Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I hate going to doctors, so I don't go to doctors ever. Or dentists.

Last night at 1am I started having really intense abdominal and chest pains. It was like someone was pulling all the muscles in my torso and punching me. I walked around the apartment because my remedy for all ailments is "walk it off!" Just that wasn't working and Bill took me to the emergency room.

I was there for like 3 hours. At first everything was really fast, they did an EKG test and took blood, my vitals, a chest xray and all that and then nothing for hours. We just sat in the waiting room watching ESPN, surrounded by sick people. I commented that I thought my personal hell, would be to sit in pain in a room full of sick people where there are doctors near but just ... not helping.

Then it got worse!
They took me to some area in the bowels of the hospital where I sat on a bed surrounded by even sicker people. Here someone said "we are going to put an IV in you" and before I could said "No. I don't want an anything in me" and ambulance patient was wheeled into the room next to me. So then I sat for 2 hours with no one helping me and I got to listen to some old man's death rattles and hear the fluid-in-lungs gurgle of some guy in the room next to me. Poor Bill was there the whole time, all sleepy. I was tired and hurt. Finally after the guy in the room next to me made a noise that throughly freaked me out, I went to the nurse and was like, I have to go home now.

She's like nooo you shouldn't, you have a high white cell count and that could mean infection, you might have appendix or gallbladder problems. I was like I'm not staying here. Bill was like "At least home you can be comfortable and not see a doctor" (he was a little grumpy at that point.)

5 hours of gross emergency room unfun, I got home and laid down. I didn't sleep much. I feel like someone has been punching me over and over in the stomach and I don't know if I want to throw up or not. I got my first real doctor from my health insurance provider, but she can't see me until tomorrow. So here I sit with my Advil and my laptop, waiting for it to get worse.

Bill couldn't take the day off, he just went in 2 hours late. I really don't want to drive myself anywhere.

Oh and I'm supposed to be working too while I'm at home. =_=


At 11:12 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

:O *packs up her bags to come take care of you*

You shoulda stayed to find out what was wrong. :( I hope you're okay. Wish i could do more than wish you well. Want me to do your work for you? I totally would if i could. GET BETTER! and you better tell me whats going on when you find out.

*super duper hugs*

At 12:44 AM , Blogger eloheliot said...


so like Bill will take you to the ER if you like pass out @home or something right? :(

hope you feel better!

At 5:52 AM , Blogger Jhaxam said...

Aww .. Crud, mate. Being sick is just the antifun :( Hope you'll be feeling better soon.


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