing like horrendous pain to make you diet. I have no choice, I either eat well or I fucking curl up into a ball sobbing in pain.
Bad side: I love french fries and chocolate goddamn it.

I dunno. This sucks, but in the long run I'm sure it will be better for me and Bill (since Bill will have to diet too.)

In other news, I think I'm pissing mountain dew. WOOOO. Maybe I should have told my doctor that...


At 1:32 AM , Blogger Disembodied Hand said...

what?! no wendys fries dipped in frostie ?!?!

thats flavor death.

At 9:42 AM , Blogger Trinitee said...

Are you going to have to have them surgically removed? :O

At 8:21 AM , Blogger Christopher L said...

I've been through this, recently, and it sucked horridly. But as I was uninsured, I opted for dietary change over surgical... and oddly, it really -is- a great way to diet.

If you can keep your fat calorie count down to like 10-15 grams a sitting 1-2 times a day, you lose amazing amounts of weight without turning anorexic. You also find out there are certain overly sugary things you would think are horribly bad for you that turn out to be your only recourse as comfort food.

Swedish Fishâ„¢ have saved my life. ;)

At 10:07 AM , Blogger Noam said...

I'm actually doing both. I stopped buying all fatty stuff if there is a fat free alternative. I try not to eat more than 5 grams at most because... I didn't know about the 10-15 grams thing. I just really don't want one to drop again and have to go through the same surgery I had on sunday.


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